Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Holy Order Of Bagwine

For those of you listed, please feel free to copy and paste the pic onto your website if you'd like.

If you would like your site linked, just drop me a line.


A Word In Edgewise
Amid Life's Crises
And As The World Turns
Anndi, Professional Smartass
Another Desert Rat

Bonds Big Leather Couch
Boo (Duh)

Call Him Al
Cathy's Resurrection Corner
Cheesy Girl

Clay Perry

Crazy Working Mom
Cynical Bastard

Desert Icebox
Dixie Chick
Dutch Files

Forks Off The Moment
Hope Radio

I Am Woman See Me Blog
It's A Dog's Life

Just Tug

Karen Is Smiling Through It All
Knight Ramblings

Leelee's Thoughts and Meanderings

Life According To Candice

Lisa's Grrrrrls...
Live Lesbian
Lu (New)

Marilyn Is More Random Than Average

Mimi Writes!!
Mizz Laura's Blog

Mystery Chick

Nick's Bytes
Nothing Gold Can Stay

Odat's Mumblings

People In The Sun
Prefers Her Fantasy Life

Steamboat Slough

VE's Fantastical Nonsense

Zodi's Blog


Desert Songbird said...

Cool beans. But why is the photo linking to 108 blog? You like her best?

Matt-Man said...

I saw that. I don't know. I will fix that in the near future. Cheers

Matt-Man said...

Fixed!! Now quit being so catty. Rowwwrrrrrrr. Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...


(I read somewhere that that makes men go wild. Yeahright.)

Matt-Man said...

Songbird: Mmmmmmmm I can picture you in a leather Catwoman suit. Yum-Oh!!

the108 said...

is that why I had so many hits today? Shit. I thought I had just suddenly become popular.


Matt-Man said...

Don't worry dear, you're still HAWT!!

Julie said...

Aww poor Kyra! We wubs ya just the same!

Jeff B said...

Cat fight, Cat fight!

Roger said...

matts remodeled!

Starrlight said...

Yay! I shall put that up tonight at home.

leelee said...

This is soooooooooooooo exciting!!


Matt-Man said...

It is quite the thrill isn't it. Cheers Lee!!