Monday, September 14, 2009

Tea Party March On Washington, D.C.: FOX News And Glenn Beck Aren't Fair and Balanced; They're Steeping The Tea!!

I mentioned yesterday that I was just flat out pissed off and disgusted with what I saw on the FOX News coverage of the Tea Party march on Washington, D.C.

As one who appreciates loud, proud, and sassy civil disobedience, don’t think for a moment that I feel that these tea baggers shouldn’t have descended on our Nation’s Capitol.

However…I was disturbed by a couple of things that I saw.

First of all FOX News…

I heard inflated attendance numbers given by the moronic numb nut Griff Jenkins. I watched and listened to Glenn Beck heaping praise upon the protestors as his eyes “welled-up” with pride.

Former Congressman and House Majority Leader Dick Armey, whose group FreedomWorks Foundation has sponsored and financed many of these events, talked about the “spontaneous and grassroots” movement that is taking place.

Many in the crowd, when placed in front of a FOX News microphone by the aforementioned Griff Jenkins, returned the praise given by Glenn Beck by thanking him and FOX News for helping to get their message out.

Fair and Balanced, alright. FOX News is as fair as Rachel Maddow is an open-minded chick who likes guys and as balanced as Keith Olbermann is not a guy who is full of himself. Puhleeeeze, how the hell do you guys say that with a straight face?

Anyhoo…The Teabaggers…I heard the same old tired crap. “Obama is a Socialist!!” Now, let me do my best Joe Pesci and ask:

A Socialist, how? A Marxist? A Trotskyite? A Stalinist? An Uber-Hot, Blonde, Swedish Chick Who Lives in Stockholm? Exactly what do you mean by Socialist? Oh that’s right…You haven’t a God Damn clue!!

Then I saw posters and signs throwing the tired, old Nazi label on Obama.

Hmmmm…The only time I have ever seen a black Nazi was when I saw the late Ivan Dixon portray one a couple of times on Hogan’s Heroes during one of their wacky, wartime capers.

Glenn Beck recently released a book titled, “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense”. The title sums up the book correctly, well…halfway anyway.

It’s Beck’s book alright, I mean, other than the title that he creatively borrowed from Thomas Paine, but it’s far from common sense.

And the tea baggers who marched on D.C. Saturday that Beck helped to inspire, displayed the same lack of common sense that spews from Beck’s mouth on a daily basis.

I heard shouts of, “We’re losing our liberties!!” “It’s Communism!!” Hell, I was fully expecting someone to echo Beck’s words that we are now living under an “Oligarhy”. Ha.

The folks that FOX News showed and had talk on camera just threw out quick lines that injected some sense of losing freedom, Communism, Nazism, or otherwise dictatorial intent on the part of the Obama administration.

Get over it. Protest all you want. Protest loudly. Have fun with it. But please, I beg of you…

Could you refrain from merely throwing out invectives and vagaries? Seriously…put some thought into what you are protesting and put an argument behind it.

Do this not, and I will call upon Ivan Dixon to return from the dead, and in all of his Nazi glory, gun you down with his Schmeisser.

Tomorrow…I will announce the name and direction of the independent third political party that I am establishing.

Until then…I am working a rare day time shift today, so play nice while I am gone. If you can, try to keep folks in line, Phfrankie.



Jay said...

These people would be entertaining if they weren't so sad. Of course, I ran into some of these people on Saturday. I sat back and watched them as they normally act in the wild. It was .... disturbing.

But at least they played some inspiring Lee Greenwood music. ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Jay: You're a lucky man Jay. You got to experience the tea bagging thng up close and personal. As for the disturbing aspect...I relayed that very sentiment to Mr. Beck in the email I just sent him. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

These are the same people who would be touting what a great Christian woman and roll model Sarah Palin was had she and "Finger on the Button" McCain been in charge.

Cheesy said...

I did not see one person of color at the Million Moron March~ Makes ya go hmmmmmmmm

Matt-Man said...

Jeff: Don't you dare denegrate a fine woman like Sarah Palin. She will one day lead this country to greatness...or something. Cheers Jeff!!

Cheesy: I saw Cheers Cheesy!!

Dana said...

Here's my issue with all of it ...

Some of us have issues with the President's policy, and some of us are informed enough that we know what the policy is and why we take issue with it which is why we don't need to feed the gang mentality of the teetotalers ... oh ... wait ... tea party-ers

The problem with the idiots is that they outshine those with a good argument!

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Sooooo, what you're saying is that you are fed up with people who have no clue as to what they are talking and/or complaining about...As am I, and I can dig that. Cheers!!

Michele said...

JR and I saw Glenn Beck's book at our local Costco (why, yes, we do live in the south). Our first thought was that the title was an oxymoron.

Have fun on your day shift.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: I have a copy of it and the assumption that you and JR made is correct. That's why I use it as a coloring book.

I will indeed enjoy getting off of work while the sun is still out. Cheers Michele!!

Dianne said...

I'm looking forward to the third party announcement, I hope I can have a top slut, uh - slot in the administration

Phfrankie Bondo said... the designated moderator of todays little get-together all I can say is: "Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!"...

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: You will always have a top slot in the by my kno wwhat I mean. Cheers Di!!

Phfrankie: Party On, P-Man. I trust that I am leaving this conclave in perverted hands. Cheers!!

Starrlight said...

You have left out the most delicious part of it. The symbol Beck et al used for their little sand in the pussy march. It's the raised clenched fist. You know...the one first used by the socialist in 1917.

I really don't think any more needs to be said after that little nugget does it?

katherine. said...

I am still tired of the extremes and the name calling.

Matt-Man said...

Starr: That is amusing. I think a better logo would be a picture of an empty head. Cheers Starr!!

Kat: I am an anti-extrmeist as well, although what that is may vary from person to person, however, I enjoy very much calling a person an asshole if they fit my definition of one. Cheers Kat!!