Thursday, December 24, 2009

Creamy Christmas Pasta Salad: Part Deux

The noodles are done. Don't they look festive? Of course they do.

Time to cut, chop, and mix the guts of this Noel-a-Licious invention.

By the way...

I just called my 15 year old son, Ryno, and told him what time to be ready for me and what I was making for the party tonight.

I told him how I took the time to dye my noodles. His reply was as follows:

"Dad, you are the gayest man I know."

Is that what Christmas is all about or what?

More later, and scroll down to follow the entire recipe process.



Dianne said...

I love Ryno's comment, wonder where the kid gets that from

for some odd reason 'I soaked my egg noodles overnight' just made me laugh and laugh

have a great one Matty
hugs to Ryno and Schmoop

Jeff B said...

Does Ryno's comment mean you are dressing impeccably now too?

Doc said...

Reading just the title of this post made me almost cringe at the thought of what awaited me (but I clicked anyway)... Merry Christmas to the Matt-Man and the Matt-Clan !

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: Hee Hee. I laughed about soakin' my egg noodles as well. Merry Christmas, Baby!! Cheers!!

Jeff: Ha. I am actually going to dress up for the festivities tonight. I'll be gayer than ever. Cheers Jeff!!

Doc: Ha. Knowing my blog history, I can understand your concern. Merry Christmas Doc. Cheers!!