Friday, January 29, 2010

There is Justice...Scott Roeder is Found Guilty

Now that Scott Roeder has been found guilty...I re-post this entry that I published after his cowardly, psycho-maniacal murder of George Tiller in the name of GAWD. Enjoy your prison term, you worthless punk.

Every unborn child in the world can breathe a sigh of relief along with a big helping of amniotic fluid now.

Dr. George Tiller the Baby Killer is dead.

Yes, that wacky baby whacker of Kansas has gone over the rainbow with Toto and Auntie Em.

He won’t be filleting fetuses any longer. No siree; that Machiavellian medical man is dead…as dead as a blighted ovum.

Dr. Tiller was allegedly gunned down by a man identified as Scott Roeder…

Gunned down in cold blood in Gawd’s house while Tiller acted as an usher and his wife sang in the choir.

For God to whisper in the ear of Roeder and have him gun down Tiller in church, the Almighty must have been really pissed at Tiller.

Sweet Baby Jeebus, that’s cold. But it’s catechistic karma, and Tiller should have seen it coming. He was a sinner.

I mean come on…any God fearing Christian knows that Tiller not only performed abortions, he practiced infanticide.

God don’t like no child killer…

Well, except for the time in 2 Kings chapter 2, when Elisha cursed some taunting kids in God’s name and two bears came out of the woods and dismembered and disemboweled 42 of the young fun pokers.

Randall Terry, the head of Operation Rescue got it right. Tiller reaped what he sowed and is responsible for his own murder.

Oh sure, pro-choice folks will tell you that Tiller was operating under the law. Uh-Huh…Kansas law, perhaps, but not GOD’s Law!! Praise Jeebus!!

Don’t mess with God’s will people. If a chick gets knocked up, it was God’s plan. Don’t you start playing God by trying to abort the baby, and in turn, aborting God.

If God determines you should be pregnant, you WILL BE pregnant!! It’s His world and His plan.

In fact, I have been inspired by Scott Roeder’s murder of Dr. Tiller.

I am going to go after those medical miscreants who skew God’s divine plan by performing In Vitro Fertilization.

Hey, God makes those pregnant whom he wants to be pregnant. Conversely, if God doesn’t want a chick to be pregnant she won’t be.

Don’t go messin’ with God and try to correct a Satanic chick’s fallopian tubes with IVF or her sinful man’s infertility with Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

I’m going to target every fertility clinic with homemade bombs and blow them back to Hell where they should be.

Don’t worry…I’ll do it after hours so no one gets hurt. But let me tell ya…

While the streets may not be running with blood from my actions, I can promise you that they will be running with schmegma and eggs.

And I'm sure that is how God would want it.

So let it be written; so let it be done.



3 Men and a Lady said...

I absolutely LOATHE abortion, but I can't say that killing doctors that provide abortions is okay. It's murder just the same. They will both be judged one day for their actions... so I'll leave that to God. Good luck, fellas!

Matt-Man said...

I neither loathe nor approve of abortion. I leave that up to the persons involved and their God. And as you said, God will sort out the sinner and the sin. In the meantime, the arm of law is far more just than the trigger finger of a zealot. Cheers D!!

Doc said...

I loathe anyone who takes the name of God as a defense for anything like this... Thank Goodness justice is blind... (or at least has really bad cateracts)

Matt-Man said...

Doc: Damn straight. I like to be funny, but violating someone's basic rights and taking the law into one's own hands make me sick. Cheers Doc!!

Bond said...

This is a good thing

Matt-Man said...

Bond: Indeed. Cheers!!

bobbybegood1 said...

Me, personally, wouldn't get an abortion. But, who am I to impart my views on others. We all have independent will -- which is a GOOD thang. Because I'll be DAMNED if I would want anyone dictating to me what I should, could, ought or need be doing.

Thank God I have some semblance of right and wrong -- but right and wrong for who? Society? One person's right might be another's wrong. We all want the same things in life -- (I would hope) great food, beautiful home, high-quality education, pleasant neighbors, jobs we love, respect, proficient government, and the ability to raise our children in a world that loves and accepts them for themselves.

I believe the universe is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT and can't be fooled. And when it's time to tally up, NO ONE escapes. Payback's a BITCH!!

Matt-Man said...

Bobby: I would never get one myself either...What?

Seriously, you are correct. The tally at the end, if there is one, will define our eternity. In the meantime, can't we all just have fun, pursue our dreams without fear, and have fun?

That is my wish for eveyone. Cheers BGB!!

David said...

