Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here's To The Class of 2011

It's good to see that Blogger has corrected its problems and literary genii such as myself are able to once again spew their insightful commentary across and through the tubes of the internets.

I wrote a post Thursday night that was perhaps the funniest goddamn thing I have ever written, but was unable to put it up on my site because of Blogger's technical meltdown.  So...

You will never get to read that post and well, that's a fucking shame because it was hilarious times ten, however, do not lose heart my friends...

You will still get to laugh your precious little asses off at 6:30 PM EDT today when Jayman and I broadcast another award winning episode of I'm With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio.

We will be hailing and celebrating the young bucks and does who will be graduating from schools all across this nation this year, and indeed saying "good job" to all of us who have ever graduated from a school or penal/mental institution during:

I'm With Stupid: Pomp Or Circumstance.

We are going to talk about fun graduation party games, potential commencement speakers of 2011, and our personal stories of matriculatory climax.

For instance, you won't want to miss hearing me describe my wild wacky night of celebration following my graduation from Springfield North High School in June 1983.  It's scandalous!!

Also, IWS has exclusive access to former Vice-President and all around good egg, Dick Cheney, as he addresses the graduates of Miss Yousuf's 2011 kindergarten class at Snowhill Elementary school right here in Bagwine, Ohio.

Is that HUGE or what!?

If Time Warner doesn't fuck me again during the show, this may be the best installment of IWS evah.

Jay will undoubtedly say something I'm not expecting sending me in to a fit of laughter and Marlboro induced coughing, and I will say something that will force Jay to feign moral outrage.

Oh yeah bitches, all that and your phone calls at 661.244.9852 on I'm With Stupid at 6:30 PM EDT tonight on Blog Talk Radio.

You can access our BTR show page by clicking HERE.

I am working 11-4 today, but I hope to see you this evening on the radio.



Mike said...

There's a penal school?

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Like you didn't know that. Cheers Mike!!

Dianne said...

matriculatory climax is one of the hottest things I've ever heard, I think I'm having one right now