Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Matt-Man: Yeah, I Like That...

Last week, I posted a partial list of things I hate. Today?

I am writing about things that I like, things that bring me joy.

My dad, in his book Credo, wrote a poem about things that were pleasing to him. It was titled, Personal Choices and one of the verses went like this…

I like

the serenity of old battlefields
short sermons,
and chores well done.

©1981 Jack Mahoney

I decided to list some of the things that I like, using the same poetic form that Dad used in that very poem…

I like,

Fernleaf Buckthorns, brash, red geraniums,
white Dogwoods anchored in black mulch,
and the delicate, pink blooms on Scottish Heather.

I like,

the pre-dawn aria of the mourning dove,
the clickity-clack of an archaic timepiece,
and the seductive sadness in the voice of Chrissie Hynde.

I like,

footlong chili dogs, cheeseburgers rare,
lima beans and scalloped corn,
and BLTs heavy on the bacon.

I like,

the warmth and closeness of my son’s embrace,
a cool breeze in August, the January thaw,
and goosebumps germinated by the heat and moisture of a loved one’s kiss.

I like,

the smell of a backyard cookout,
the scent of fresh cut Christmas trees,
and the aroma of basil on pizza fresh from the oven.

I like,

poems by Tennyson, Donne, and Dylan Thomas,
the honest comedy of Chris Rock,
and drinking Wild Irish Rose from a knowing, old, beer glass.

©2010 Matt-Man

Yeah, I like that, and I hope you liked it too.

Happy Hump Day, all.



Michele said...

My favorite is the second from the last. I love basil...on anything!

Matt-Man said...

Michele: Yeah, I dig Basil. It smells good while in the oven as well. Cheers Michele!!

Jay said...

I'm no expert on poetry, but that's some pretty damn good writing there buddy.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Why thank ya. Sometimes it just kinda rolls easily. This was one of those rare times. Thanks again, and Cheers Jay!!

Anonymous said...

You have a way with words, like your dad. Nice work.

Dana said...


That is all ...

Matt-Man said...

D: Why thanks D...Now come back to the internets. Or not. Whatever feels "right". Cheers D!!

Dana: What does that mean? Does it mean you liked it, or that you think I'm a moron? Cheers Dana!!

Mike said...

I think I can predict Dana's answer. It would be 'yes'.

Now let's talk about the failure to mention Schmoobies only to be compensated for by mentioning BACOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Ha...I didn't mention Schmoobies but I did mention goosebumps. Cheers Mike!!

Jeff B said...

The word eloquent comes to mind.

Nicely done.

Scott Oglesby said...

I like...

When you share your fathers exceptional poetry with me and the rest of the unwashed masses.

MysteryChick said...


Beth said...

Beautiful, as always.

Matt-Man said...

Jeff: That may be the first time anyone has said that about anything I have written. Thanks. Cheers Jeff!!

Scott: Thanks, now go take a shower. Cheers Scott!!

Chick: Why thank ya kind lady. Cheers Chick!!

Matt-Man said...

Schmoop: Thanks Sexy. See what happens when I take an hour to write something rather than my usual twenty minutes? ; ) Zoves and Cheers Schmoop!!

Raquel's World said...

Love the part about the warmness of your sons hug. Sweet.

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: I have my tender moments. Actually, far more often than people realize. Cheers Roc!!

Candice said...

A cool breeze in August? Is that even possible?

Matt-Man said...

Candice: It's incredibly rare, that's why I like it so much. Cheers Candice!!

The Dish said...

Not only did I like it, I loved it! You wordsmith, you.

But the heather thing is kind of gay.

David said...

Nice poetry there Matt-Man.

I would bet the farm on the idea that there is nothing you love more in this whole wide world more than eating pussy other than loving Ryno.

Matt-Man said...

Dish: Ha. I dig heather. It's a cool, tough plant that is also nice looking. Y'know, like me. Cheers Dish!!

David: Well that was kinda rude. Not altogether untrue, but rude. Hee. Cheers David!!

David said...

This "rude" you speak that a good thing or a bad thing?

Matt-Man said...

David: I like rude. Cheers David!!