Friday, October 23, 2009

Faithful Friends and Happy Birthdays

Another day of rehab for the Matt-Man, thus another post that is easy to write.

During the last few days I have enjoyed reading all of the comments and e-mails from you fine folks.

Today, during my family and friends series, I want to give a shout out to a couple of people.

First up…

That Cynical Bastard hizzelf, Jay. Jay not only put up a get-well message for me on his blog this week, he sent me, shall we say, some motivational artwork through e-mail. Jay knows what motivates me quite well. Thanks Jay!!

And then there’s my longtime pal of pals, Lu.

Lu followed my agony for three straight days on her site. She called out for all to lay hands upon the Matt-Man, and heal him. She suffered criticism, chiding, and public scorn. From one particular man from Tennessee, she heard, “Oh Dear God…Enough Already!!”

Ha. I dig that. Thanks Lu, you’re the best.

And now…a couple of Birthday notices.

My niece, Anna, celebrates her 15th Birthday today. Anna is quite a smart young lady, and I wish her the best today.

Today also marks the 58th anniversary of my brother Denny’s time here on this big blue marble of ours.

Den-Den is a great dad to his kids, a well rounded journalism professional and veteran of the newspaper industry, and most importantly…

An amusingly rude mo-foe. The funniest thing that I have heard in my life (and will not repeat here) was uttered by brother Denny some years back.

It consisted of only three words, but to this day, I laugh my ass off when I think of it.

So Brother Denny…Happy Birthday My Brother. May your celebration be a damn sight better than the weather we are both experiencing in Ohio today.

Lastly…Today is the day that Denny’s daughter-in-law Jamie appears on Jeopardy. If you folks get the chance to tune in, send her good mind power vibes through your television set.

And that’s it for today my friends. I get to spend the evening working the Beer Mine in a monsoonal rain storm.

But, that’s okay…I am looking forward to a special day that takes place tomorrow, so that will help me to muddle-puddle through.



Lu' said...

Happy Birthdays :)

It feels delightful to be a pal of pals; your pal of pals.

So how are you really? Can I uncross my fingers and get off my knees yet? One can only bow their head for so long before getting a stiff neck :)

Could you keep the rain 'till Sunday I have plans for Saturday, outdoor plans.

Oh and have a great day bud'

Matt-Man said...

Lu: You'll always be among my pal of pals.

I think we have it narrowed to walking pneumonia. The symptoms and timeline match pretty well. So, if we are correct, while uncomfortable it is nothing life threatening.

I don't know if the rain will hold off that long, you may start getting it by tonight. Sorry Lu.

Thanks Again, and Cheers!!

Micky-T said...

I know that feeling of "Doctor Bill" fear. The doctor bill can be very frightning with it's "due date" demands.
The inner owie's like you have are the scariest, fears of tests and more tests, all with a bill that will truly put you into a depression and make it very hard to laugh it off. And we all know that laughing is the best medicine the body has on it's own.

Glad you seem to be kicking it. Now get off your ass, we've had enough already! Ha Ha (east tennessee)

Matt-Man said...

Micky: I guess the effects of this should run their in two to four weeks. I'm done talking abut it.


Tomorrow is a special Birthday, and since you were here for it this time last year, I think you know just who's B-Day it is.

Cheers Funny Man!!

Micky-T said...

Give him a Shamrock, from me!

Scott Oglesby said...

I just want to wish Happy Birthday’s to all, and more get well wishes to you!

Matt-Man said...

Micky: He already has one from you. ; ) Cheers!!

Scott: Thanks Dude, and wow...this is the shortest comment you have ever posted. I'm making a note. Cheers Scott!!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday to all and a big shout out to those that sent get well wishes.

Good Luck to Jamie though she probably knows how well she did so it is kind of moot now.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: I know it's moot, but I figure if she lost, if we send enough positive vibes we can alter the sapce and time continuum and thus alter the results...or something. Cheers Michele!!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to all! And I'll be checking out, er, I mean, watching Jamie on Jeopardy tonight.

BTW, I just saw that Soupy Sales died last night. Very sad.

Hope you continue to get better dude.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Thanks and wear your magical Viking helmet while watching Jamie tonight.

Yeah, I was gonna note Soupy's passing today but instead, I am taking a cream pie with me tonight, and if a customer pisses me off at work I am going to smash it in his or her's face.

Thanks for the picture, but I loathe you for picking up Laurence Maroney. Cheers Jay!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...The Day Of The Shortest Oglesby Post....

Matt-Man said...

Phfrankie: Yet another anniversary I will have to mark on Bagwine when I post this time next year. This day is becoming unwieldy. Cheers P-Man!!

Starrlight said...

Jay earned that. He does give good tits =)

3 Men and a Lady said...

Glad you are on the up and up. And now I am dying to know what the 3 funny words were. Tease.

Matt-Man said...

Starr: Hee...Well he sent me a nice pair into my inbox. Cheers!!

Lady: Ha. Maybe at some point I will tell you what he said. Hell he probably doesn't remember what he said. But I shall never forget. Cheers Mrs. D!!

Bond said...

happy birthday denny

Marilyn said...

Happy birthday everybody.

VE said...

Your neice and my daughter are two days apart in age. HB to both of them! I'm liking the mellower side of matt-man for a stint. But don't keep it up too long (says so on the Viagra I'm told)

Matt-Man said...

Bond: Indeed and thanks. Cheers Vinny!!

Marilyn: Same to ya. I mean, if today was your birthday. Cheers Marilyn!!

VE: Not to worry funny man. The touchy feely crap ends after Saturday's post. Cheers VE!!