Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oktoberfest In Bagwine Is Here...Willkommen!!

Guten Tag und Wie Geht’s, Bitches!!

It’s going to be a glorious day. Oktoberfest has come to Bagwine!!

That’s right jungen und m├Ądchen, my brother Marty and his uber-lovely wife are throwing an Oktoberfest bash today at their palatial estate.

It’ll be like partying the afternoon away in Berchtesgaden. Well, except we won’t be surrounded by Nazis, unless of course, my brother John shows up. I mean, while his last name is of course Mahoney, it may as well be Goebbels.

Kidding of course…I kid because I love.

Okay, he did throw one of my sisters up against the wall once because she woke him from his nap, but hey…what’s a little happy horseplay amongst siblings?

I do love drinking some brew ha ha’s with my family. They are all incredibly rude, infantile, and over the top with their caustic wits. It will be wunderbar.

Plenty of food, beer, laughs, and tom foolery. And…

I’m taking the R-Man with me.

While I am first and foremost Ryno’s dad, he is next to Schmoop, my very best friend, and we never stop laughing when we are together in situations like this.

Uncle Marty will be giving him Oktoberfest shit all day, and Ryno will be giving it right back. Good times…good times.

I am a little bummed that Marty couldn’t get the Pope to stop by. It would have been way cool having Blitzkrieg Benny give the Oktoberfest Benediction.

He could stand over a stein of beer, and while wearing his big, holy, iron cross, wail on about strength through joy, and then pontificate about the irony of him leading a church that is based upon the teachings of a long haired Jew boy, whom if he had met in 1944 he would have shot in his Heeb head with his Luger.

Oh the hilarity that would ensue. But alas…Benny can’t make it.

Anyhoo…The get-together should be a gas…or should I say, a mustard gas. Ha!!

Another positive on this Oktoberfest day? The weather is going to be nice, and since I am not picking up Ryno until this afternoon, I can watch all of the Fox and Friends weekend show, and you know what that means…

That’s right.

Three whole hours of drooling and fantasizing about the love of my life…Alisyn Camerota. Purrrrrr.

Look at that sick and twisted tongue on her. Alisyn…Ich liebe Dich.

Have a wonderful Saturday all, and of course…

Cheers, Prost, and Hau weg den Scheiss!!


Mrs. D said...

Love the Deutsche sayings!

An Oktoberfest sounds great. Beer, brats, and kraut= YUM. I live in a heavily German area and at local festivals they serve krautballs (ha ha, I am serious! They look like hushpuppies.) And they are AWESOME.

Matt-Man said...

Mrs. D: Mmmmm, that sounds good. I love kraut, and who doesn't love beer and brats? Idiots, that's who!! (Sorry Michele)

Have a wunnerful weekend. I'll make certain to take a number of compromising pictures at the shin dig. Cheers D!!

Jay said...

Maybe you can get the Pope to tape a video message for you guys? I can see it now. The Pope, sitting in a room made of solid marble, surrounded by the most priceless artifacts the world has ever known, wearing his Triregnum on his head, The Ring of the Fisherman on his hand and holding the Papal Cross, made of solid gold and accessorized with precious stones, could deliver a message about the evils of excess and pursuit of wealth. It will be a great video. ;-)

katherine. said...

have a festive time with the fam....hopefully Ryno can drive you home....

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Haha...You a funny man, funny man. Don't be dissin' Benny and his Spartan existence. Cheers Jay!!

Kat: No need. I'll behave. Cheers Kat!!

Scott Oglesby said...

Looks like it’s a weekend for drunken revelry for us all. The Fountain of Wine is this weekend in Cadiar as well. I’ll probably stick to cervaza though; if you have more than one Dixie cup of that rotgut red, you will find your lower intestines floating in the toilet the following morning. None of that thick Germen beer for me either. I like my beer the way I like my women; thin and potent. So have fun and enjoy great food, family, fun, and frolics. Oh and have fun with Cameltoe!

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Rotgut Red? Sounds like Wild Irish Rose!! I am going to have to check into that and make a trip. I like thin beer as well. Not a big dark beer fan. Have a good time this weekend. Cheers Scott!!

David said...

Sounds like great fun in Bagwine this weekend.

And btw-

>>Guten Tag und Wie Geht’s, Bitches!!

That should be "bitches and bastards". Hey bitch, I'm nobody's bitch!

Cheers Matt-Man

Starrlight said...

Beer holidays are my favorite =)

Matt-Man said...

David: Never worry about that. Where I am concerned, "bitches" is a term of endearment regardless of gender. Cheers David!!

Starr: What's not to like? Just like Bagwine, everything goes better with beer. Cheers Starr, and thanks for the picture!!