Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform Passes...Right Wingers Head To The Emergency Room

I have Health Care reform on the brain on this, what we shall call, Healthcare Fallout Monday or what some of the more paranoid in our society are calling, The Day America Died at the Hands of a Renegade Kenyan.

Yes folks, Obama Care…Health Care Reform…The Leftists Wiping Their Asses With The Constitution, whatever you want to call it has passed the House, 219-212.

And folks…

There is much wailing and gnashing of the teeth among frenzied, God-fearing, right-wing mouth breathers who are melting down their gold fillings, buying their survival seeds, and putting their glossies of Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter into nuclear-proof, archival sheet protectors.

President Obama and the Democratically controlled Congress have not only sent this nation down the "Road to Perdition" they have sent every Sarah Palin loving Son of a Bitch into an irreversible state of apoplexy.

I hope these fucked up teabaggin’ fatalists have a good health care plan, because man…merely listenin’ to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity everyday isn’t going to be enough to resuscitate these folks this time.

I was listening to a right wing radio talk show out of Columbus, Ohio while at work Sunday, and what sounded to be a lady in her fifties called in and through her audible sobbing said to the fear mongering host:

“Since Wednesday, when I saw that this Health Care Bill had a possibility to pass, I have been unable to cope.”

I was transfixed to the radio, no really. I turned my head, stared at the radio, and with mouth agape as I walked toward the psychotic voice emanating from the radio, I spoke:

“You have been crying and unable to cope for nearly five days over this? Holy Shit Bitch…If anyone needs health care it’s you…and quickly!!”

Oy Vay!!

Listen now…I am not a big fan of this bill, nor I am big fan of Pelosi; I loathe Harry Reid, and I am ambivalent about Obama, however…

I am sure as hell not afraid of any of them or worried that our country is on the brink of collapse or a Communist takeover.

Do you know why? ‘Cause unlike these, Chicken Little, The Socialistic Sky Is Falling, whistle dicks crying into their copy of Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, I trust our Constitution.

These freaks who are crying that our Constitution is being trashed and want it followed, actually have no faith in the very document which they claim to honor.

If they did, they would relax and exercise their right to vote out nearly anyone who voted yes on this bill should they feel the need come November. Hell in 2012, they can vote Obama out.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of lawsuits claiming that this bill is unconstitutional. When these lawsuits make it to the Supreme Court, if all or parts of the bill are deemed unconstitutional, the Supreme Court will say as much.

So relax, and all of you walking, talking freak shows, let the Constitution that you claim to love so much, work…

Unless of course, instead of truly desiring the glorious words of the U.S. Constitution to be followed, you just want your own inglorious desires to be followed.

No matter, how all of this Health Care Reform crap plays out in the long run, we will as a nation be okay. We always have been, sometimes in spite of ourselves.

And watching the demonstrations of incredibly histrionic displays of anger by some Obama hating, teabag gin’ assholes over this entire episode, this is one of those “in spite of ourselves” times.



3 Men and a Lady said...

First off, I LOVE the term "mouth breathers". Love it. I use it for the most simple minded people I come across.

And secondly, I am also concerned with the inability "to cope". It's too bad these idiots are so brainwashed that they can't handle it.

Matt-Man said...

Lady: Ha...Yeah, it is one of my faves as well.

And you're right...And, in all likelihood, some nutjob got her all worked up and she can't think for herself, so she went apoplectic. So many lemmings in this country, and this world. Oy. Cheers D!!

Clay Perry said...

its a huge win for the insurance companies... now everyone who doesnt want insurance has to buy it, if it makes it that far...

i wonder if the people who claim to hate it have read it yet? im sure, like the patriot act, most havent read a single word of it. parts of it make sense, parts dont.. like being forced to buy insurance or pay the govt money...

as you said though... the constitution will stand and life will go on, people will grumble & with each year that passes the federal, state & local arms of govt will continue to nickle & dime the piss out of us while we bitch and moan about women having abortions and the ten commandments being posted in court houses..

one day in the future someone will ask their teacher what the reason for the fall of the united states of america was & the teacher will pause for a second, then reply with:


Matt-Man said...

Clay: Damn right...none of this really matters in the long run. It's more important to worry about abortion, gay marriage, and school prayer.

I really can't add much to what you said...It's dead-on. Cheers Clay!!

Jay said...

For 8 years I've listed to democrats and liberals say that the Patriot Act destroyed the Constitution and would be the downfall of America. A couple of months ago the democrats in congress quietly renewed the parts of it that weren't ruled unconstitutional. And the republic didn't crumble.

The healthcare passage tonight was a pretty amazing legislative achievement though. Whether it will be good or bad is yet to be seen. But, it won't be the death of us.

Well, I mean it might be the death of some individuals, but not of society. LOL ;-)

People in the Sun said...

I'm just grateful I'm not a grandma, because from what I've heard, there are Death Panels killing grandmas, FOR SOCIALISM.

Mike said...

I've just been assigned to a death panel. I'm going to go out and get me a brand new shiny quarter to make my heads or tails life or death decisions.

Karen said...

