Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jack Link's, Projectile Bleeding, and Hate Mongering

I have four different topics to touch upon today…a quartet of musings if you will, on this Tuesday. So, I call today…

Matt-Man’s Tuesings.

First off…

Monday of last week, I wrote a sweet little post about how excited my 16 year old Ryno was by receiving some Jack Link’s Beef Jerky from me for Easter because he loves the stuff and hadn’t eaten it in about eighteen months because of his braces which had recently come off for good.

Well my friends, the fine folks at Jack Link’s read my post and last Thursday I received a very nice letter from Kristina Phernetton who works in their Consumer Relations Department.

Along with the typical form letter, there was a nice personal note from Ms. Phernetton as well as a coupon for some free Jack Link’s Beef Jerky which my son has already happily utilized.

I want to thank Jack Link’s and Ms. Phernetton for taking the time to read my blog and send a nicety along to my son. It’s proof positive that while not an everyday occurrence, good customer relations are not dead.

Because of their fantastic response, Jayman and I have named Jack Link’s Beef Jerky the Official Beef Jerky of our Blog Talk Radio show, I’m With Stupid. Here’s to you guys, and of course, ladies.

Speaking of I’m With StupidJayman and I produced another award winning show this past Saturday.

We recapped the Royal Wedding, and previewed the Saturday visit of our Bagwine guests which unfortunately although I was here for it, was unable to attend due to premature unconsciousness due to an early imbibing of Wild Irish Rose.

Please give our show a listen by utilizing this handy dandy BTR machine. It’ll be worth your while. It was pretty funny:

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio

I heard the question asked many times Sunday night and Monday, a question similar to what was asked on and after 9/11.

Where were you when you heard that Osama Bin Laden was pronounced dead?

You know where I was? I was in the hall of our apartment building on the phone with appropriately enough, 911!!

You see, my neighbor and I’m With Stupid’s fave intern Little Jimmy Stewart had just rung my doorbell. He was standing the in hallway bleeding profusely from his right hand.

I’m talking projectile bleeding folks, utter pain, and apoplexy due to a kitchen accident, he pleaded with me to call the paramedics.

I did, and I stayed on the phone with the dispatcher as I sat Jim down on the floor and tightly held pressure to his bleeding hand with two dish towels as I raised his arm above his head.

The paramedics arrived quickly and whisked Little Jimmy to the hospital. He has a few stitches and all is now well. Once again, Matt-Man saved the day. I am such a giver.

Speaking of the killing of Bin Laden…Monday was both quite an amusing and somewhat depressing day.

On the blogosphere, Twitter, and Facebook, political ideologies once again yet not unexpectedly to me, raised their ugly and cynical heads.

Some chick who is bitter that Bin Laden was killed during Obama’s presidency defriended me on Facebook. Another kooky chick ranted on Twitter about what a farce and “mediawhore” Obama is.

Talk radio downplayed Obama’s success in the action taken.

I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary, and although not a huge fan of President Obama, voted for him in the general election, and this past day and a half I have discovered something.

Some people question Obama’s patriotism, his “Americanism”...in fact, some doubt his origin of birth.

Some of the comments I heard from hateful, ideological clowns who loathe Obama prove at least one thing…

President Obama is far more "American" than are they.



Mike said...

And just how did Jack Links know where you live? Are you sure they are not in cahoots with homeland security? Could this be part of a plot to overthrow the new government of Bagwine?

Matt-Man said...

Mike: I contacted them with the link to the story and had to fill out a form with my email and so forth. No espionage going on here. They are just uber-cool. Cheers Mike!!

Warrior_Kat said...

I LOVE Jack Links! I like their Jack Packs with the beef, cheese, and pretzels. They are great for my high blood pressure!

And I agree with you about the Obama haters. That is ridiculously sad that people can hate a president that much. Really? OBL was evil and a threat to not only this country, but the entire world. I don't care who's watch his death happened on, I'm just relieved it happened. Like our President said, the world is a much safer place now. Justice was served!!!

Michele said...

I hated, loathed and despised Geo.W. Bush but I didn't go around tweeting it up or making outlandish statements about him. It seems, once again, Americans have proven that some of them are bigots.

Matt-Man said...

Kat: Indeed itwas served. And I don't get all the hate and mockery. But eh, I'm not all that surprised by it either. Jacl Links Rocks, Kat. Cheers Chucklehead!!

Michele: And there always be bigots, morons, and people who cannot think outside of their monolithic dogmas. Cheers Michele!!

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that people just don't get it because they choose a side. For any of our people in congress reading this, please note that this Joker truly respects the Democrat or the Republican who can see the other's point of view.

Oh, and the beef Jerky is a tremendous WIN by the way.

Matt-Man said...

Joker: That's exactly why I officially became an Independent a year or so ago. I gravitate towards ideas and thoughts not parties. And Jack Link's is da bomb. Cheers Joker!!

Raquel's World said...

I too was wondering if Jack Links himself read your blog, then I read Mike's comment and I got concerned for you. Glad you cleared that up. Smart move emailing the company. Im gonna try that. I ned some Tide laundry soap but it's costly, so maybe I'll blog about Tide send Tide a link and get a free box. That would be awesome!

The Obama thing is funny. I think the haters are pissed because they are struggling to prove him ineffective and he has been quite effective. And this is just some proof and they hate it. Ha Ha Repubs!

Jay said...

I bet Kristina Phernetton is really sexy because she sounds really smart and sweet. And we all know that smart and sweet are the main ingredients in sexiness.

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: Ms. Phernetton read my blog but yeah I emailed her with the link first, and Schmoop has an entire list of things that she wants me to blog about so she can get free stuff. The Obama hating over the Bin Laden operation is a freaking joke. He gave the order, they did their job, enjoy it people!! Cheers Hot Stuff!!

Desert Rat said...

How can one not love a show that has it's own official beef jerky?! Sweet!

Matt-Man said...

Jay: AND her name is Kristina...I love that name. Cheers Jay!!

Matt-Man said...

Rat: HA...You are correct, oh sexy one. Cheers Rat!!

Dana said...

Is my math off? I'm counting three topics ... but then I was sober last night - that could be the problem!

Obama? I don't hold him entirely responsible when things go wrong, and I don't give him all of the credit when things go well. Silly me!

David said...

Nice post but I must say I'm wondering why you didn't hold his arm above his head and just walk across the street to Les Hospitales?

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Jack Link's...I'm With Stupid...Jimmy's Bloodletting...Hate Mongers. Drink Up. Cheers Dana!!

David: Jim wanted me to call 911 and then the dispatcher told me not to walk him across the street. They guy told me to wait on the squad. Cheers David!!