Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement on, I'm With Stupid

Today at sundown marks the beginning of the Jewish observance of Yom Kippur…The Day of Atonement.

In Judaism, this 25 hour period of Yom Kippur marks the end of the annually occurring High Holy Days, or as I call it… Jew-a-Palooza.


In order to give this very solemn day of Heebness its due, Jay and I will be purging ourselves of any and all sins live over the internets.

That’s right, sports fans…Tomorrow on I’m With Stupid at 11 AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio, Jay and I will be supplicating and penitating.

If that doesn’t make for good Blog Talk Radio, I don’t know what does. But…

In order to make it really over the top good, we need you to call in and lay your sins out there.

This episode will be a caller driven show, so we need your help.

Call in and lay your heart on us so we can absolve you and more than likely mock you endlessly.

Longtime Bagwine buddy and internet vixen, Dana, has intimated that she may call in with an open and honest Sunday Secret.

Which knowing her as I do, it has to be either really twisted or really bad.

You should do the same.

One, it will make you feel better dropping off your emotional baggage, and two…

It will be fucking funny.

Jay and I will also be talking about hot Spanish chicks in testosterone laden football locker rooms.

We will discuss the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell as I masturbate live, and we will make our I’m With Stupid football picks of the week.

Now, that’s some good shit right there boy!!

So, please tune in, call in, and lose yourself in stupid for an hour.

I’m off to work 11-9 today because well, people need beer.

I hope to see you all tomorrow on I’m With Stupid.

Have a wonderful Saturday folks, and of course…



Dana said...

Let the mocking begin ... although I'm not so sure it will all be directed my way ;)

Jay said...

It's gonna be fun! Oh wait. WE'RE gonna divulge OUR sins too? Damn, I better come up with a good one before tomorrow!

Micky-T said...

I am appalled at the amount of comments this post has received, two???

Maybe it has something to do with a gut reaction I had when I first read it this morning, HOLY SHIT, I want nothing to do with any live masturbation from Matt-Man. You might have stretched your subject matter that people WILL continue to be a part of. Ha Ha Just saying! many times in your whole blogging career have you received just two comments?

Now you got three. Ha

Average Chick said...

I'm really debating what I would share if I called. I'm not too sure. I really should get my alarm set so I don't miss this one! I really hope that this one works on Take #1 this week too :)

Jeff B said...

But how do I find a link to the show?