Friday, August 25, 2006

Smile...It's Friday

Wow…I am just out of sorts today (Ed. Note: Pick up more sorts at the store this weekend). I mean, I am usually a happy-go-lucky guy who is typically in a good mood, but today I’m not just in a good mood. I am in a GREAT mood. I don’t really know why I feel this way. It's not like anything major has happened. I guess it is just a series of little things that has catapulted my mood into the ionosphere of joy.

It began yesterday, late in the morning. I contacted my friends at the Centerra Wine Company and left a message about how much I enjoyed Wild Irish Rose. Within ten minutes I received a personalized response thanking me for my comments as well as my blog site. How cool is that!! Having someone from that company check out my blog was indeed gratifying, but I was equally impressed by the way that they demonstrated excellent customer service. Sadly, customer service, for the most part, has become a lost art. But the fine folks at Centerra Wine
are to be congratulated. Kudos to you all!! If you are over 21, check out the their site. I have linked it on my sidebar.

Secondly, I have met yet another blogger who never fails to amuse me. He has been starting to comment on my blog with some regularity, and he has a damn funny site. If you get a moment, check out the link on my sidebar that leads to “Nick Badway”. You can thank me later. In fact, I want to throw out a song dedication to Nick. Nick, to start your weekend off right, I am dedicating Big and Rich’s classic, “Why Does Everybody Want to Kick My Ass.” Folks, if you check out his site you will find the song to be quite appropriate.

For the past three weeks my ability to lose weight has hit a wall, so I have been eating only soup during the weekdays for dinner. Last night, however, I splurged. My best friend Schmoop fried up a pan full of SPAM. She then melted Velveeta, (which she refers to as PCP or processed cheese product) over the canned manna. The meal was accompanied by several glasses of Wild Irish Rose and background music was provided by Green Day’s Nimrod CD. It was a five star experience.

Of course this morning I awoke, and was greeted with the fact that it is indeed Friday and the weekend is nigh. Hell, even though I have very little of it, I am having a great hair day. Later today, I will be sitting on the couch sipping some Rose and listening to some Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris. It is also nice to know that High School football begins tonight in Ohio and College Football starts next weekend. That fact puts a huge pigskin smile upon my face.

Tomorrow, I am picking my 11 year old son up early and we are headed to a nearby baseball field. We are going to work on his batting and throwing. He makes me laugh and he’s just as sarcastic as me. Oh I know that playing baseball with him for a few hours is going to ravage my body, but no worries. When I get home tomorrow afternoon, I’ll soak my elbow in a bowl of ice cold Rose, sip some as as well, and realize how the little things in life can lead to a big smile.

Have a great weekend, and as always….Cheers!!

And Now, Our Moment of Hinn:

“I am a sample of Jesus. I’m a super being”

--Benny Hinn


Allie D. said...

Just don't drink the same Rose you soaked your elbow in. Ew!

Matt-Man said...

Are you kiddin? There is nothing finer than a nice glass of "Rosebow"

Nick Badway said...

Matt, Thanks for the good words Bro. Glad you enjoy the traumatic portions of my life.

BTW, I'll have a quarter pound Spam® burger with cheese please. Hold the mayo because that stuff's bad for you.

Dude, I'm totally a Spam®Baby®. I really love the congealed fat that was always on top. I have story about that. To come.


Matt-Man said...

You're quite welcome. Mustard, cheese and tomato on mine. Yeah, I too, miss the celluite on top. Everything these days gets sanitized for our protection, the bastards.

Have a good weekend dude !!

Penrick said...

Enjoy your weekend babe!

You can keep the spam. I will stick with my thick rich Seafood Bisque. Rainy, cold and damp - I'm drinking tea with buttershots wondering why I moved from Florida.

I will check out Nick's site. I love the people who get me cracking up first thing in the am. Everyone at the coffee shop stares at me wondering what the hell I'm reading.

Morgen said...

Matt-man, thanks for turnin me on to Nick's site.
Have a fab weekend with the sprout.
rock on.