Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday, By the Numbers

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know that I am digging this Bagwine, Ohio weather.

Today, it’s going to be 46 F with 20 mph winds, and some rain. So very refreshing. Bleh.

But enough of my meteorological morass, I have a number of things on mind this morning so let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. I have had several new readers of late, and my Links That Make Me Drink is out of date and not so nifty lookin’.

I am going to fix that over the weekend. If you are not in my links, let me know and I shall gladly add your site…

Even if it means that I have to bump Jeff from the list.

There are a few lurkers on Bagwine Ruminations. Some folks swing by daily, yet do not leave a message or just say, “Hi”.

C’mon folks. Don’t be shy. Join the fun!!

3. This is my 734th post. Oddly, that is the same number of women I have slept with…or is that the number of times I have been turned down? I get confused.

4. If you’d like me to do a Blog-Fo-Mercial© like the one I posted yesterday, for your site, just let me know.

5. I spoke last weekend about Conan O’Brien stealing my material. I have now noticed other bloggers serving up sloppy seconds of my ideas of late.

Feel free to use my stuff folks, but some credit would be nice. M’kay!?

6. My site was reviewed earlier this week by some chick. A fellow reviewer of hers, left a remark in the comments section of that review.

It appears in my upper right sidebar. Ha. She has trouble figuring out what I am trying to say? I never realized I was so deep.

7. Schmoop just shaved her legs, which can mean only one of two things. Either I am gettin’ laid tonight or some dude I don’t know about is.

Ahhhhhh. I feel better now that I have tied up some loose ends and loose thoughts.

And now, our Bagwine Ruminations Comment of the Week…

We have our first repeat Mooo-er this week. This man has been on a roll all week, but he roped the COW for his comment yesterday.

Dana was thanking me for the Blog-Fo-Mercial, yesterday, and commented that she was off to take a shower.

I asked her if she, could pay me for my efforts by fantasizing of me while she showered. Jeff, of A Word in Edgewise, had something to say about that…

“Now I'm picturing Dana in the shower and that’s good, but then I realize she'll be picturing you in there too, and that's a bit disturbing this early in the morning.”

Please stop by Jeff’s site by clicking HERE and congratulate him on ropin’ yet another dogie.

I am off this morning to see my sarcastic Little Man. Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll see ya later today.



Leighann said...

You give Jeff an awful lot of attention. If you don't start sending me pics I might have to become offended!

Matt-Man said...

Leighann: Jeff is like a horrible car wreck. Hideous, yet I cannot turn away. Feel free to send the pics, though. Cheers!!

leelee said...

That Jeff is something alright.. his comments crack me up..they do...what can I tell you.

WTG Jeff.

Have a nice Saturday Matt..I'll think of you at the beach today..


Cheesy said...

734th?? Wow that's eeire.. same as the number of flights canceled yesterday....

WTG jeff..Sometimes the comments wind their way into a submerged post with a life all it's own!

If schmoop shaves~ and you pay~ IT'S A DATE!

Jeff B said...

Thanks my sticky legged friend. I'll get to work on building a bigger pasture for the herd.

I was very touched by the car wreck reference too.

Matt-Man said...

Leelee: Isn't that special? Another sun filled day at the Bea-otch for you. Why I Oughta...Cheers Lee!!

Cheesy: The comments. You guys make me look so good. Me pay? Oh, that's rich. Cheers!!

Jeff: Yep, my good man, you need to but some barbed now. I thought the car wreck thing was kinda warm. Congrats and Cheers!!

Dana said...

I'm just glad that Jeff didn't think picturing me in the shower was disturbing!

CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!! Stop and grope the udder!

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Who in their right mind would ever think that? Cheers Dana!!

Turnbaby said...

Methinks you and Jeff might have a little sumpin sumpin going on *giggling*

Odat said...

Happy rainy cold Saturday! Here too!

WTG Jeff!!! Sickos attract sickos...and I mean that in the best way!

As far as your review over there in the right hand corner...I just want to let you know that I have no problem nor am I distracted in figuring out what you have to say.......
Enjoy your time with Ryno.


Desert Songbird said...

So, I'm here. Not lurking. I'm commenting.

That Jeff - always ready with the quip. Congrats on his COW.

About your reviewer - I guess she's just not clever or bright enough to understand your political, cultural, and religious references. Her loss.

Have a great Saturday.

metalmom said...

OOOH! Matty and Jeff, sitting in a tree....k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

I'm not juvenile, just a little jealous!

Jay said...

Maybe people with limited mental capabilities shouldn't be reviewing blogs? Or at least not review the really complicated ones. Maybe you shouldn't use such big, fancy words?

Winter said...

That reviewer is hard to understand. How the hell can someone not get you? I agree with Jay. Limited ability to get it = should not do reviews, unless their job is to look moronic.

Congrats to Jeff on another fine COW!

As for you Matt... my fingers and toes are crossed that you're gettin' some! WOOT!

Matt-Man said...

TB: What the hell. I 'll take whatever I can get. Cheers!!

Odat: He is a sicko isn't he? It will warm up one of these days Odat. Cheers!!

Songbird: I wasn't talking about you, ya goof. Yeah, she doesn't strike as the brightest. Cheers!!

Matt-Man said...

Metal: Don't forget...Today at 3 PM. You, me, and sex. Cheers!!

Jay: Yeah, my talk about putting people into ice machines, lack of sex, and politics are pretty complicated to some. Cheers!!

