Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Respect

It’s going to be a cool Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio, and that will make my 11-7 shift at the Beer Mine that much more pleasurable.

Today’s sermon, is all about understanding others…Casting aside assumptions, tossing away conceptions, and defining myself.

Last Friday, I went on the attack towards two people in particular, and millions of others in general who I find to be non-thinking individuals. In other words, if they are reading this, they are stupid.

I stand by everything I said about those two and the others, but I must say, I took a lot of heat over it. I know that some of you may still be thinking, “Eh, big deal, it’s just Matt-Man.”

Screw that…Well, in a way, it is me being, Matt-Man.

While only 44, I have worked 30 some years of my life, and with each job, I have been taken advantage of. I have trained numerous people who were promoted ahead of me…given a shit more than others..

And, I have done many things that were not in my job description, because people said, “Ask Matt to do it; he will do it.” And I did. I always did.

Today, I work a less than an intellectual job, but I don’t get treated like shit. I try to get my kid to study, and yet my ideas for that are looked down upon. I call people assholes, and I am told that I am being mean.

What the hell is a guy supposed to do?

My job? Sure, I’m not curing cancer, but I do my job as well as anyone, and people like me for it. But, few appreciate it.

My kid? We are tight. However, I explained to his mom, the book full of your comments that encouraged him to study, and she said, “Whatever…I can’t do anything about it now that you put it out there.” WTF?

I call people out like I did on Friday, and by some, I was called out. Un-Fucking-Believable.

The end game of this commentary is that I am tired of being taken for granted. And oddly enough, being taken for granted for oddball reasons.

The biggest and most “in my face” reason for disagreeing with my Friday attack by others, was that I shouldn’t have attacked certain people, “because you are better than that”.

I saw that in several emails and comments that I received. Maybe so… However…

Do you realize how many times that I have been called stupid? Do you know how many times people have told me that by trying to turn my writing or my website into a career is a dream?

Do you understand, that in spite of all the shots at me, people expect me to be the same Ol’ Happy Matty? Always with a kind word, and a smile.

Don’t get me wrong…I am not playing some type of martyr card…hardly.

I just want a little respect, and the people in question know to whom this is directed…

All that I am saying is that I have chosen to bet my money on myself and make this a go, and if once in awhile you take a snipe at me, I am going to return it in kind.

And seriously, I usually give better than I get…



Scott Oglesby said...

Matt-Man, don’t give up on your dreams brother, ever. After I left Pitt I took a job with the PA turnpike because the money was unbelievable for not really having to work. After that I started a painting company in Florida. I’ve never really worked at a job using my brain until now. And it’s not a ‘job’ thank the lord God in sweet paradise. I hadn’t written in the past 15 years before moving here. I hadn’t used the creative side of my brain, other than for practical jokes, in 15 years. After a couple months of blogging, I got right back into it. As you know, I’m now writing virals for an internet marketing company, as well as doing some freelance writing. Your writing is extraordinary, as is your creativity. I can give you some sites to check out that use freelance writers. I can also give you a method that my wife is using to generate income from the internet. If not the second, I think that you should dig in with the first a bit. E-mail me if you want the sites. You are seriously one of the best writers that I read. And I blog with two people who write for television; with sick talent. You are right up there, just don’t ever quit.

Also, if you want your blog itself to go into the stratosphere, you know that like Howard Stern, you need to have a lot of people love you to death, like Jay, Dianne, me, and most of your other commenters, but more importantly, you need to have people absolutely despise you. I saw the attacks on you yesterday. You are dealing with intellectual featherweights. It’s equivalent to Willie Shoemaker stepping into a UFC cage with Fedor Emelianeko or Anderson Silva. I’m honestly surprised that the drool seeping out of their slackened jaws doesn’t short out their computers. I’m shocked that they can stop licking the screen for long enough to type. See, people with extremely low IQ’s are very quick to anger, but once sufficiently outraged, they couldn’t put together a succinct, articulate sentence to save their lives. So fuck em where they pee.

I’ve compared you to Garrison Keillor for fucks sake!!

Clay Perry said...

meh... if youre going to be labeled and treated like an asshole.. why not have the fun of actually doing the things youre accused of doing.. besides, respect is overrated

Cheesy said...

If you can't believe in yourself then who can? Go for it hun.. only one trip around this rock~

Micky-T said...

Fuck'm all Matt...
Keep going for it!

Bond said...

We all have to do what we need to to find ourselves.

For some that is taking the leap and chucking the corporate world and setting out to find their light.

For others it is staying in the corporate world and hoping something might change to someday give them the opportunity.

I have two things I would love to be doing instead of my real job...unfortunately some bad decisions in the past have put me in a financial situation where that is absolutely impossible.

I decided to ignore the idiocy over on that other decided to take it head on... does not mean either of us is right - or wrong...

Enjoy your Sunday

Matt-Man said...

Scott: You are too kind and I'll shoot you an email after I get home tonight. I can't really concentrate on all what you have just said right now, but I dig it. Thanks my good man. Cheers!!

Clay: Ha. You make a good point, Clay. I guess sometimes, I get sick of letting things roll off my back. Cheers Clay!!

Cheesy: While I know you are right, and typically Ido, it gets lonely sometimes. Cheers Cheesy!!

Matt-Man said...

Micky: I will my friend, I just needed to vent. Cheers Mick!!

Bond: I understand Vinny, and I wasn't thinking that you were wrong, and none of this was directed at you. Cheers!!

Dianne said...

I love the point Scott made about being despised

what's the quote?
"if everyone likes you, you're doing something wrong"

Michele said...

1. I read yesterday's post and thought it was spot on. Cheryl, no matter how hot, will be forever tainted. Schmoop: I would have done her also. Now? Not so much. And, what can I say about Mackenzie except she is one fucked up woman.

