Saturday, June 04, 2011

You Can Be Stupid But Don't Be Retarded

Rememeber folks....It is NOT funny when you call people retarded, and this video shows you why...

See? It is NOT funny. NOT funny at all. Are you laughing at this video?

Shame on you. I find it very moving, but NOT funny at all.

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Must be off...I am late getting ready for work.



Jay said...

I've watched that PSA a half dozen times and it hasn't been funny every single time.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I agree. It's a shame that some find this PSA to be some type of joke. Bastards. Cheers Jay!!

Dianne said...

people who laugh at that video are so re...
oh crap

Raquel's World said...

That was my fav word until my friend who has a special needs child had a heart to heart with me about it.
I had no clue it was so offensive. She had me take a pledge online to never say it again, and I wear a bracelet that says "spread the word to end the word" to remind myself.