Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

I would like to dedicate this post to a friend.

At least, I hope he is my friend. You never know about this guy. He is very shy, and unassuming. Just an all around vapid quiet man.

I personally think he is fucking hilarious, and when I’m producing the radio show, I’m With Stupid, full time, he will be the featured guest. Alas, he will have to wait.

Did I just say producing? Well, yeah, but I do have to get permission from the hosts.

They love me, um…I think. It wouldn’t be actual producing per say, just thoughts, and, uh…shit. Ok, never mind.

He will only get to be the featured guest in my mind. (although he should be, just sayin‘).

Anyhoo…I love him, and his wife when she graces the show with her presence.

Will I reveal the source of this friend? Stay tuned.

Just kidding, lol.

This person is…Dour Mike from St. Louis!!! Yay!

His blog site is, Billions of Visions of Normal. I haven’t commented yet, because I just discovered it, but it’s a funny blog. So go there, now! I have commanded you.

Did that work? It better have.

Because if you don’t do my bidding, I’ll sick the Leprechauns on you. Yeah, I’ve got that kind of power, and these dudes are fucking scary. Pot of gold? Puhleeeeze. They will cut a bitch.

So there you go pretty people. Check the man out.



IWS Radio said...

Mike in St. Louis. Hmm .. Mike ... Mike ... *shakes head* Sorry, never heard of him. Friend of yours? ;-)

- Jay

Mike said...

HEY! Featured!! What do I win? A bottle of WIR? Maybe even two bottles!

Am I going to have to keep typing to where it will take someone 15 mintues to read my comment? No can do.

Knight said...

I heart me some Dour Mike!

Beth said...

Jay: Ha! Yes he is.

Mike: I don't recommend the WIR, how about some Mad Dog? Don't worry about the 15 minutes, I know how busy you are;)

Knight: He's great!

IWS Radio said...
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IWS Radio said...

It's a good thing we are on Saturdays at 6:30 PM Eastern time, because by 6:30 PM Central time, Mike is in bed. Zoooooves!!


Beth said...

Matt: True dat, my friend, true dat!

Mike said...

Hey, I can stay up as long as I nee..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Beth said...

Mike: Ha! Hell I've been know to go to bed at 6:30 some nights. Ok, most nights;)

Anonymous said...

Gah! Thanks alot, Beth I REALLY did need yet another funny blog to read to keep me from doing housework and such.
Actually, I really did. Now I can purge some of the not-so-funny-anymore blogs.
No, I don't mean you, ha!
Ame in TN

Beth said...

Ame: Thanks! Glad I could help!