Thursday, February 25, 2010

Get Well Soon Or Something

Schmoop stayed home today because she was "sick".

An hour ago I had sex with her.

Does that mean I am destined to actually come down with "something" or should I just pretend that I have gonorrheah?



bobbybegood1 said...

Geez, dude, are you that freaking hard up? Rule #1 - Do Not make sick wifey have sex with you. Now go buy her some flowers -- that's an order! Hahahahahahaha. Cheers Matt!!

Four Dinners said...

Sick Sex???

Tell us more!!!!

Inquiring minds and all that!!..;-)

Get well soon Schmoop!!

David said...

Uhmmm...I don't think people stay home on a sick day for gonorrhea - do they??

I trust an injection of that ultra-special Matt-Man sauce will heal her. Hope she is well soonest.

Michele said...

Get well soon, Schmoop. And, kick that horny bastard out of your bed. At least until you feel better.

Lu' said...

I say pretend you are going to be fine but keep the number for the Dr. handy :) Unless what she has is woman sick and then you being all man will be just fine.