Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Gotta Get Better, Right? RIGHT!!?

Oh dear God this has been one shitty week.

My travails of hopelessness and despair began on Tuesday.

It took me four phone calls to have a 12 minute conversation with my kid because my wonderful Time Warner service kept going down.

The dropped calls and loss of internet continued as I attempted to talk to Jayman. And then…

While checking on the status of my Federal Tax refund, I found out that some clerical error on my part caused it to be rejected…two months ago!!

No one notified me, so I discovered this little nugget of information eight weeks after the fact. That’s nice.

The IRS doesn’t know why it was rejected and the e-file service I used has been equally unhelpful, so I shall take this chore back up on Monday.

In the meantime, I have one good contact and a pair of glasses that are held together by bailing wire.


I’ve been working on a couple of things this week, and each time I have attempted to work on them, I have screwed something up.

Schmoop began her monthly uterine disintegration Tuesday and has felt like crap all week. Oy…

Gloomy times in the Bagwine digs.

On the upside, since of late, everything that I touch seems to turn to rust, Jayman and I are simply going to shoot the shit over beer and wings at 6:30 PM EDT tonight on I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio.

That’s right…We are just going to talk about mutual internet problems we’ve had. Chat about Father’s Day. Discuss the upcoming Summer of ’11, and perhaps talk about the joys of cooking out.

What could go wrong? I mean, other than my phone going out again, BTR fucking up, and/or thoroughly pissing somebody or bodies off?

So join us tonight at 6:30 on I’m with Stupid and even call in if you’d like at 661.244.9852.

To access the I’m With Stupid radio page click HERE.

Off to work the Beer Mine until 4 today…please, wish me luck.



Jay said...

I'm sure things will turn around quickly and get back to normal. As normal as things in Bagwine get, at least.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: You should write a book of inspirational quotes. Cheers Jay!!

Desert Rat said...

It's not the big things that do us in, is it? It's the little things, piling up, like the proverbial straws on the camel's back. I know that feeling - that's when it's time to change my medication.

This too shall pass.

Hang on and I am crossing my fingers and sending good luck wishes your way. Will try to tune in to BTW.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

May next week bring better days! I also get frustrated when everything seems to unravel all at once!

Michele said...

I only had one day like this last week. That would have been Friday. The flight home was a series of errors and screw ups. I almost didn't make my flight out of Newark. Newark!!! Who in their right mind wants to spend any extra time in Newark? Then the drive home was a study in frustration. GAH! glad I'm home and our weeks have to be better next week, right?

Matt-Man said...

Rat: I know it will pass...I just wish bad shit and annoyances could be spread out. If you listen, I am stripping. Cheers Rat!!

Evil:'s the "all at once" shit that bugs the hell out of me. Cheers ETW!!

Michele: Glad you are home and even more glad that you spent nary an extra minute in Newark. Praise Jeebus!! Cheers Michele!!

Anonymous said...

You are not alone....

Dianne said...

yes, you are not alone
soul sucking despair appears to be moving east and has settled nicely in toxic NJ

but fuck it
you got your looks and your sense of humor
you are a hot man

Happy Dad's Day Matty

MysteryChick said...

Hey Matt-Man, sorry to hear the shit hit the fan all at once this week.

I hope your Fathers Day makes up for it. I for one can' wait to read about whatever Ryno's comes up with this year.

Matt-Man said...

Joker: Oh I know...But I needed to vent. Cheers Joker!!

Dianne: Thanks Sexy, and your comment made me HOT!! Cheers Di!!

Chick: He stopped by work today with his mom. He made another award winning card for me. And, no worries...All will be well at some point. Cheers Hot Stuff!!