Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Soul Searching

It’s a cool, but sunny Sunday in Bagwine, Ohio.

I would enjoy the day more, but…

I have to work 11-7 today, and I have been ruminating over a tough personal query the last couple of days.

Wrangling with this issue has greatly diminished my typical blog visiting routine and has even affected my posts.

What is this question that has Matt-Man perplexed?

I have been wondering if I should continue to publish Bagwine Ruminations.

I have found it increasingly difficult to write funny, smart, offensive humor, visit my blog friends, and get all of life’s chores completed.

I spent all day yesterday vexing over whether or not to pull the plug on my site and simply retire to anonymity.

In between getting really shit-faced, and pleading with Schmoop to get nekkid with me, I came to my conclusion.

The Bagwine must continue to flow. There are too many people out there who I have yet to offend, and folks who need a laugh or two.

Additionally, my name, Matthew, does mean “gift of God”, so it would be wrong of me to keep my gloriousness to myself.

So my friends, bear with me while I catch up on the blogsophere tasks, and know that we will still get drunk together on a daily basis.

Amen, and Amen.

On a lighter note…I pimp Turnbaby’s Blog Talk Radio Show every Sunday.

Typically her show, at least for me, consists of me listening to her voice and picturing her naked. What she and others talk about, I haven’t a clue.

However, tonight I will be listening intently because I am a guest!! That’s right, Matt-Man broadcasting live over the internets.

TB, Mr. Fab, Jester, two numb nuts whose names escape me, and myself will be discussing comedy, and when, if at all, does funny become offensive.

Tune in and listen if you get the chance. For more details about tonight’s show, click HERE.

And now, our Sunday Serenade…

Since I am going to suck it up, go that extra mile, and keep the Bagwine flowing, this is song is how I feel about all of the Bagwine readers…and more specifically, Schmoop.



Cheesy said...

Oh sweetie sometimes these blogs do tend to rule our lives eh? Sometimes you just need to post those "ah ha" moments and take a break... screw the "scheduled" ones? I for one would be hurt if you leave but we ALL need to step back sometimes?
[just don't give up on nekkid day!]

leelee said...

yeah, what Cheesy said..

do it when you can..if it becomes yet another chore in our lives, it ceases to be fun..I hate chores ;-)

Have a great day..

as always..


Kimmie said... friend I have been feeling the same way these days. This blogging takes up alot of my time and I have so many other things I could be doing. Stepping back a bit may take some of the stress off your shoulders. Sometimes being creative in ANY form is challenging. I find that with my own self.

Ha! Good Song. ;-) Where is the shovel!!!! LOL!

Leighann said...

I see you're going soft on us, in more ways than one!

It's all good, we understand :)

Matt-Man said...

Cheesy: I am going to press on a do it daily. I love doin' it daily. Cheers!!

Leelee: But I can't stop. I Can't Stop. Oh dear God!! Cheers!!

Kimmie: Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Cheers!!

Matt-Man said...

Leighann: Just for saying that I am going to give you the high hard one. Sooner than you think. Cheers!!

Jay said...

You made the right choice there Matt-Man. We have to remember to prioritize things in our lives.

1. Blogging
2. Everything else.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: You are so right. I don't know what I have been thinking the last couple of days. Cheers!!

Micky-T said...

You must adapt to the new pressure Matt-Man![your job]

Working really does get in the way of living huh?

Odat said...

I love that song!!!!!! and I'm glad you decided keep on walking!
Just do what you can, no stress.....even if you don't do it every day. Just do it when the spirit moves ya!


Matt-Man said...

Micky: The bigger problem is that I have more readers than ever, and I am having a hrad time keeping up with everyone. Every blessing has it's curse. Cheers!!

Odat: It's a great bar song. I'll keep postin' along Odat. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

A day without Matt-Man would be like a day without sunshine!

Chin up good man, there are at least three people out there that you haven't offended yet. Give it a bit more time and you'll have got 'em all.

Desert Songbird said...

Great song, but I'll admit, I've never seen Benny and Joon. I know, I know, that wasn't the point. I just thought I'd mention that.

You know, you took on the Herculean task of posting seven days a week; even when you only posted five days a week I wondered how you managed. Now that everyone expects output from you daily, it gets hard to feed the masses, doesn't it? I'm glad you didn't pull a Steven Novak on us - I would have to hunt you down. (That was his name, right? See? It's been so long...)

