Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day From Bagwine...Post Mortem!!

This is probably the last post for today until Matt-Man's regularly scheduled post, and I am taking over.

I want to say something...

The boy was good. The house is clean. The steak is ready, and he wasn't all drunked up.

To me, it's like a little respect.

It's not because he loves me. It's not because he lives here with me. It's because he likes me.

And he always says, "More over than loving you, I like you."

And that, lovable readers of Matt-Man, is how he feels about you.

He smiles and laughs out loud all the time and when I ask him what's so funny, he'll say, "Come read what so and so wrote."

He's pacing around as he usually does like some guard at Dachau, but he is still standing upright (amazingly enough) and if he has it in him, I may do him tonight.

Anyway...He just told me to make his last official St. Patty's Day post, and I said okay.

I hope you all have fun if you are going out tonight, and please be safe. And one more thing...

Jay? My bathroom is still dirty so come on up..just sayin'.

Um, Cheers?


Jay said...

Is Schmoop is wearing her sexy red undies like that, then I'll put on my sexy red undies and come clean the bathroom. LOL

Okay, maybe not. ;-)

Beth said...

Whether you clean my bathroom or not, come and visit us! I'll get rid of Matt. Pweeeeezzz!!

Lu' said...

Jay wait until Matt-Man has the web cam hooked up before you and Schmoop romp in red undies :)

Matt-Man said...

Lu: It will be hooked up no later than Friday. You will have turned me into a BEAST!! Cheers My Friend!!

Desert Rat said...

Whoa! Looks like O'Valentine's Day! Quite hawt, I must say.

What?! Still no Camera! [insert colorful cursing] Fine! When you finally DO get it hooked up, the first thing you're gonna see is... is... well, shit, I can't think of anything horrific enough right at the moment - but I will!

David said...

zowza - I'm a lookin at that picture and thinking....

Oh, did you say something?