Friday, July 15, 2011

John Kasich on Abortion: I Want Your Fetus!!


“Ohio would become the 40th state to ban post viability abortions if Governor John Kasich approves legislation passed by the Senate on Wednesday.”

This is what I got slapped with in the local section of the Bagwine News and Sun.

What the mother fucking fuck?

I’m real sorry if anyone takes offense to what I’m about to say. If you do? Fine. I’d really like some debate on this fucktard move.

What would you consider “post viability.” Is it at conception, as a lot of people will tell you, that is when life begins? You know, sperm meeting egg.

Is it ok then, if a WOMAN decides to take Plan B, when she is pretty damn certain her birth control has failed?

Or is it when the WOMAN DECIDES her fucking self to terminate, but, get this, has to hear the heartbeat first? Well, then she’s denied.

Is it ok if a WOMAN was raped, ended up pregnant, and made the decision to abort?

“Kasich is considered likely to sign the bill, although, he has not said for certain.”

“The Senate voted 22-7 with all opposition from Democrats”. This of course, means nothing to me. The fact that this issue is even up for debate fucks me up.

“Senator Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering said that the legislation would prohibit the abortions of about 200 babies a year. No one can call these babies fetuses or potential life.”

“Sometimes the determination of the pregnancy is a few weeks off.”

What the fuck ever. 

Do I condone having an abortion at 12, 18, or 20 weeks? No, not really. You could’ve figured it out a hell of a lot earlier than that.

What I can’t, and I won’t condone, is the federal or state government telling me what I can do with my own body.

Jesus Fucking Christ, do you want to take away my right to vote?

Well, I’m telling you assholes…you can have it, ‘cause evidently it isn‘t doing me any good.



Jay said...

Silly girl! Don't you know that women can't be trusted with their own uterus! Old white men MUST make all your decisions for you and the govt MUST control your baby makin' facilities. Because they've been directed by GAWD to do so.

IWS Radio said...

Your womb is sexy. Cheers!!


Phfrankie Bondo said...

Would more than one uterus be called uteri?

Beth said...

Jay: You're right. What was I thinking. Soon I won't even be allowed to think for myself:)

Matt: You are one sick fuck, you know that, right?

Phfrankie: Yes.

Knight said...

I find it comforting that I have no say over my womb. I'm incapable of making my own decisions so it's really in the best interest of the country that someone else tells me what to do with my own body. Preferably someone with crazy religious ideals that have nothing to do with me. That's the ticket.

Beth said...

Knight: I find your conformity comforting, or something;) Jay was right though. Old white men making the decision for us. I'd like to see how these men would act if it was there "manhood" in question.

MysteryChick said...

Grrrr! Soon, none of us will be able to leave the house without an act of Congress.

Mike said...

Don't forget your burka.

Beth said...

Chick: No shit. I'm sorry, but I just can't abide by this fuckery. Even if it's just on my blog, I've got to voice my opinion. While I still have one.

Mike: I've been searching on line for one. I just don't care for the styles they are offering;)

Four Dinners said...

As a my opinion anyroad...;-)

Women get pregnant and carry the baby.

Men don't.

I would never dare to suppose that my opinion, as a man, carries any weight.

The choice can only be made by the woman carrying the baby/fetus/child

Even as a slightly dumb man I can understand the concept of 'personal' and let's face doesn't get more 'personal' than having a 'life' inside your body!

Whatever 'my' views....and they are pretty much as you say HAS to be a womans right without interference from men.

All we get is the joy of 'gas and air' as 'our' baby is born...well I did anyroad...

Good stuff is gas and air...;-)

A womans body belongs to HER.

HER call. End of.

4D x

Anonymous said...

Eventually government will determine everything for us. Freewill will become a thing of the past and it will be up to the non-conformists to save the country.

The whole prohibition thing should've told them we don't want them telling us what we can\can't do. Big brother indeed...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dana said...

Generally, post viability is after 5 months, but a blanket "There will be no abortions after 5 months" statement is still a very bad idea.

Beth said...

Four: Well said my good man! You should write my posts;)

Rich: Oh I know, next they're going to tell us we can't smoke in our own homes. Oh, wait...

Dana: I agree.