Friday, July 29, 2011

A Post About Nothing

This post will be short and sweet. Ok, not really sweet, but really short. Or something.

I don’t have any rainbow, sunshine, unicorns flying out of my butt posts left in me this week. I apologize Jay, I know how you look forward to those.

What do I have, you may ask? Nothing. So today is a show about nothing. Get it? God you people are hard to please.

The voices in my head have told me to ask you for questions. I’m sure I’ve done this before, but like I said, I got nothing’, and the voices told me to.

Do not anger the voices, or so I’m told, um…by…the voices.

Actually, the reason I have nothing is because I am so looking forward to the weekend, when Matt-Man and I can actually spend more than ten minutes together.

You know…to talk and stuff. Well, more stuff than talking, but you catch my drift. I’m positively giddy!

Did you just call me a freak? No? Well, that’s what I “heard.” I can see you!

We literally see each other about thirty minutes during the Monday-Friday part of the week. It blows.

So ask away, and I will answer you in the comment. I’m not afraid of you. Um…I’m not.



IWS Radio said...

If you won the lottery, where would you take me for vacation?

Also, why didn't Got think to make a man's taint smell like chocolate chip cookie dough, and a woman's smell like bacon? That's a pretty obvious screw up, don't you think?

- Jay

Mike said...

You can spend more than 10 minutes with Matt-Man? Really!?

Beth said...

Jay: Ha! I would take you any where you wanted baby! You, I think you've got something there. I'll call God.

Mike: If you didn't already know this Mike...I drink. It's still rough somedays though;)

MysteryChick said...

How do blind people know when they're done wiping their ass?

Happy Friday!

Beth said...

Chick: Ha! Good one! I'll ask Dr. Google and get back with you;)

IWS Radio said...

Are you going to wash it up before I come home this evening? Zoves.


Beth said...

Matt: Well, since I have the car, let's just wait to see if you get home this evening;)

Phfrankie Bondo said...

How can you mend a broken heart?

Beth said...

Phfrankie: Watch Everybody Loves Raymond?