Winter: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for wishing me the opportunity to have sex. Cheers!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I understand you completely Matt-Man. I think you do an outstanding job with your blog. I come here for an insane dose of funny every morning. How difficult is that to understand? Just saying.

That Jeff is quite the witty guy isn't he. Well deserved. Have a great weekend. :)

Matt-Man said...

Sandee: Thanks and yes, what the hell is so difficult to understand? Sheesh!! Cheers Sandee!!

VE said...

It's hard not to steal your material. I did do some political comedy once. I'm so sorry ;)

Matt-Man said...

VE: Ha. Like you need anybody's help being funny. Cheers!!

crazy working mom said...

I'll not succumb to those sloppy seconds that others are serving up. I come here to get it hot and fresh!

Have a great weekend. Now, I'm off to shave my legs. ;)

DutchBitch said...

Maybe she was just fed up with all the hair and looking forward to stroking her own legs all night tonight..

Matt-Man said...

CrAzY: Fresh, Hot, Leg Shaving? Oooo Weee. Your comment has it all. Yum. Cheers!!

DB: Thanks for bursting my bubble. You Lowlanders are so cruel. Cheers DB!!

Bond said...

Tell Schmoop I will be there a few minutes later than our planned upon 7:00 pm.

Matt-Man said...

Bond: Will do Vinny. She loves when you come around to have your toenails painted and hair done.

She always tells me that you are the little sister that she never had. Cheers!!

Another Desert Rat said...

I'm actually a bit confused by your reviewer's review - distracted? What the hell is she doing while she's reading? Chewing gum? (Maybe that explains it...)

I find your posts imminently readable, understandable, and thought-provoking (especially the half-naked ones: deep, deep thoughts...)

Did Schmoop do her armpits, too? I mean if it's legs AND armpits that could mean some serious action!

Congrats to Jeff on his COW! Remember "Great Cheese Comes From Happy Cows!"

Have a terrific weekend!

Mo said...

Here's a comment, not a lurk.
Don't have much to say
but thought I'd not be a jerk.

Starrlight said...

That reviewer needs more help than your layout ever could. I used to find it funny watching people who thought they were smarter than they actually are. Now I just find it kinda sad and a reflection on our edumacation sistem.

And if I steal and don't credit betch slap me!

Grats to Jeff, I did dig that comment. Hope the pain of that psychic threesome has subsided Jeff!

Matt-Man said...

Desert Rat: Yeah, so was I. I mean how nebulous can one be when talking about wanting to eat a North Korean or reversing his circumcision? HA. Great Cheese...Cheers!!

Mo: Oh you. Have a lovely Saturday, Mo-Man. Cheers!!

Starr: I think she was distracted by the hot pics of me on the sidebars. And you, can take from me whatever you'd like. Cheers!!

Marilyn said...

She's just distracted by the half-nakedness... like the rest of us.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sounds like a normal Matt-Man Saturday to me.

jennifer said...


Well, you said I HAD to say it!

I'm a big fan of Jeff's too. Just something about that guy........ big talker though, hard to get a word in edgewise.

Hope that visit with you son is fun. Have a nice weekend!


Sassy Mama Bear said...

I'm not lurking you goon, I am a very busy chick who should be I really need to figure out what it takes to get a peach and a COW, I apparently have no talent in either area.

Kimmie said...

Well, it sounds like you will and have had a very busy day...and if you are lucky, it will continue into the night! Smooch shaving her legs is a good sign I take it, eh? LOL! ;-)

Jeff is a very funny guy, he so deserves your AWARD...his comment made me laugh...OUT LOUD!!! Congratulations Jeff!

Have a great weekend!

Jeff B said...

Had to come back by and say thank you to all of you guys. My head is starting to swell from all the warmth...(my ego's getting a boost too)

It's just fun just playing along with the rest of you.

and Dana, consider the udder groped! Sha-winggg

Lu' said...

I stopped by Jeff's the other day for the first time. Just so happened to be the day he posted all the pictures of those beautiful desserts. Nice work. I had to run out to
Turkey Hill and settle for a Tasty Cake :)

Scout's Honor said...

I'm so distracted by your reviewer's commenter's distractedness that I am clueless what she was saying...or what I am saying for that matter.

Call me distracted, but I get you...'cept for that cheers part.

Travis said...

Congrats on post #734!

**tosses shredded copies of Newsweek and BBQ peanuts**

What? I checked the Bloggosphere Milestone Celebration manual, and that's the standard celebratory offering for 734 posts.

You know me, I like to follow a structured set of rules for these things.


cathy said...

Booze,Sex,Food,Song and irreverent fun... If you don't "get it" you're probably dead! Serves you right for getting reviewed by a zombie, LOL.

Me I'd rather have a "Blog-Fo-Mercial©". Damned if I know what you'd say about my poor neglected patch of the blogsphere though.

Cheers matt, have a great weekend:)

Matt-Man said...

Thanks to all of you for the comments. I have been running around so I haven't been able to keep up with your comments.

Thanks for stopping and I wasn't referring to any of you as the lurkers. Cheers All!!

The Absurdist said...

OOOO I am already on your list! I feel so honored!

Matt-Man said...

Abs: Bully for you. Cheers!!

Ginormous Boobs said...

So how was your wife's tryst last night with the mystery man?

Akelamalu said...

Jeff recommended his readers visit you so here I am. I like your style!

Matt-Man said...

GB: I dunno, but she's not my wife GB. We live in sin. Cheers!!

Akelamu: Well thanks alot. Jeff is a good man. Thanks and Cheers!!