Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: Technical Difficulties and The Holy Trinity

It’s going to be a coolish, damp Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio today.

My 11-7 shift at the Beer Mine will be less than pleasant weather wise, but I shall persevere nonetheless.

It was good to get back to work on Saturday and again today as being off with Schmoop for two days nearly killed me.

You know how much beer we drank? I don’t know either…that’s how much. Holy Cow. Me going back to work in a place that sells beer was my only refuge from drinking it.

I always slack on my reading of blogs when she’s off as well. I don’t get around to many because she gets all liquored up and starts pelting me with beer cans.

Makes it kinda hard to read, when my head is being pummeled with aluminum cylinders.

I haven’t be able to use Skype yet. My microphone isn’t configured correctly, but I think I am getting closer to fixing that problem.

I do want to thank Jay for trying to help me with the mic problem Friday afternoon.

He did his best to help me correct the problem but alas, my drunkenness, lack of technical skillz, and the fact that I was being pelted upside the head with beer cans was too much for him to overcome.

Oh well…I’ll figure it out, and I am back to my normal schedule. I’m gonna be a blog visiting mo-fo this week, and guess what?

We’re having a party on Bagwine Ruminations this Wednesday.

Damn right…It’s going to be a St. Patrick’s Day blowout on BR. I’m going to update throughout the day about all of the Celtic mischief and frivolity in which I will be engaging.

Sounds O’Fun, doesn’t it?

Well that is all for today’s service, but before I go, I leave you with this picture of Drive-By Mikey, myself, and Pizza Bill outside the Beer Mine this past Friday…

Have you ever seen three more handsome and trustworthy people in your life? Of course you have.

I like to think of us as The Holy Trinity. However, that beer can tossin’ bitch Schmoop, has a slightly different name for us…

A Trio of Fucking Twelve Year Olds.

Amen, and Amen…

Have a lovely Sunday all.



3 Men and a Lady said...

Which one of you is the Holy Ghost? 'Cause I think that is the coolest one.

And don't you dodge the cans?

MysteryChick said...

Can't wait until Wednesday, I love frivolity! It's my favorite "ity" ever (I think). :-)

Holy Trinity has a much better ring to it "A Trio of Fucking Twelve Year Olds" is quite the mouthful!

Matt-Man said...

Lady: At least in this picture I think that that would be me, I was already on my way to pretty good buzz and feeling not of this Earth. Cheers D!!

Chick: We shall have more fun than a pot o' gold. As for the name. I agree, The Holy Trinity thing does have a better ring to it, but I believe Schmoop's name is probably more accurate. Cheers Chick!!

Michele said...

As Shakespeare said; "a rose by any other name....or you say "holy trinity"; I say "trio of fucking twelve year olds" Let's call the whole thing off.

I'll be on a plane to the land of Senators and Representatives on St. Patties day. JR will be deprived of his corned beef and cabbage this year. Trust me, it doesn't break my heart. I'll try to check in.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: D.C. on St. Paddy's Day? that would be fun. Have a safe flight and tell JR that if he wants, I could Fed Ex him a Reuben. Cheers Michele!!

Mike said...

I never thought to come here before midnight until I read here the other day that your blog day starts at 10. So happy Sunday blog day being the special day that it is. Daylight savings? NO! IT'S PI day. 3-14 Let me be the first to wish you a happy PI day.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: That was very thoughtful of you. I hope to be enjoying Pi all day, but that would be wrong because I'll be at work...That could get me the very least. Cheers Mike!!

Daniel said...

With a title of Holy Trinity I kinda thought you were going to get into the whole German cler-gy bashing the nazi pope thing...but I'm superimposing my thoughts on you.

Dude, how wasted are you that you can't dodge an flying al-u-min-eum flying projectile?

I don't do any of that webcam, microphone, skype-ish shit. No good can come of that...That's my position and I'm sitting in it.

Happy sabbath Matt-Man.

Matt-Man said...

Daniel: Well ya know...When I have my back to her as I am at the computer, I can't see the damn things zeroing in on my incredibly large skull at Mach 4.

As for the Skype thing. I think it's cool. While I couldn't talk back to Jay, I could hear him and damn, the sound quality is freakin' phenomenal. Cheers Daniel!!

Scott Oglesby said...

You’re just lucky you weren’t partying with me. I like to throw dirty needles and crack pipes when I’m needing attention. What? I jest, I kid.

Have a lovely Sunday my good Brutha!

Doc said...

See No evil, Hear No evil, and Speak no evil.... #just sayin'

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Ha. You're a rebel. Have a wunnerful Sunday yourself. Cheers Scott!!

Doc: Ha. You're right on the mark. I was actually going to have us pose that way. Cheers Doc!!

Four Dinners said...

Any man who drinks copious amounts of beer is to be trusted at all times.

Do you catch the cans or do they bounce harmlessly off your head as they would mine?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Three (not so) wise monkeys...;-)

Matt-Man said...

Four: They bounce right off, but it's still pretty damn annoying. I guess you could call the three of us, The Mattgi. Cheers FD!!

Michele said...

JR says okay. He plans pick up some Guinness and Harp to celebrate the holiday. We take St. Patty's day seriously around these parts.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: We do too. Hope you all have a good one no matter where you may be. Cheers Michele!!