I resent having someone else's religious beliefs forced on me. They are welcome to theirs but I feel they should respect my right to have my own beliefs.

I think any woman who finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy should have choices on how to deal with it according to her health, finances, beliefs and needs.

That's my position and I'm sticking with it.

Matt-Man said...

David: I would add on to that but I do believe that what you said is that simple. In a perfect world...without assholes...who have to butt into the business of others. Cheers David!!

bobbybegood1 said...

Yours and mine to Matty. But, then again, there are those who think pursuing fun is a meaningless pursuit. Fuck em!! Life's a party -- have fun.

Question? Speaking of eternity, karma, etc. Do you believe a person experiences past and future lives like the Buddists posit? Or is this it. I ask because some aspects of my life I fucked up so bad that -- hey, I better get another opportunity. I know what your thinking, and no NOT to fuck up, but get it "right". LMAO!!

Matt-Man said...

Bobby: While I am quite familiar with Buddhism, I am more familiar with Taoism.

The way of the Tao gave birth to the yin and the yan...the ebb and the flow...the balcka nd white of life.

I even have a yin yan earring in as I speak. There's good and evil everywhere especially within each of us.

If there is an afterlife or not it doesn't matter. If there is and you're a good person, you will be rewarded, if not?

It won't matter. I choose the former, because when one does good things on Earth, whether it is spiritually given or not, it all comes back to ya.

Cheers Bobby!!

bobbybegood1 said...

I love the tenents of Taoism; feng shui, yin yang, acupucture, the elements. It is a very dynamic "way" of life. Currently, I'm studying acupuncture. I like the idea of taking the GOOD from all religions/beliefs -- whatever, and applying them to my life. We can certainly look at society and find the deviants who swear "God" told them to do some ourageous act. For example, Son of Sam, 9/11terrerists -- claiming they are bombing people in the name of Allah. And the nut you talked about in your blog. Shame!!

P.S. If you ever get the opportunity, there's a book by Debbie Ford called "Why Good People Do Bad Things" very powerful book -- a must read!!

I going to have a cup of java and a cig.

Matt-Man said...

Bobby: Well enjoy your smoke, your coffee, and your equilibrium, I shall join you. But I shall be drinking beer. Cheers BBG!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...if you can't get busted for shooting someone dead in their church, then what constitutes a crime?...I hope the fucker loses all the skin on his knees...

Scott Oglesby said...

You’ve just motivated me to be God’s killer! Wait, I don’t mean I’m going to kill God, I mean that I’m going to now do what I was born to do….God’s Righteous Killin!

These fucking farmers who have peppers and zucchini in the same field….shotgun blast to the grill! The adulterers….slit throat! The abominators….stoning! People who have the audacity to wear a cotton/linen blend fabrics….stranglation! Everyone who works on the holy Sabbath….wait, shit, that means I have to kill all the ministers, priests, rabbis and preachers too……..Yay!

Thanks for the pre-game pep talk Matt!!

~Isobel~DingoDoll said...

Schmegma Eggs! Your Lenten Brekkie recipe!

~Isobel~DingoDoll said...

Ya Know, I really HATE those bumper stickers that say 'If you're Pro-Abortion would you have wanted it for yourself?' Actually Yes, I would have told my Ma' ta get on with it!!! Oh and the one that says "YOU CAN'T BE CATHOLIC AND PRO-ABORTION!" Well, well. First of all not too many people are like 'yeah! all the pregnant women should get abortions!' It's called pro-choice! Granted there are some wackos out there! I disagree with most forms of vigilantism but this was something different--a wackadoo ass-jackal that thinks God told him to go kill a guy. I dont care what Dr.Wack-a-fetus did for a living, you only kill when someone steals your stereo! I also refuse to live anyplace where I do not have 100% control over decisions regarding MY body! F that. If they overturn Roe V Wade (The Hypocritical BITC*), I'm OUT! Going to the UK. I'm pro-choice about ANYTHING and NO ONE will take my rights away! (or I'll kill them!}:-X})

Matt-Man said...

Phfrankie: I love the way you have with words. Cheers P-Man!!

Scott: Glad you responded to my talk so well...Now get out there and kill some people m'boy. Cheers Scott!!

Isobel: Ha. That was beautiful. I haven't forgotten about your shirts. My lazinees has merely prevented me from sending them yet. I'll get them there. Cheers Dingo!!

Simstone said...

I would say that I am against abortions but since I have had a few bloggers in the past to misunderstand some of my posts and believe that I equate killing humans to be no different than eating a vegetable, I suppose that my reputation is on the line here. I would hate for them to read this and change their opinions about me.