Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beer Mines and Baseball

It’s going to be partly/mostly cloudy, windy, yet warmish on this Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio.

I will be spending 11-7 working the wind tunnel of grain based beverages that is The Beer Mine.

That’s right folks…

I am back at the Beer Mine Sundays through Wednesday now. I am sure because of that, there is much joy in the Greater Bagwine Beer Drinking Community.

And just remember, if you come through the Mine…

Know what you want. Know your role…and drive away.

Jayman and I did a somewhat extemporaneous installment of I’m With Stupid yesterday on Blog Talk Radio.

We talked baseball and it was pretty fun. I have no idea who was in the chat room really, because BTR wouldn’t let both Jay and I in there at the same time.

And in order to piss Jay off, BTR at some point decided not to let Jay view the switchboard. Additionally…

We had a report from our new IWS Sports Director, Slyder Balzcock, unfortunately BTR somehow manage to turn his report into some incoherent gobbledy gook.

Oh how we love BTR. Oddly though, if you listen to the show in archives you’ll find that Slyder’s mangled report is kinda funny, and…

A lovely young woman called in and Jay and I offered her advice on how to get on the Jumbo-Tron as she was going to Cincinnati Reds game last night.

We are such givers.

If you want to listen, and you should…You can do so by utilizing this hand dandy BTR listening device, which of course, may or may not work:

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio

Have a wonderful Sunday folks, and if you’re in the Greater Bagwine area, stop by the Beer Mine and say, “Hi.”



Jay said...

Have fun at the beer mine dude. Always good to get back to the routine.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Yes it is. Have a wunnerful Sunday, Funny Man. Cheers Jay!!

sybil law said...

Please switch over to Talkshoe!! Then I can listen. :)

Mike said...

I thought Slyder Balzcock was just a Beer Mine customer that was happy to see you back.

Matt-Man said...

Sybil: If we switch to Talkshoe we won't have anything to bitch about. Cheers Sybil !!

Mike: Ha. Maybe so. Cheers Mike!!