Saturday, August 08, 2009

Obama, Palin, Beck, Gladney, SEIU...It's A Health Care Donnybrook!!

Hey sports fans…We have a new game in town. It’s called…

Health Care Town Hall Brawl, and it's sweeping America faster than a Spanish Flu outbreak.

I have mentioned that I am not a policy wonk and am really not an expert on Health Care legislation, but I have been and remain a student of psychology.

And Boy Howdy…

Psych pioneers such as Freud and B.F. Skinner would be in seventh heaven if they were alive to study what’s going on at the Health Care Town Hall Meetings taking place across America.

It seems now that not only are angry anti-Obama Health Care Plan morons shouting down and harassing lawmakers and others who disagree with them, Service Employee International Union (SEIU) has joined the fray on behalf of getting health care reform legislation passed.

I am sooooo digging this. College football has yet to start and I am so sick of hearing exclusively about the Yankees and the Red Sox, that this new, Town Hall Brawl fills my sports need vacuum.

Allegedly, SEIU members beat up a black, T-Shirt hawking guy named Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis, and they allegedly pummeled elderly protestors at a town hall meeting in Tampa.

I used to play on the SEIU team for about 4 ½ years as an Administrative Organizer and Political Director so my interest is really peaking.

Yelling, cussing, brawling…Fuck the WWE, this health care “debate” is much more verbally and physically violent, and the anger and blood are real. Bring it on, Bitches!!

I don’t know if SEIU members are responsible for attacking anyone, and if members actually did do that, it is not something directed by the SEIU headquarters.

I can’t see Andy Stern and Dave Regan (someone I personally worked for) calling for member goon squads to pummel protestors.

Oh sure, the two of them may have joked about it behind closed doors, but those two, tight-fisted with a dollar bastards, would never pay union wages to anyone to simply put a left jab to the jaw of a moron.

Knowing Regan as I do, if he wanted to punch someone, he would do it himself. As much as he’s pretty damn arrogant, he is also uber-smart and fearless.

Getting back to the game and sport of Health Care Town Hall Brawl…A new participant has thrown herself into the game.

Our favorite Eski-Ho, Sarah “Lame and Dull” Palin has chimed in.

She says that if Obama’s plan is passed, your grandmother and her son Calculus, Algebra, or Trig, whatever the hell his name is, will have to go before the “Obama Death Panel” to see if he is productive enough to get health care because he has Down’s Syndrome.

Hey Sarah, I didn’t know until now that smoking Arctic tundra grass gave one a bigger high than marijuana. You are one fucked up woman. Anyhoo…

There’s a problem with this sport. While it is exciting, funny, sad, and full of uninformed hate and stupidity, I already know the outcome.

Team A, comprised of big Pharma, Glenn Beck-Tards, and those who think Obama is the Second Coming of Stalin want nothing done in regards to out of control costs and affordable health care options.

Team B, wants to pass an entirely comprehensive system that will bankrupt our country…I mean more bankrupt than we have been for the last ten years.

In the end, neither team will win…Oh sure, the insurance companies will win. Pharmaceutical companies will win, and those paying high premium costs and the uninsured will lose, but well...sigh...

While my inner twelve year old is enjoying watching the game, my grown-up forty-four year old is sick to my stomach, and if I want that condition treated I am going to have to pay out the ass.



Scott Oglesby said...

Ah yes, it won’t be long now before a chubby white girl in a ‘Palin 2012’ t-shirt is taken to the hospital for being attacked by a group of angry, large, black SEIU members, who carve ‘Healthcare Now’ into her fat, sweaty torso, backwards with a dull pocket knife! And she will have been in the most dangerous place on the entire planet when it happens; “On the corner, minding my own business.”

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Ha. Perfect. Opening up my site and reading your comment was like waking up to Saturday morning cartoons. Good One Scott. Cheers!!

Micky-T said...

I don't know if I can stand 3 more years of this shouting match. Let's just start a new war right here in our own backyard, maybe call it The War On Health or The Healthy War.
The Insurance Companys and Pharmaceuticals have already started enlistment. Tell me please where do I go to sign up for the other side?

Matt-Man said...

Micky: I was thinking about starting a group of protestors. My group will go around to Town Hall meetings and shout down anyone who we feel is being rude, moronic, and generally asshole-like. You're more than welcome to join me. Cheers Mick!!

Jay said...

You know, initially I was kind of skeptical about this health care plan thing. But, when you see the level of fear and desperation in the faces of the people who are opposed to it, I start thinking it might be a good plan. That isn't the look of fear of losing their health insurance. It's the look of fear of losing money.

And those union guys better be careful. Sure, the bosses might be happy that they kicked a little ass, but they won't bail them out of jail. LOL ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Jay: You are correct on the plan thing. If it scares the hell out of people, it probably is a good thing. As for the Union big wigs supplying bail money? At least in my experience, you're incorrect.

Trust me, I have had my bail paid by SEIU in the past...On a couple of occasions. Happy Saturday Jay. Football season is getting closer. Cheers!!

VE said...

Of course the key to this is never get sick, injured or dead...

Matt-Man said...

VE: Or...I have learned to feel sick all of the time. That way I feel normal. If I ever get better, I'm screwed. Cheers VE!!

Dianne said...

Matty my love - this is so well written on many levels - the satire and snark are delicious, the insider knowledge is extra, the cast of characters is so eclectic and the hidden soul and caring is not so hidden and well placed

I hope to write that on the jacket of the book you publish

it also made me a bit teary - I'm so fucking exhausted with all this - it has been months since I lost my health insurance, I am still under review with the giant disability insurance policy I paid into for 20 years to "protect" me from what they are now saying is not a problem
People like me fucking suffer and die from crap that these fucks think are a ping pong game between "big government" and "big business"
and the next fucking person who tells me Obama is a socialist or Mexicans are to blame for high healthcare costs is going to ...

use your imagination my brilliant one

Michele said...

Something tells me that Grandma Palin, Trig, and most of the shouters are on Medicare or Medicaid because they all qualify. People like Sarah know how to pay the benefits, "I'm going to get what's coming to me because I pay taxes", game. Most often they are the first in line. And, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those government sponsored health care plans.

Starrlight said...

Yeah I was gonna say Trig aka Sarah's Super Special Talking Point is already Medicaid eligible.

Did you see the colossal dumbfuck who actually stood up and said, "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!"

What a fucking moron.

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: My wish is that in this country that is the richest in the world one never has to worry about getting sick. How we get there, I don't know, but somehow and someway it shouldn't be an issue.

Americans in time of war always band together, why can't we band together when health and life is on the line? Thanks for the affirmation and thanks for continuing to comment. Cheers Sexy!!

Matt-Man said...

Michele: I said the other day...Let these people who don't want govt. healthcare give up their medicaid...What will they say? "I earned it goddammit!!" They need a, "Talking Out of Both Sides of my Mouth-ectomy." Cheers Michele!!

Starr: That's what find so funny about this and Dana brought it up the other day.

If people are pissed AND informed have at your anger, but don't show up just to make a mockery of the entire debate...because it is no longer a debate. Cheers!!

Dana said...

Even I know that *something* needs to be done about health care costs and that compromise is likely the best solution. All this school yard bullying is just idiotic though ... and someone needs to put PALIN in front of Obama's Death Panel ... PLEASE???

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Just for you, I will call Palin what you are too polite to call her.

She's a fucking moron. Cheers!!