Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Weekend kids!!

I am working alllll weekend. That’s right.

Today 11-9 and tomorrow 11-7. God has given me a purpose. Serve others…

Serve others lots and lots of beer.

Actually, it should be fun, and I will have my camera at the ready, as there might be some hot chicks dressed up as pirate wenches coming through.

As for me? I am working the Beer Mine dressed as a Priest today. I can’t wait to say to the kids when they come through with their parents:

“Hey little boy, would you like a sucker?”

Good times, good times.

Jay and I had our best, I'm With Stupid show ever last night. No technical difficulties and I have my phone issues solved. It went really well.

We had some wonderful people call in such as the uber-lovely Warrior Kat and a new caller who really stood out.

As always, Dour Mike called in, but then he passed the phone on to his wife. She…was…a…hoot!! Holy Cow!!

You can listen to our Halloween Extravaganza here:

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio

Thanks to all of you who listened in and called in.

And now…as I must get ready for work here are a couple of classic Inky and Lola cartoons that I did some three years ago…

And this one...

If you are going to a Halloween Party tonight, have fun, but first and foremost, don’t drink and drive.

See ya soon…



David said...

How on earth did Inky and Lola find the Dick (Cheney) in his secret undisclosed location where he spent those 8 years? Can they find Osama bin Laden?

Happy Halloween Matt-Man

Mike said...

Might as well keep your halloween theme going in the right direction. I'm calling the police to make your experience even more real. Don't have to much fun.

Mike said...

Where is everybody?

Dana said...

Inky! Lola! Oh how I've missed you!!

OK, that's a little creepy ... I'm talking to stick figures.

The Queen said...

Happy Halloween Matt-Man.. the FUCK YOU cracked me up.. i loved it..

Dana made me giggle snort when she caught herself talking to stick figures.. how strange.. we do that over at the castle all the time..What's so strange about that???

Our stick figures drink a little though!

Matt-Man said...

David: Stick figures can infiltrate any bunker. Cheers David!!

Mike: The Police were here...They asked me if I knew your wife. Cheers!!

Dana: They soooo RAWKED!! Cheers Dana!!

Matt-Man said...

Queen: Thanks for the comment. Well, the castle sounds fun. Cheers and Happy Halloween, Queen!!

Raquel's World said...

A priest? Perfecto!