Monday, July 18, 2011

He Said...She Said

A conversation between Matt-Man and myself from Friday…

Matt-Man: So Schmoop…I shaved my goat off, but it was an assident.

Schmoop: So you say. It looks…ok.

Matt-Man: It’ll all be back in a couple of days. I’ll take vitamins and hold my breath.

Schmoop: No need my good man. It’ll be back in, oh…twelve hours. You Mahoney’s are a hairy bunch. Including you sisters!

Matt-Man: Ha…Well just one of them; the other is fairly smooth…I mean…not that I know that intimately.

Schmoop: Ewwwww…I know both of your sisters, and well…ewwwwww.

Matt-Man: As much as you and I don’t like her, the younger one brought us together. Yet one more reason to hate her.

Schmoop: True dat, my friend, true dat. I didn’t always dislike her immensely. For real, she used to be my “friend”. Bitch can deep fry anything.

Matt-Man: And now…Although she is my sister, I wish she’d deep fry her head. Kidding of course…sorta.

Schmoop: HA! OMFG! That is way too funny. Too bad no one knows her like we do. Seriously, I love your entire family.

Matt-Man: That makes one of us.

Schmoop: Marty, Denny, Vince. Ok, maybe not Vince. That dude is a train wreck. In a good way…

Matt-Man: They are the bomb. John and Phil were too. Steve is amusing and a great artist, but eh? Sex tonight?

Schmoop: You know it. Oh, and pizza.

Matt-Man: Agreed…We are sooooooo deep, but the pizza is thin and oh so good.

Schmoop: Where’s the oregano?

Matt-Man: It’s on the tip of my---

Schmoop: Shut your mouth!!

Anyhoo…Check out the I’m Stupid Radio Show from Saturday right here: 

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio

It was hilarious and also very touching right at the end, as they gave a shout out to everyone’s friend Average Chick as she deals with a complicated pregnancy.


Jayman and Matt-Man will no doubt re-create that Midas touch Monday at 11 AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio, so catch their show HERE, as they defile FOX News, the U.S. Women’s Soccer team, and...

Talk about the fact that Marcus Bachmann is allegedly gay.

Until tomorrow…My uterus is bleeding, but I have a song in my heart, and say unto you…



Mike said...

"Where’s the oregano?"

And you could have said 'I got your red sauce right here'.

Jay said...

Oh man. I can't comment after Mike's comment. That was so EWWWWWWWW.



IWS Radio said...

Mike: Y'know Mike...You were never this crass until you started listening to IWS...We Like it.

He's a un-hot mess Jay.

And Schmoop? Even with a gutted stomach and a black eye...YOU ARE ONE HOT MESS!! Cheers Baby!!


Beth said...

Mike: I can always count on you, to, um, turn my stomach!

Jay: I concur.

Matt: You've corrupted my Mike!! I am outraged! Thanks. At least I'm back at work, and hopefully won't injure myself.