Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado Tragedy in Joplin...Here's To You Folks

I had a post ready for today that was kinda funny, but as events unfolded Sunday night, I changed to a different post, and will post my original, wacky thoughts tomorrow.

So today, as one who has always been fascinated and in awe of the power of all things meteorological, especially tornadoes and hurricanes…

I want to send the folks in Joplin, Missouri my most sincere condolences and wishes for the mettle to carry on and rebuild in spite of the profound loss that nature perpetrated upon your city and your families.

As the video came in and I viewed it, I was seeing it through the eyes of me as a nine year old looking at the devastation leveled upon a town 25 miles south of Bagwine named, Xenia, Ohio.

The 1974 tornado that left its destructive footprint upon that town, had all the same markings that yesterday, left Joplin in ruins.

It’s been 37 years since that day, and for most of us in this area, it is to this day, always in the backs of our minds during this time of year.

And while tornadoes have left other families, other lives, and many other communities in pain and destruction, the Joplin tornado that occurred yesterday, felt familiar, and I feel an exaggerated empathy for the Joplinites for that very reason.

Here’s to you all in Joplin and I hope that while the pain of this event will stay with you forever, you will find the will and spirit to overcome this act of nature’s random acts of retribution.

Stay hopeful…God Speed…and God Bless you.

With that being said…

Jayman and I will be broadcasting another stellar episode of I’m With Stupid today at 11 AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio.

As our Monday shows are more off the cuff and news related than our Saturday shows, I’m sure we talk about the tragedy in Joplin and provide helpful hotlines for those interested in them.


Jay and I will also try to put a smile or two on your faces as well, as always.

We hope you tune in and/or call-in at 661.244.9852

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Mike said...

Joplin, North of Jay by a little and south of me by a little.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Yeah, I know. It was a monster tornado. Cheers Mike!!

Dianne said...

I just left a comment at Mike's cause he was the first person I thought of
didn't realize it was so close to Jay as well
my geography leaves a lot to be desired

have the morning news on and it's impossible to register that much rage from nature

all my thoughts go out to Joplin

I'm going to miss the show sweetie
have another appt. to battle with disability
love ya

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: Yep...It is was an impressive tornado. Good luck dealing with the bureaucracy. Cheers Sexy!!

Anonymous said...

Today being the first day of my girls' summer vacation, of course I woke at 6 and watched the news.
What footage I saw was horrible. That bitch of a tornado was so huge, it's a wonder anyone in her path survived.
Such sights remind me that I should never complain about a damn thing that happens in my life, at least I and the ones I love are alive and our homes are still standing.

Ame in TN

Matt-Man said...

Ame: Yeah, people often say to enjoy every minute of life 'cause it could be your last, and a tornado of this magnitude proves life can indeed end in an instant. Cheers Ame!!

Beth said...

What a horrible tragedy. Hard to believe Xenia was 37 years ago. Wow.

Matt-Man said...

Schmoop: Yeah...Nature can be impressive and not in a good way. Cheers and Zooooooves!!

MysteryChick said...


Raquel's World said...

We just went through this last month, then Alabama. It is ridiculous. Does anyone know it is not even Tornado season? Scary stuff.

Matt-Man said...

Chick: Indeed it is. Cheers Sexy!!

Raquel: It's definitely a record breaking year, unfortunately. Cheers Hot Stuff!!