Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks for the Foodaries

I hope that everyone had a most enjoyable Thanksgiving and that no one experienced familial drama, drunk driving arrests, or virulent bowel movements due to salmonella tainted turkey.

I had a most enjoyable day.

I worked 10A-2P yesterday and while I was there, my brother Marty stopped by to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. But, that’s not all he did…

He came bearing three bags of groceries. Knowing that Schmoop and I were eschewing cooking a big dinner this year for various reasons, he brought dinner to us!!

Indeed…Salvation Marty came to the Beer Mine with an armful of culinary delights.

He brought a wonderful 3 lb. La Rosa’s lasagna (a regional fave), a loaf of crusty garlic bread, green beans, Tuscan style shrimp, whipped butter, salad, salad dressing, a bottle of wine (that actually had a cork), and to give it that Thanksgiving feel, a pumpkin pie.

And folks…That is exactly what we had for Thanksgiving dinner last night, and it was the best Thanksgiving dinner we have ever had.

But there was more to the day than that. Shortly after I got home from work, Schmoop’s brother David stopped by to imbibe a few Pilgrim Day cocktails with us.

David brought a few beers with him as usual, but that’s not all…

He also brought a big conscription of ham and sweet potatoes that he had made for Schmoop and I. Holy Cow…or is that, Holy Swine?

Anyhoo…It was incredibly thoughtful of him, and as we typically do, we appreciate the hell out of that mother fucker.

All of this dove tails on the fact that I mentioned yesterday that Wednesday night Pizza Bill brought down an ample supply of his Bagwine famous pizza to the Drive-Thru.

When you add all of this food and kindness up, from this past Wednesday until tomorrow evening, we will have dined entirely on the cooking skillz and compassion of others.

That my friends, makes for a healthy diet for both body and soul.

I want to thank Marty, his wife, David, and Pizza Bill for what they have done, and I’m looking forward to the day that I once again start making some decent money so that I can pay these magnificent bastards back.

Not because I think that they feel that I need to or because I think I have to. But, because I want to. And that’s that.

With that being said…While I am now hacking up and expelling nasty crap from my lung (which is good), other than being tired more than usual, I am feeling pretty okay.

Hopefully beginning Monday, I will be back to posting on my normal schedule and up for returning all comments.

I’d hate not being able to make fun of the rampant stupidity that goes on during the holidays. There’s so much out there.

Have a glorious weekend, and this Saturday? Go Eastern Illinois!! Neuter Those Salukis!!



Desert Rat said...

Most excellent! What wonderful family and friends! I hope you both have a beautiful weekend and that your poor lung continues to mend.

Matt-Man said...

Rat: Ahhh Rat my friend. We do have a legion of good friends and family.

Workin' tonight but off all day tomorrw so we'll find time for fun this weekend.

The annoying thing? My lung feels great. I hate the tired spells and my back hurting due to sleeping so much. Oy!!

I hope you guys had a wunnerful Thanksgiving and here's to pending root canals. Ask for Vicodin. Cheers Rat!!

Dana said...

That my friends, makes for a healthy diet for both body and soul.

Why yes! Yes it does! I'm thrilled to hear your soul was fed well!

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Hee Hee...And I think I know someone else who is finding that out as well. Cheers Dana!!

Dice Mardell said...

With Fairy Foodbearingbrothers like that who needs Godmothers. Salvation Marty (ha Ha HA) That's great, and so is your appreciation for said kindnesses. Nobody likes an ingrate; especially me.
And doesn't everybody like LEFTOVERS? Hoping you do, and that you have some. It's all about MORE of everything I had yesterday for me today.


Matt-Man said...

Dice: Marty and his wife are two of the best souls I have ever known.

Speaking of appreciation, you just triggered a new Matt-Man quote...

"Appreciation is the receipt one gets for shelling out kindness."

I like that; I may go into the quote business. Enjoy your leftovers Dice. Cheers to ya!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I was all set for a burrito review....

Matt-Man said...

Phfrankie: Yeah, I know what you mean, but this was so much easier. I hope the ghost of Montezuma forgives me. Cheers P-Man!!

Scott Oglesby said...

You are lucky man. That’s the one huge thing I miss about being in the states. Besides doctors who will prescribe Percs for hangnails; having people who love to take care of you. Knowing that someone has always got your back. That my friend… GOLD!

Micky-T said...

How special is that?
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel good knowing you are loved?

Lu' said...

*sigh* I am glad to hear read it :) thankful. You rock Marty, Marty's wife, David and Pizza Bill.

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Indeed it is a nice feeling, but a doctor with an itchy presciption finger would be pretty cool as well. Cheers Scott!!

Micky: Nothin' better my friend. Cheers Mick!!

Lady: In many respects, I am a rich man. Cheers D!!

Lu: They are an incredibly sweet lot. Hope you had a wunnerful day off. Cheers Lu!!

Jeff B said...

After listening to the news tonight with reports of people doing all sorts of Black Friday retarded antics, it's nice to here that there are those who remember what caring for and looking out for others this time of year is all about. Here's to the givers out there!

Matt-Man said...

Jeff: The only thing I can do is echo your thought. Cheers to ya, Jeff!!