Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Tea Party Express

It’s going to be a bee-yoo-tee-fu Sabbath here in Bagwine today.

My 11-7 stint at the Beer Mine should be full fun and frivolity. No…seriously, on Sundays, the folks coming through are pretty cool, and today will be busy as it is the first Sunday of the 2009 NFL football season.

However, allow me to reflect on my Saturday for a moment…

By 10 P.M. Saturday night, I was footballed out. I turned to FOX News. Geraldo Rivera was on. Much of his show involved covering the Tea Party Express March on Washington, D.C.

I found out something funny while watching…something ironic…something that I knew subconsciously, but never mentioned, and yet was the impetus for me wanting to start an effective third political party.

Oh screw it…just screw it…I’ll talk to you all on Monday.



Jeff B said...

How about creating the Sports Party. It'd be nice to have at least one party with some balls!

Matt-Man said...

Jeff: Ha. Not a bad name at all. Cheers Jeff!!

Micky-T said...

They all think he's the anti-christ you know. They won't spill the beans this early.
I READ ALL THE BOOKS.(good fictional read too)
Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins wrote the Left Behind series (but you must already know that, your the matt-man)and grabbed the imangination of many a born again christian. The simplest thing that would stick in the mind of a gullible christian would be the character Nicolae Carpathia-the antichrist.
I don't know where I'm going with this but you should research the impact of these books.

Matt-Man said...

Micky: I don't think I have ever mentioned Tim LaHaye on here but wow...he's a freak who tapped into into the Evangelical, end of times fervor.. What a marketing genius!!

As for the Anti-Christ? I want someone to show me where in the Bible it mentions an Anti-Christ. Anyone? Anyone? Buellar? Cheers Mick!!

Micky-T said...

They sold a lot of books. And if you believe in the power of an almighty God that gets pissed (Revelations) the Antichrist (really,really bad guy who seems as sweet as pie in the beginning) comes to sway the masses "before" that dream of the second coming of Christ.

Matt-Man said...

Micky: Here's the thing. The downfall of humanity according to John in Revelation is put into actiopn by an entity with the mark of the Beast which is 666. And it goes on to demonstrate that the Number 666 is the mark of man. Man...Humans...will be the result of our downfall.

And anyway, in all likelihood, John was writing Revelation as a social commentary about the current state involving happenings around the Roman Empire.

It was not some vision of future end times that LaHaye and others claim.

Cheers Mick!!

Micky-T said...

Your talking "your" logic and interpertaion, what about all the idiots with tea bags on their heads?

Matt-Man said...

Micky: What do I think? I think they should have their heads steeped in boiling hot water. Cheers Mick!!

Jay said...

I actually attended a real live Tea Party Saturday. When I got there they were playing "God Bless the USA" over the loudspeakers. I got so inspired that I almost shed a tear. You really should have been there.

Dianne said...

I saw some of the coverage yesterday
I had a great time proof reading their signs
and making a tally of how many families had more than 5 kids trailing behind them - all with their dead eyes and slack mouths

inspiring lot they are

where were they when the oh so big, oh so bad government was spending billions on a fake war

oh wait, we were killing non-Christians, well worth the spending

Dana said...

Monday? I have to wait until Monday? That's asking a lot considering my reader rate has been pretty low these past two weeks!

Hope the beer mines were good to you today!

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I wish I could have been there to share that special moment with you. We could have held each other's hand while waving our flags wit the other. Cheers Jay!!

Dianne: I'll have something to say about that tomorrow. Last night I couldn't um...focus. ; ) Cheers Di!!

Dana: It was 10:30 P.M., I had been partying all day, and had yet to eat...I'm amazed that I was able to write as much as I did. Cheers Dana!!

David said...

Knowing all those teabagging fools were going to be swamping Washington for the weekend, I had to run away from home and go visit the family for a few days.

I still giggle like crazy when they say "teabaggers". Honestly, have they no clue?

Matt-Man said...

David: I dunno...Maybe the name fits...I mean, maybe the name, "Teabagger" at least fits fiscal conservatives such as Mark Sanford and Mike Duvall. Cheers David!!