2. If you can't put your name on your comment then you are a major pussy (that is JR's opinion and I agree).

3. It is unbelievable to us that TV shows actually glorify these people. What's next? The Republican that was found soliciting homosexual sex in airport restrooms on Survivor? Wouldn't that be interesting? I have long held the belief that if one wants producers of tv and movies to stop making crap, don't watch their crap. If they don't get ratings or the ticket price they may stop making brainless stuff (I'm a dreamer. What can I say). Since, these types of shows are proliferating it is evidence how many idiotic people there are in this country.

4. Matty, you keep doing what you do well. Your writing not only expresses your views but brings attention to the dimwits that abound in this world.

Luv ya, Michele. Yeah, I will put my name on my comment because I'm not a coward.

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: I don't mind being despised by some...Hell, I think Pat Buchanan is wrong on most everything, but he's a funny guy and he's not afraid to lay his beliefs on the line in public without sugarcoating it. I respect that. That's what I am talking about. Thanks for the message you sent, I'll get back with ya tonight after work. Cheers Sexy!!

Matt-Man said...

Michele: Thanks. Your comment was made me smile. And it was, as always spot on. I guess I get frustrated by people who think I am wasting my time. I think it perhaps go back to my thinking that most people don't think BIG...they think, "comfortable." Cheers Michele!!

Jay said...

You're right that most people don't think big. And, a lot of people might resent you doing what they wish they could bring themselves to do.

And, a lot of people wish they could say just exactly what they think of others or of people who have sent them hate mail. But, they don't for whatever reason. And then there are some you just can't handle the truth. LOL ;-)

Jay said...

So I just went back and saw Anon's comments from yesterday. Somebody has reading comprehension problems. They really brought the crazy! ;-)

Schmoop said...

Matt, you know I love you, but I have to say also, that I love what you do on this blog. I might not agree with everything you have to say...but I love how you say it! You are not afraid to offend anyone, or enlighten anyone. I like how you talk me off the ledge when I get upset about stupid. I like how you call people out about stupid. I know your writing is goig to take you far...just be patient. I'm behind you all the way. Oh hell, I'll just say it...I love you. Butthole!

Starrlight said...

Anon posters are always idiots.

They predestine themselves to idiocy by not having the balls to back up their beliefs. The last one was just an above average numb cunt.

snugs said...

geez, I've been out of the loop for a few days and just got caught up on your haters and anon's..I really like how Schmoop jumps to your defense, not that you need it cuz you do defend yourself quite well. I just wanted to say that I admire y'all relationship. But you better be careful out there or you will get labeled a bully or troll :) Not all bloggesr can tolerate opposition.

Desert Rat said...

Fuck 'em.

Anonymous haters are right down there with malaria, in my mind.

I've been scanning but not commenting 'cause I'm trying to get my butt out the door for Granddads memorial but I wanted to say, keep on keepin' on. If someone disrespects your dreams, they're probably envious, self-absorbed, and/or have low self-esteem and a small pecker.

Do what you love, Dearheart. The corporate life is way overrated. Most women I know have the "scrambled or fried" fantasy at some time or another. Only you know what is right for you.

So, after all that rambling... fuck anon and do what you love. The greatest riches are those things which cannot be bought.

Big hug!

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Yeah, sometimes the truth hurts and I have been on both ends of it plenty of times. As for Anony? As it is often said, "There is no fixing stupid!!" Cheers you pedophile, you!!

Schmoop: Thanks for everything Schmoop, I have much Zoves for you as well, but one thing. Instead of you being behind me all the way, can I be behind you> Cheers Bay-by!!

Starr: Yes they are idiots, but they are kinda fun to have around. Cheers Starr!!

Matt-Man said...

Snugs: She's a keeper alright. But eh, people can label me all they want, while, like it did the last couple of days get on my nerves, I usually shake it off, and just continue to do my thing. Cheers Snugs!!

Rat: I love it when scientists say, "fuck". It gives the word much more credence.

I appreciate your remarks and I hope the memorial service offers you and all what it is that you need. Cheers Rat!!

Lu' said...

I couldn't agree more with what Micky-T said so ditto :)

Matt-Man said...

Lu: Well ditto back to you hot stuff. Cheers Lu!!

katherine. said...

anonymous commenter's don't really feel strong enough about their own words or opinions to be accountable.


I think I've made my opinion clear on how I feel about your writing talent, and what I think you should do with it.

Still not sure the best use of that talent is to call out an elderly vet under going chemo who has a dozen readers whose minds you will never change. Or his friend who goes up against you in his comment section. No matter how diametrically opposed you may be....I wouldn't guess last Friday's post does anything to further your writing career.

Matt-Man said...

Kat: I appreciate your comment but sometimes not everything has to have a purpose or something that is done to further something.

Sometimes, it feels good to let things out and just say what is on one's mind in order to get rid of some of the clutter.

And in my case, being someone who actually holds in what I am really thining about some people, it is essential to vent once in a great while so my head doesn't asplode.

And one last thing...Even though I used words that you had said...I wasn't directing this post towards you. It is much more muddled than that. Cheers!!

Dana said...

I know this is about you, but I'm going to make it about me ... mkay??

Actually, I had a similar situation happen this past week - someone who called me a spoiled, unappreciative wife living the "high life" and unhappy because it wasn't enough.

I continue to be AMAZED by the people who assume you are what they perceive you to be and nothing more.

Quite frankly, you and I have had our ups and downs. There are times when I don't like what you say, but you ALWAYS have my respect!

Dreams? Sorry is the person without any. I admire that you are following yours!

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Likewise and have at it. Now, a word of advice to you...When you get home tonight, go to sleep or just sit on the couch wide awake, and start dreaming. Cheers!!