Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: In An Unguarded Moment

It’s going to be a cold, yet sunny Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio today. So my 11-7 stint at the Beer Mine won’t be completely torturous.

In fact working will help to get my mind off of something. Something that just kinda came up, and has made me very sad and somber.

I am a bit afraid to publish a poem I wrote about it, but eh, damn the embarrassment of my stupid poem and just get it out there I say.

It’s the only way I know to get my feelings out without fricking bawling. Yeah, I said that. So here ya go...

We rang the New Year in together,
With open hearts and a good dry wine.

We sang, and laughed, and cheered together,
At the football games and to hopeful times.

Still warm in the glow of Christmas lights,
We smiled, we loved, we played.

But as people removed their tinsel and lights,
You became cold, and distant, and gray.

I had hoped it would be different this time,
And we could overcome our dislike.

I tried this year to give you time,
But in anger said, “Take a Hike.”

I’m glad you’re leaving…I’m not ashamed,
For you my dear January are a lousy month, and I hold you in great disdain.

Good Riddance January. Tomorrow we begin February. A great month which includes, my Birthday…the Super Bowl, and most importantly…

It's one month closer to Spring.

Amen, and Amen!!

Enjoy your Sunday and your last day of this God forsaken month, all.



Desert Rat said...

February! Already!?

January is a great month in Phoenix. Nice temps during the day, not ridiculously cold at night. People actually mow their lawns on the weekend (I know, that seems terribly wrong, but there it is...)

I can actually get into my car without burning my hand on the seatbelt or the steering wheel. The cat's frisky, and my shoes don't melt onto the pavement. Yes, January is good...

But, February is good, too! ;-D

Matt-Man said...

Rat: Why are you peeing on my barbecue? Have a wunnerfual Sunday, Rat. Cheers!!

Mike said...

January is named after Janus, the god of the doorway. The doorway to the rest of the year. So be happy. The rest of the year is coming. It's a time of ..... Who am I kidding. It's %$@#*$% cold.

3 Men and a Lady said...

Yeah January is sucky. February kind of is, too. But luckily it's shorter.

Scott Oglesby said...

That was heartfelt, soulful and beautiful Matt….I almost wept into my first cuppa coffee.

It’s my birthday this month too so we’ll have to share the strippers….or photos of strippers… I meant photos of cake. BTW, if you are a Pisces too, it would go a long way to explaining our similar personalities.

I know that this calendar year and this age year is going to be the best one ever, for both of us!

Knight said...

Wait, when did January happen? I missed the whole thing! Must have slept through it.

Jeff B said...

Her close friends would say Jan is a poor misunderstood month. Screw them I say, she's nothing but a cold hearted bitch. there's a month. Short on days but long on spelling weirdness.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Ha. I like how you try to find the silver lining albeit failing and sucumbing to the cold, hard truth. Cheers Mike!!

Lady: Yeah, February is proof positive that sometimes, shorter is better. Cheers D!!

Scott: I hope you are right. My birthday is next Sunday so no sir, I am an Aquarius. wec an still share the strippers and the booze though. Cheers Scott!!

Matt-Man said...

Knight: I can't see how you could have slept through anything seeing how you're up at 4:19 A.M. Good to see ya. Cheers Knight!!

Jeff: Ha. What? You don't like months that contain an "r" in the middle of the name that no one but freaks pronounce? Cheers Jeff!!

Dianne said...

lovely poem Matty
calendars all over are weeping as their pages are turned

February is a bit better than January - it's shorter at least

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: I thought it to be quite touching, melancholy, and heartfelt. I enjoy showing my softer side. Cheers Di!!

David said...

Good riddance to January - It has no socially redeeming value, or some such claptrap.

Matt-Man said...

David: After New Year's Day it has absolutely nothing to offer, than heartache. Cheers David!!

Doc said...

Amen... You are such a wordsmith!

Matt-Man said...

Doc: Many people refer to me as, "Alfred, Lord Mattyson." Okay maybe I 'm the only one who refers to myself as that. Cheers Doc!!

Micky-T said...

It's 11 months to 11, when we'll see her again.

bobbybegood1 said...

Nice poem Matt. Although I don't like the beat up on January. Lovely month, just beautiful!! But wow! -- seems like it was over before it started. The months I can't stand are July and August (dog days). The heat ain't fo me. I enjoy more temperament weather -- Spring, Autumn. You have a nice day, and don't drink too much. Beerbellys ain't attractive in summer.

Matt-Man said...

Micky: I say we revert to only having 11 months and start things off in February. Cheers Mick!!

Bobby: I dig July and August. The hotter the better; I love to sweat, and since I'm nearly completely bald, my hair is unaffected by the humidity. Cheers BBG!!

Jay said...

January disgusts me. It can kiss my ass.

Great poem though! ;-)

Dice Mardell said...

crap. the lovely, heart-felt, unabashed bearing of my soul - damn the embarassment - post I composed didn't even upload as far as I can tell.

well, now you'll never know what it said because it was too long and drawn out for me to repeat.

suffice it to say, "you got me" with this one M2. I have been "January Fooled".
...and I'm glad Schmoop and Corky are okay.

Four Dinners said...


Just posted about church and poems and stuff....

Welcome to the Twilight Zone....;-)

Matt-Man said...

Jay: It simply has no redeeming qualities once NY Day is over with. Cheers Jay!!

Dice: Hee Hee. Sorry 'bout that. To make up for it, if and when you do ever stop by, I'll cook you something extra special. Cheers Dice!!

Four Dinners: How about that? Of course, you're a Twilght Zone kinda guy. Cheers FD!!

The Covert Lover said...

Hey now, there's no need to bash *my* birthday month!
Although it was a pretty crappy and COLD month, and I too am glad to see it gone.

Matt-Man said...

Covert: Well Happy Belated B-Day Hot Stuff. Here's to moving on down the year. Cheers!!