Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anonymity Can Leave Scars Too

I’d like to be a little serious with this post, if I may.

Well, of course I may, it’s my fucking blog.

Social media. I’m new to all of this shit. I’m trying to find my way, but for me, it’s a little difficult.

What are the parameters; what can I say; what can’t I say. Blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, etc…

See? That fucking Tumblr comes up on spell check. Why can’t they spell it correctly? Tumbler idiots, Tumbler.  Gay!!

Anyway, I’ve been a voyeur on these sites, trying to figure out where I fit in. I, however, have discovered something. What is that discovery, you ask?


For instance…

I read True Confessions, every day. Do I comment? No I don’t. I’m not a Mom, Single, Military, etc. I do love to read though. Why..?

Because, as with the rest of the social media out there, people are funny. Also, they attack, and are attacked by other people under the guise of an anonymous fa├žade.

Do you really think you’re anonymous. Really?

Why don’t you show your face when being an ass, or when you want to tell someone off? So you don’t agree with everyone; who the fuck does? Why hide?

I personally haven’t bore the brunt of nasty people yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. I’m just starting to get my feet wet, so to speak.

Matt-Man has gotten his share of people being hateful. Maybe I will too. There are people out there on the interwebs that haven’t figured out that I’m in charge of this blog yet.

Maybe you all think I’m just the dumb girlfriend that’s helping a brotha out by doing these posts. I’ve often thought about this. You know what?

I’m smart, damn smart.

I am not an attention seeker. Some are. Some people want everyone to feel sorry for their lots in life.

I have lived through abuse, poverty, parents that really fucking needed to get divorced, alcoholism, neglect, and indifference.

I’ve never had children, but I’ve got nieces and nephews. Some of them, I actually grew up with. I really feel for the Moms and Dads that have children with special needs. I actually knew a few.

One girl in elementary school for instance. Her name was Caroline.

Not very many kids would make friends with her. Know why? Was she kind of scary?

Yes she was.

Her Mother, and I use that term very, very loosely, set her on fire. Set her on fire. Think about that. Luckily, she survived, but she was made fun of.

This was in this the 70’s. The only kids that would befriend her, were the “popular” kids, that wanted her to scare all the other kids that “they” didn’t like.

Just think if this wonderfully smart girl, and I will not say she was pretty, because she wasn’t, but just think if …just think if she might have a blog.

I hope she does, and…I hope I find it some day.

I guess what I’m trying to say, none of you, and I mean none of you have it worse than anyone else. 

Now that I’ve thought about Caroline, I’m crying. I haven’t thought about her in years. I hope and pray that’s she is ok.

So, if you think you’re having have a suckfest in life…think again.

As I mentioned, Caroline with all of her tell-tale scars of a burnt past, would still go public, unlike you anonymous fucks who hide behind your own scabs.



Anonymous said...

Another spot-on post, keep up the good work!

Jay said...

For most people on social media it's all about "My life sucks and I'm such a victim" or "I'm better than you and let me brag about all this great shit."

And anonymity is for pussies. And almost completely impossible.

Jay said...

Your blog post was so nice, I commented twice. ;-)

sybil law said...

People are completely delusional, and can be total douchebags. Anonymity is sooo cowardly.
Fuck them.

MysteryChick said...

You've made many good points sistah. No matter how bad you think you might have it someone else has it worse. Cheery thought isn't it? I do try to think that when I feel myself slipping into pity party mode.

(Why is blogger messing with my comment?)

Mike said...


That needs to be in bigger type.

IWS Radio said...

Does somebody have angers? Cheers!!


Phfrankie Bondo said...

The Dumb Girlfriends would be a (honestly, so-so) name for a band.

Knight said...

Jeez, what happened? I bitch on my blog. That's what it is there for. It's not all it's there for though. I've had some anon trolls come around once or twice. It only makes me feel sorry for how cowardly they are.

Beth said...

Rich: Thank you, I'm glad you are commenting now;)

Jay: You are so right my friend. If you're going to blog, twit or whatever, show yourself. Jeez.

Sybil: I agree. I will reiterate your comment. Fuck them.

Beth said...

Mike: We need a billboard made with that phrase.

Phfrankie: Once again, you put everything into prespective!

Matt: Ha! Well I didn't when I sat down to write this, but oh well. Love you.

Beth said...

Knight: Oh nothing happened honey! I just got to thinking about these things, and dammit, it pissed me off;)

Anonymous said...

I have found that the most hateful people on the planet are too cowardly to be so to one's face.
I've felt the brunt of hatred a few times and it hurt my feelings at first before I realized...those haters are people I don't/wouldn't like anyway.
I am one of those people others really, REALLY like/love or one others really, REALLY do NOT like at ALL.

I do like YOU, tho, Lady ;)
Ame in TN

Michele said...

The few trolls that I've had on my blog have been from those who sign their comments "anonymous". It's a cowardly thing to do. If you want to say something just say it and if it's important to you put your damn name to it!

Beth said...

Ame: I'm the same way. Sometimes you've just got to say, fuck it, and go on. I like you too, a lot;)

Michele: No kidding! Why the hell comment, snarky or not, if you aren't going to own it.

fourdinners said...

I would like to say, anonymously, that I agree with every word!

Beth said...

Four: Thank you! I hope you are well;)

David said...

Great post - I feel so sad for that poor girl. and yes, a lot of people suck

As for me, I have as many troubles as anyone else but I choose to try to stay as positive as possible and regarding social media - I refuse to be "friends" with people who are constantly negative. I'm a good friend that some one can confide in but when it is daily whining, I don't need that to drag me down to their misery.