Have un on TB's show. I have difficulty listening on a Sunday night, and since today is my anniversary, I probably won't get the chance, but I'll try to catch on the archives.

Have a great one, Matty me boy.

Sparky Duck said...

Phew, my Sunday was almost ruined

crazy working mom said...

Whew! Ya had me scared there for a bit. :)

Glad to hear the good news.

Turnbaby said...

Sugar you should let it be what you want it to be --don't make it a chore.

For me the hardest part is not coming up with things to say but actually getting around to everyone's blogs.

Thank you for coming on the show tonight--just make sure you have a hanky;-)

Tug said...

OMG that's my fave Johnny Depp E.VER. What were you saying?

Glad you're sticking around - 'see' you tonight!

Winter said...

You know, not every post has to be long. I really can't blog every day. I just have too many commitments across the internet and at home. But I try to put a little something up almost every day. In fact, I'm going there now to post something. You'll find a happy medium, I'm sure.

I'll be at TB's tonight. I can't resist!

jennifer said...

Watching that video was like visiting the scene of the crime. That movie is where I began to "lust in my heart" after Johnny Depp. A man that can work with yeast rolls like that.....Mm Mm Mm!

And seriouly? Just WRITE! I for one am content to read you and I'll visit even if you don't return visit me. It's OK! I bet plenty of others feel the same way.

Take Care Matt-Man.


Karen said...

You don't have to feel pressured to be funny and insulting. I just comes naturally to you. And we would read even if you were boring and nice.

Travis said...

Whether you insult me or someone else...or no doesn't matter. I'll be here daily.

Jamie said...

Just because I drag my carcus over here daily doesn't mean you have to put up something new to entertain me every time. The same old thing can be entertaining in a relationship. Post enough to keep your fan club from the drool and tic of withdrawal and still have time to enjoy your life and most of all Schmoop.

Lu' said...

Matt-Man while I get all warm and fuzzy when I see your face on my comment page, what I get from your blog is why I come here, not to solicit visitors. If we have something YOU get from your visit to us, then by all means come visit. I heard you express a poblem with the daunting task of visiting your readers a few posts ago. I thought perhaps you could split them up, group them and visit those on certain days. We would have the pleasure of you every now and again. But still get the daily pleasure of you right here. If blogging ceases to give YOU something then, oh I can't say it. Stick around will ya please:) No pressure unless of course applied just so to the right spot.

Dana said...

As much good natured jabbing (the best kind of jabbing) as I've given you when you've taken a day off, I certainly understand the need to prioritize and regroup. Hey! I'll take Matt-Man when I can get him!

Matt-Man said...

Wow guys I didn't mean set to solicit such wonderfully nice comments from you all. I truly appreciate it.

And some of you wonder why I feel the need to post and read you every day. It's because you all are the best!!

Cheers to all you!!

Jahooni said...

i had to take a break... i take many breaks. it gets all consuming doesn't it? i enjoy everyone i converse with but at times keeping up with my own life and the lives of my blogger friends, well just want i said. CONSUMING.

i would hate the fact knowing that one of these days i wake up and Bagwine is VOID. What in the crap do I do when I wear your clothing?

Take breaks, it is OKAY! Where is the RULE that says we can't?!!!!

the blogging world wouldn't be the same without you my friend.

cheers to us and cheers to breaks!!

Matt-Man said...

Jahooni: Very Sweet, pal o' mine. I hope your weekend was a blast. Cheers, and keep wearin' the Bagwine duds!! Thanks.

Knight said...

Now I'm pissed I missed the radio show.
I'm glad you made the right decision.
Love that song. Lucky Schmoop.

Matt-Man said...

Knight: It is a good song, isn't it. Schmoop's a doll. You didn't miss much on the show because I was actually sober. Cheers!!

katherine. said...

sometimes life overtakes blogging...but if my vote counts I would rather you scale back than go away all together!

obviously I am not the only reader who feels that way.

sorry to have missed you on turn's last night...I'll catch it in the archives.

kinda a sweet sentiment to schmoop

Matt-Man said...

Kat: I'm not going anywhere. And, I am a really sweet guy, aren't I? Cheers Kat!!

lisa ryan said...

It is difficult to do it all isn't it! but if you stopped blogging, I think you'd miss it terribly. And all your readers would miss YOU. Why not give yourself the weekends off?

Ginormous Boobs said...

I hate when real life gets in the way of my blogging.