Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: The Jonas Brothers Define Football and Life

This is it. That’s all there is. There isn’t anymore.

It all comes down to this frozen day in the early part of January. I, the Matt-Man, in spite of my personal ineptness, have managed to make it to the Championship Game.

What Championship Game, you ask.?

The infinite, the penultimate, the Super Bowl of Fantasy Football. And I …must…win.

My good friend Jay put together an ESPN Fantasy Football League. As I did last year, I took advantage of the offer to participate.

My team, on the sarcastic advice of my son was named, The Jonas Brothers.

Like last year, I assembled a team of average receivers, less than average running backs, and no outstanding tight end.

The Jonas Brothers were set for fantasy gridiron action.

I do have Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub so I have a couple of good quarterbacks, and a great kicker in Ryan Longwell, but that’s it.

I figured I’d be “okay”, but I knew my team would soon fade ’neath the rush of teams with extraordinary talent.

I was wrong…My team, made up of relatively “average” guys, has made it to the Championship game.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some players that are considered pretty good, but they're not the cell phone calling, butt shaking touchdown dance, household name kinda of guys that you see on TV on sometimes.

I have played all year with a bunch of guys who just do their jobs. Who instead of thinking, “can’t wait to perform my next TD dance”, think of the next catch, and the next game, and their next job.

My team has made it with the likes of Pierre Thomas who is no Adrian Peterson. With Roddy White who is no Terrell Owens, and with Kellen Winslow, Jr. who is no Tony Gonzalez.

Win or lose today, and whether you follow football or not, this a lesson we should all take heed.

Even if you’re not the best, or the flavor of the month...Keep plugging away, because you may eventually reach the pinnacle.

Ha. I find it funny that Fantasy Football in this post seems important, but whatever it takes, I guess. Sometimes we all find lessons in the silliest things. At least I did.

Amen, and Amen.



Anonymous said...

You're like a philosophy guru anymore, lol ;-)

My husband used to be in a FF league and to this day I STILL don't understand how it works. It confuses the hell out of me.

I'm glad the Jonas Bros have made it to the top. They should b/c that's the best name ever.

Anonymous said...

This and your last post, as funny as you can be I like this side, too. Glad for you and Schmoop...

Scott Oglesby said...

Congratulations and good luck! I only hope that there is a ‘pot sweetener’ and I don’t mean adding Sweet and Low to the bong water.

I know that I am biased but my favorite NFL player, if not athlete of the last decade has been Hines Ward. He’s just a little tough guy who loves to play; the freaking guy loves to block linebackers for Christ sakes. I’ll never forget 2 or 3 years ago when he almost knocked Ray Lewis out cold. It’s all about heart baby.

For your sake I hope that Peyton is playing today….I’m not sure, but good luck!!

Matt-Man said...

Lady: Jay set our league up where it isn't complicated at all. The Jonas Brothes name strikes fear into opposing teams. Cheers D!!

Hope: Well thanks. I have my more lucid moments. Not often, but I have them. Cheers Hope!!

Scott: My reward came in our league's final "regular season" game. My game ended in a tie which kept Jay's team out of the Championship bracket. Hee Hee.

I'm no Steelers fan but I do dig Hines Ward for the very reasons you mentioned. Manning will be sitting out. No biggie, I am 2-0 this year when starting Schaub. Cheers Scott!!

Michele said...

I stopped reading after "no outstanding tight end" because I'm shallow like that.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: Ha. Shallow or not, you're pretty damn funny. Cheers Michele!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...It's Joe Montana or nothin' for me....

Candice said...

Jonas Brothers. HAHAHAHA That's funny right there.

Good luck today!

Dianne said...

let's hear it for the worker bees!!
always my favorite players
I despise millionaire divas in shoulder pads although they do have a certain comedic value

great post Matty, good luck in the Championship game
break a ball - or whatever it is they say

Matt-Man said...

P-Man: Joe was the man. Cheers P-Man!!

Candice: Ha. My son is a chip off the ol' block. Cheers Candice!!

Dianne: Thank you for your wish of breaking my ball. Cheers Di!!