Saturday, August 07, 2010

2010 Pre-Season NCAA Football Rankings: Holy Mary, Mother of God...

The 2010 Preseason USA Today/Coaches’ Poll was recently released…

1. Alabama (55) 14-0 1,469 1

2. Ohio State (4) 11-2 1,392 5
3. Florida 13-1 1,245 3
4. Texas 13-1 1,240 2
5. Boise State 14-0 1,215 4
6. Virginia Tech 10-3 1,052 10
7. TCU 12-1 1,051 6
8. Oklahoma 8-5 1,035 NR
9. Nebraska 10-4 1,001 14
10. Iowa 11-2 952 7
11. Oregon 10-3 940 11
12. Wisconsin 10-3 778 16
13. Miami (Fla.) 9-4 728 19
14. Penn State 11-2 508 8
15. Pittsburgh 10-3 492 15
16. LSU 9-4 476 17
17. Georgia Tech 11-3 455 13
18. North Carolina 8-5 445 NR
19. Arkansas 8-5 438 NR
20. Florida State 7-6 374 NR
21. Georgia 8-5 312 NR
22. Oregon State 8-5 263 NR
23. Auburn 8-5 260 NR
24 (tie). West Virginia 9-4 169 22
24 (tie). Utah 10-3 169 18

Does something seem amiss? Where is Notre Dame in the rankings?

Oh that’s right…

When Lou Holtz left Notre Dame some 15 years ago or so, it evidently became a campus edict that Notre Dame shall never again field a competitive football team.

As a result, although I slip up here and there, I gave up watching Notre Dame football games on TV a couple of years ago.

Not because they sucked and that I am some sort of “only there when they are good” kinda fan, but because I still held out hope.

Even as the gridiron program of the Golden Domers spiraled downward, I believed every fall Saturday for years, that they would turn things around.

With excitement in my heart and a smile on my face, I would tune in to watch and within minutes after kickoff..?

The “fuckin’ idiots”, “son-of-a-bitches”, and “God Damns” would start flying from my frothing, beer soaked mouth.

It was unsettling that I would cuss so much at a football team fielded by a university named in honor of the Virgin Mary. So, I repented.

In order to keep my blood pressure down, and retain a seat in Heaven, I gave up watching Notre Dame football.

I shall refrain from watching Notre Dame football this year as well. Well…for the most part.

You see…I am by nature an optimist, and there will always be an ort of holy hope residing in my soul, that Notre Dame will once again be a playah.

I’m working all weekend so you don’t have to, so enjoy it, and pray that I do not encounter too many idiots while manning the Beer Mine.



Michele said...

We know all about college teams that aren't competitive, being WSU fans. And, I know all about swearing beer swilling frustrated men. Have a nice day working. I'll be working from home all weekend. Pray that I write very very well today.

Charlene said...

No Kentucky teams on that list. Which is fine with me. I don't believe college sports should be as important as the total student GPA and graduate rate.

Jay said...

Notre Dame is a lot more tolerable with Brian Kelly as coach than it was with Charlie "we will win games on my brilliance and superiority alone" Weiss.

ND's problem is that they can't really appeal to the top prospects. South Bend just doesn't have the things kids are looking for these days. And ND seems old fashioned and outdated in the way they do things.

Scott Oglesby said...

Everybody is still undefeated now though, so just enjoy it now. I’ll bet they’ll still be undefeated this time tomorrow!

I loved seeing Pitt and Penn State up there together though. If only they could play/kill each other again….

Mike said...

They forgot Missouri on the list. Must be a typo.

David said...

>>>there will always be an ort of holy hope residing in my soul

I've grown accoustomed to you throwing in a would now and then that is unknown to me so I look it up to improve my mind, or something like that...but even the googles couldn't help me with "ort".

Mike said...

@David - You might want to check the goggle again. There just might be a 'scrap' of evidence out there.

Knight said...

It's as if this whole post was in another language.

Anonymous said...

remindes me of a song "OHHH" N E S T L E S what comes out of your "ASS" IRISH

Dana said...

Hmmmm ... this reminds me ...

Wendy Hopkins said...

I agree with Jay, a little. ND doesn't appeal to the kids/good players but not because South Bend doesn't offer much (Have you ever been to Tuscaloosa?) It's because ND doesn't MEAN to them what it means to us.

Partially because Notre Dame football has been no less than a giant screw up since the great Lou Holtz left and as such hasn't had much to offer in the way of coaching (or winning for that matter), but partially because kids today are starting their own 'traditions' and could care less about ours.

That said, I say f*ck the Tide (I lived in Alabama for 15+years.. I can say that with pride) and Go Irish!

Matt-Man said...

Wendy: I know what you and Jay mean but I must respond to your last line...

I live in Ohio and I LOATHE Ohio State football and moreso, their insufferable fans. Fuck Ohio State and Go Irish.

I thank you for firing me up. Cheers Wendy!!