This version of health care reform is pretty clearly a violation of my reading and understanding of the Constitution. But debating the Constitution is sort of like debating the Bible - not something I like to do with most people.

But agree with you 100% - the Constitution will be what saves us - through checks and balances and voting out the jerks who put an agenda before the desires of the people they are supposed to represent.

Scott Oglesby said...

At the risk of sounding like the Buddhist, commie, hippie socialist that I clearly am, I’ll tell you my opinion on the melt-down. (and if you check out the loons at Rapture Ready, you’ll see the worst of the mental illness.)

The most prevalent problem in the human psyche today is label identification and separation. People see themselves as white, black, Christian, Muslim, American, conservative, liberal etc, etc… And those labels become exclusively ‘who they are.’ They begin to completely lose touch with the humanity which we all share. And more and more these people are garnering an ‘us against them’ mentality, which has been exacerbated by the perverted media (on both sides of the fence). And when this label identification that is now solely ‘who they are’ becomes threatened, they have a physiological reaction much like if their actual life were in danger. Because to them it is. Once they’re so entrenched in this false sense of identity, and that identity is threatened, it’s as useful to reason with them as it would be to offer a threatened bear with cubs some cube-steak.

While I believe that Limbaugh and Olbermann (and I know we do), go home at night and joke about it all, these newly created xenophobes are seriously becoming suicidal and homicidal.

Just my opinion….

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Ha...Brilliant last line but you're right...whether you like the bill or not; whether one loathes Pelosi or not that facelifted bitch proved to be one effective Speaker of the House. Cheers Jay!!

PITS: Ha. Another good comment. You guys are fucking funny. Cheers PITS!!

Mike: Do me a favor and use your double headed quarter if I show up for review. I thank you in advance. Cheers Mike!!

Matt-Man said...

Karen: It may be ruled as such but thanks, because I too think checks and balances are just downright sexy. Cheers Karen!!

Scott: And I agree with your opinion. Many folks have not fallen into labels over times some have done it willingly because it makes life easier. They don't have to think for themselves.

They just think and go along with whatever talking head in whatever group they have identified themselves with and bounce through life like the mindless steel orb in a pinball machine. Cha Ching.

Cheers Scott!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I agree wholeheartedly with Scott and btw,the "hippies" had the right idea from the git go...

Matt-Man said...

Phfrankie: Damn Pinko. Cheers P-Man!!

Doc said...

I guarantee that Nancy Pelosi went out and got schnokcered last night/early this morning.

Dianne said...

Scott in 2012!

I saw some clips of the tea party folks
in one they were throwing dollar bills at a counter demonstrator with Parkinsons
he just sat there and stared at them

then there was the lovely scene of screaming racial and ethnic slurs at members of Congress as they went to their offices
and the disgusting sexual innuendos thrown at Barney Frank

not since the pre civil rights movement years have I seen such ugliness and ignorance in this country

and I continue to maintain that the reaction to Obama and anything he does or says would not be so vile if he were white

this country may/will survive in the long term but I think it is royally fucked up right now

I so wish I were younger and healthier - I'd be organizing a revolution right now

Matt-Man said...

Doc: Ya think? Well she does own quite a few vineyards so you're probably correct. Cheers Doc!!

Di: That dollar bill throwing at the Parkinsons guy thing happened here in Ohio near Columbus. He's an aide to Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy.

It was pretty sad and there's alot of fucked up folks in this country. Cheers Di!!

David said...

buying their survival seeds, and putting their glossies of Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter into nuclear-proof, archival sheet protectors.

funny shit dude

This bill is not perfect in any way but neither was SS or Medicare. They needed tweaking over the years. Being in DC - close to VA, the news that the newly installed and incredibly bizarre attorney general is suing the federal gov't saying it is unconstitutional to require people to subscribe to health insurance....duh, MEDICARE dude, Social Security isn't an option and neither is medicare. I must concede that I'm annoyed with the dems for abandoning the public option to appease the republicants who were never going to support this legislation point being I don't like people being forced to become customers of the health insurance companies.

Aslo, there is a huge ass irony that this in not so different from what republican gov Mittens Romney signed into law in Massachusetts yet, congressional repubs find it to be anathma.

Ain't politics fun?

David said...

Aslo was a typo but it does sound like a great word, yes?

Plus, I'm totally on board with Scott's discussion of "label" identity.

Jake said...

Well a recap a year and a half later. Health Care bill has been ruled unconstitutional, the Dems lost BIG in the 2010 midterm elections, the so called bad tea party members were in fact proven to be liberal plants to make the tea party look bad, and we are no better off then the day you wrote this post. Obama has done nothing to help this country and he won't. Throwing money at a problem does not fix the problem. It makes the problem last longer. If they gave all the money to us it would just be a bubble that would sooner or later burst when people stop spending.

Now we have democrats and liberals sitting on wall street, stinky, using business restrooms without spending a dime in the businesses, leaving the restrooms in horrible condition, sitting in front of peoples personal homes, taking over city parks in different states, not working, not paying taxes, not stimulating the economy. I guess welcome back to the 60's. It didn't work in the 60's and it is NOT going to work now.