Thursday, March 18, 2010

We All Need Somebody, To Lean On

“I saw my life this morning
Lying at the bottom of a drawer
All this stuff I'm saving
God knows what this junk is for
And whatever I believed in
This is all I have to show
What the hell were all reasons
For holding on for such dear life
Here's where I let go.”

--Mary Chapin Carpenter

Towards the end of the evening Wednesday, Schmoop and I had an interesting conversation. She said that in spite of ourselves, her and I included, we tend to think that things are horrible.

She said, to the effect…

“We have a roof over our head. We have food. We’re both working; and we like each other. What the fuck else could you want?”

I chuckled and then I thought, “Well, you’re right.”

She had a buzz, yet in spite of the tough times we are going through, continued on in irony…

“But you know what? It could be worse. We could be alone. We could be going through this alone.”

I told her that things weren’t desperate, but that she was correct. We couldn’t be doing things alone.

She responded by saying, “I know. That’s what I’m saying. Everyone needs friends, and you’re mine.”

Me, being Mr. Philosophical, tried to rationalize what she was talking about and just shook my head.

Schmoop said, “No, it’s what you have always said…“I may be broke but I ain’t poor. Broke means you have no money; poor means that you have no hope…or friends.”

And then she said, “Let’s start over. Not as far businesses or work, but our attitudes. Let’s not be afraid of anything.”

To which I said, “Okay, that’s no problem for me, how about you?”

She went to bed…but I think she's almost home.



Anonymous said...

Wow that was a deep conversation. Something to think about...

Matt-Man said...

Lady: It's really not that deep...Just take of your friends and hope they do the same. We all need to look after each other. What's deep about that? Cheers D!!

Simstone said...

Mrs. Simstone read that poem and suggested to me that I should seriously re-read the part about all of this stuff I'm saving and learning to let go and mumbled something else about me paying attention to those words as she left the room.

She has no damn sense of humor.

Matt-Man said...

Sim: Ha...Glad to be of help Sim...In other words, I'm sorry. Cheers Sim!!

Mike said...

Someone said, "Smile, things could be worse". So I smiled. And sure enough, things got worse.

Jay said...

I keep trying to be a more positive person. But, it just never works out.

Besides, I would have to chance the name of my blog if I did become all positive and shit. ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Ha...Of course. Well cheer up. Cheers Mike!!

Jay: Ha. Yeah you kinda boxed yourself into a corner with that dintcha? Cheers Jay!!

Doc said...

Sounds like the beginnings of an award winning screenplay... or not.

Matt-Man said...

Doc: Ha...Shit...I don't know why, but that made me laugh out loud. Cheers Doc!!

Dianne said...

matty you made me teary

I love Mary Chapin Carpentar and this is one of her best

the image of the little heart with the bandaids on it is so wonderful

schmoop is wise beyond her tender years

love youse guys

Matt-Man said...

Di: Ha...Sorry. I would walk across broken glass just to have Mary Chapin spit on me. Her talent gives me much wood. We love you'se Di. Cheers Sexy!!

Micky-T said...

I've always felt that I was a rich man, never wealthy, but very rich.

Matt-Man said...

Micky: And there ya go, you know exactly what I mean. Cheers to ya Mick!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

..."We're rich, Marge! Richer than astronauts!"..

Matt-Man said...

Phfrankie: Ha. Thanks for making P-Man. Cheers!!

Matt-Man said...

Ha...I meant, for making me laugh

The Covert Lover said...

aaww, I just love you're sweet posts. Buzzed or not, I think Schmoop is awesome.

Matt-Man said...

Covert: Eh, she's more than alright. She rocks. Cheers Lover!!