Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bipolar Hilarity

Now that I’m over my little tantrum about work, for now, we’ll move on. Thank you all for your “suggestions”.

I really don’t have much, I’ve been super busy not pushing “certain” people in front of buses. That’s hard work, yo!

Randomness will commence.

What the hell is up with the MDA? No Jerry Lewis this year? Just because he was going to retire after this year? 

So they say he can’t even sing whatever that song is that he sings? 

Also, only six hours this year? 

God, I do love the question mark.

He’s been doing this shit for 45 fucking years! Couldn’t they at least wait until he was dead?

Shit. I gotta watch that…

See, Matt-Man and my brother swear I killed Lee Marvin. All I said when we were talking about his movies, was that I thought he was dead. Well, he was…two days later.

If I had that kind of power, no one would be left! I’m not God people. Just God-like, Jeez.

I think I might be bipolar. So low, and angry yesterday, and so happy, and high today. Hmmmm…could also be PMS I suppose. What are you looking at? Are you judging me? Gee, you’re pretty ;)

Note to self…buy more beer.

That’s all I got. Have a good one pretty people, or you know, don’t.

One more thing, I may have been born at night, but it sure as fuck wasn’t last night.

Keep that in mind.

Damn, you’re all pretty. You suck!



IWS Radio said...

Oddly, I find your biploararity quite natural. Cheers!!


Mike said...

@Matt-man - And obviously entertaining.

Beth said...

Matt: I know how you suffer with my, umm...strangeness. You should win an award of some sort. I'm on it.

Mike: I do my best;)

MysteryChick said...

Oh dear, you really are my long lost sister!

More importantly, don't forget to buy beer.

Beth said...

Chick: Told ya! Don't worry, I'm headed there after work;)

David said...

I have long wished for the skill demonstrated by Steven King's Firestarter so when some idiot on the road does something stupid, I could set fire to their back seat and wait as hilarity ensues.....but....if you can will someone dead, I have a list of names. :-)