Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a Tea Party, Baby!!

I am going to be swamped today!!

I work 11-9 today and, AND, a bunch of stuff I did for tomorrow’s show has “disappeared”. What the Fuck!?

On top of that, I am going to see Ryno when I get done at work, and then I will come home and have to “pleasure” the Schmoop…like I did last night, and let me tell ya…

I was on the top of my oral game last night. Boy Howdy!!


Then, after pleasuring Schmoop, I have to re-write and re-record all my shit from yesterday that I lost. Oy!!

Could somebody bring me a burger or a slice of pizza in the meantime? I mean, c’mon!!

I must say…

If Jay and I manage to get through the show without interference from Time-Warner, BTR, or Google Phone, it is going to be a hilarious and fun-filled installment of I’m With Stupid tomorrow.

In addition to our usual good natured banter and weekly NFL picks, Jay and I are going to be tea bagging each other and our listeners live, on-air!!

On I’m With Stupid tomorrow at 11 AM EDT, we will be discussing all things political. We will make fun of everyone who thinks they deserve your vote.

We have an interview with Christine O’Donnell, political ads, and we will celebrate my son’s 16th birthday when Ryan calls in at 11:30.

Much like my ego…Itsa gunna be HUGE!!

So, there you have it.

Please join us tomorrow at 11 AM EDT, because, as you will find out, it will be the last time that you can…

Happy Saturday, Bitches, and as always…



MysteryChick said...

I'll bring you the best burger ever from O'Sullivans in Somerville, but it may be a bit cold by the time I get there. You want fries or onion rings with that? (I recommend the rings.)

Now I have to spend the rest of the day not thinking about oral pleasure cuz that is seriously lacking in my life right now! Dammit!

Maybe I should just eat the cheeseburger myself.

Dianne said...

I'm gonna miss the show!! Hope is being baptized tomorrow (don't even ask) and I'll be "enjoying" the company of my DIL's family all day

At least I can look forward to coming home and listening to the show then

As for stuff disappearing - ya know O'Donnell is a witch --- just sayin

Jay said...

That's O'Donnell's "O-Face" right there. And like everything else about her it's hawt. And a little crazy looking.

Scott Oglesby said...

The more I see of that crazy bitch the scairder (scairder should definitely be a word) I get. If she gets elected to any public office, anywhere, at any time, all hope is lost.