Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Stark Reminder of Today's Mediocrity

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day…

A day when millions remember and honor the memory and legacy of the foremost civil rights leader of a generation who was tragically slain in 1968.

King was a visionary who was brilliant, affective, and foremost, courageous. He also possessed perhaps the two most important gifts of a leader of men and causes…

An ability to inspire through sensible yet moving oratory, and more importantly, the serendipity of marching along the timeline of history at just the right moment.

King coming along at the time he did was his most important ally because…

If MLK were alive today and railing against the injustices in the world, he would be eaten alive, by talk radio, tabloids, and the schadenfreude driven 24/7 “news” cycle of speculation and innuendo of cable TV.

Martin Luther King in spite of all his incredible command of what is good and what is just, was a man. A man full of flaws like all of us.


Many of King’s human weaknesses were, by the girdle donning, high heel wearing J. Edgar Hoover, (and RFK for that matter) noted, embellished, and oft times imagined.

Did the married, minister of God enjoy the company of white women? Maybe.

Was he, the civil rights movement, and the SCLC associated with the Communist Party. Not really.

Because King was friends and was mentored by another black civil rights activist, Bayard Rustin, who was a known homosexual make King gay? Hardly…see above.

As King was a fan of the non-violent movement propagated by Gandhi, an Indian, anti-American? Fuck no.

Yet today?

All of this “information” would be perused, skewed, and then taken as fact and spray painted like graffiti on the walls of a shut down factory in Youngstown, Elkhart, or Detroit upon our radios and TV’s.

And my friends…As MLK helped a people and a nation to see and actualize his dream, we as a nation have turned that dream on its head and turned it to some degree, into a nightmare.

If MLK were alive today he would be vilified for “communist ties”, “hanging out with homosexuals”, and being an un-American peacenik by today’s angry, ratings at all costs media, and the thirst for such from a large portion of Americans.

That is indeed why today, we have no great leadership in this country. Why would anyone who has the ability and desire to lead this nation, suffer the scrutiny of those who seek to tear greatness down?

I don’t care if a person was late on their taxes, smoked pot, had a marital indiscretion, or peed in a public pool while drunk if he or she is willing and able to lead this country out of its debt and malaise.

The great ones of today have no desire to lead because it would mean that they would be under the microscope of a media and a people who care more about who they fucked rather than what they can do.

We are stuck with vanilla. We are stuck with mediocrity. We are stuck with the here and now of, “Oh My God…he or she did what?”

I want inspiration from someone, no matter if he or she has human imperfections.

Where’s that inspiration going to come from? John Boehner? Mitch McConnell? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid?...Sarah Palin!!?

Ha…I don’t fucking think so.

We have no leaders like King. King spent his adult years trying to forge the unity of a nation and sadly, trying unsuccessfully to not be gunned down by the bullet of bigotry and hate.

The so called leaders we have today? Instead of seeking greatness, they spend their adult years merely seeking reelection.

I hate it.



Jay said...

Everything you said here is true.

Hell, the Obama admin tried to tell people that King would support the war in Afghanistan. Seriously?

And tomorrow the RNC will be out with the MLK was a conservative right-wing republican who would totally be opposed to gay rights and want less regulation on Wall Street.

And of course, here in Redneckville people all over town will have their Confederate Flags flying outside their homes. Virtually none of them ever have an American Flag flying.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Sadly it is true. We have segregation in this this country and it is political, because no one wants to take the time to think for themselves. It's all sound bytes and hyperbole. Fuckers. Cheers Jay!!

David said...

Sadly it is very true that, instead of being leaders with some kind of vision to guide and improve the country, our politicians are only concerned with re-election and political monetary contributions.

Matt-Man said...

David: They're a bunch of milqeutoast pussies with no balls unless offering red meat to their non-thinking moron followers. Cheers David!!

Mike said...

I think the 'stupid' program needs to do an 'out of the closet' interview with the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover.

Michele said...

I know that I may sound idealistic but wouldn't a lot of the pundits stop talking about this shit if people stop listening? Stop giving these idiots your time. When the only quasi-decent radio station here in Houston put on a couple of stupid inflammatory disc jockeys in the morning I stopped listening. Then wrote to the program director and the station manager to tell them why our household would never listen to their station again. Did they care? Probably not. Do I feel all smug and superior? Sure. Seems like a win win.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Ha. Hoover was one creepy fellow. Cheers Mike!!

Michele: Indeed. Because if people aren't listening or watching the ad revenues dry up and the show and/or hosts get dropped. It's nice to hear about your letter. I do the same often to many, many shows. Cheers Michele!!

Joker_SATX said...

Matt, Looks like I need to go get me some bagwine and raise a bottle in your direction! Here! Here!

Just goes to show that the old adage is indeed true. If you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything. And I agree with you here....we have fallen...hard!

Matt-Man said...

Joker: Why thank you kind sir and you are correct. Here's to ya. Cheers Joker!!

Raquel's World said...

Oh Michele.. who commented a bit before me really raised a good point. I often listen to shows in which I totally disagree with the host. Can't help it. In my own lil way I see it as keeping my eye on the enemy but truthfully I am just boosting their ratings, I shall think about that.

Cheers To Martin! & Matt!

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: I know what you mean on both points. I still watch the FOX bullshit but mainly to mock at them. But as for local radio. I have quit listening to them completely but there are just fucking crazy right wing nuts 'round here. Cheers Sexy!!

SoonerScotty said...

Great...No, Awesome post!!!

Matt-Man said...

Sooner: Why thank ya sir, and thanks for stopping by. Cheers Sooner!!

Scott Oglesby said...

This is my favorite post that you’ve written in two years and I only have one point of contention; yes, he would be vilified, the same way, worse, than the right vilifies everyone, but at the end of the day, words and hate were never going to stop that man.

Even the bullet that killed him didn’t stop him.

You need to write like this more often!