Wednesday, November 24, 2010

He Said...She Said

Most folks will be busy getting drunk and eating turkey with their families tomorrow, I thought today we’d do this week’s installment of, He Said…She Said where Schmoop and I banter back and forth through the magic of Microsoft Word.

Sound good? Well alrightie then. Let’s get down to biddness!!

Schmoop: Babe, I had this dream last night, and well…you are not going to be happy.

Matt: Oh dear God…What?

Schmoop: Well, I’m sorry, but I dreamed that I had sex with…Bill O’Reilly.

Matt: I think I just threw up a little.

Schmoop: YOU threw up, how on earth do you think I feel? At least, in my dream, there weren’t any detailed visuals, if you know what I mean.

Matt: Well that’s good. Well as good as you can hope for with a dream like that. And to think, I was going to ask you what you were thankful for since it’s Thanksgiving time.

Schmoop: I’m thankful that it wasn’t Glenn Beck!

Matt: I would never be able to look at you the same way again if it was. Either way, I feel sexually disenfranchised now.

Schmoop: OMFG! You know how much I hate the word disenfranchised!! Among many others of course.

Matt: Hee. Hee. Yes I know, but when I say, disenfranchised, it makes my nether regions MOIST!!

Schmoop: Ha! Another word I hate. I get where this is going! Panties or slacks!!

Matt: Ha…I hate both of those words as much as you do. When I hear those words, it makes me feel as though I coming down with a FUNGAL infection!!

Schmoop: Let’s see…girlie bits, smegma, lima beans, urp (my Mother’s word for vomit), Mika Brzezinski. Shall we go on? I think so. Next.

Matt: One more…one more. More than a word, but rather a phrase at which you and I both shudder…Hold on to your disenfranchised panties for this one…MAKE LOVE!!

Schmoop: You suck! Ok, if you want to MAKE LOVE, you are not for me! Ewww. How about you just grab my ass and say “You wanna fuck?” Or how about “Let’s get horizontal”, Get’s me going every time. Make love? Gross.

Matt: “Make love” is so teen coming of age movie, and Lifetime Network-ish. Sure it’s fine for poetry, but when I’m horny I want to get naked with a hot chick, not snuggle up with a lyrical line of iambic pentameter.

Schmoop: True. I just want to have a few beers, screw, lay naked, and sweaty, (because I refuse to say cuddle, eww), eat, and go to sleep. That is where all of my talents lie.

Matt: So…Would you like to put your talents to use and do just that?

Schmoop: Why yes sir, I would.

Matt: Sweeeet. Afterwards, we can CUDDLE!! Ha!!

Schmoop: Augggggh!! Cuntnugget.

And there you have it folks, our He Said…She Said for the week.

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Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, all.



David said...

hehehe....she said smegma...hehe

Mike said...

Moist is the first half of 'moist towelette'. Otherwise I don't think I'd ever use the word.

And why is there an 'l' in the word half?

Scott Oglesby said...

Believe it or not I can picture Billy O making crazy monkey love. I mean not everything, thank god, but you know, you can see him having sex. Beck on the other hand…. I’m pretty sure that he just plugs into a motherboard somewhere deep, deep inside The Matrix.

Matt-Man said...

David: Hee Hee. Cheers David!!

Mike: Ha. Very good observations, my good man. Cheers Mike!!

Scott: Ha. I think you hit the Beck scenario on Cheers Scott!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I absolutely, positively HATE "throwing up a little"...(but I like panties)...

Matt-Man said...

P-Man: Ha. I hate the word "panties", but I do enjoy waering them. Cheers P-Man!!

MysteryChick said...

Hmm, I don't mind the word panties, just the actual item bugs me so I don't wear 'em.

Moist, ugh, I think wet is a better one for that and make love gives me the heebie jeebies.

Thanks George and Gracie for another great He Said...She Said...

Raquel's World said...

As for me....I hate the word "cuntnugget" Ewwww just Ewwww
Suprisingly it's not the cunt part, rather the addition of the word nugget. Cheapens the cunt.

Matt-Man said...

Chick: Mmmmm. No panties...That's Hot. Thanks and have a wunnerful Thanksgiving, lovely one. Cheers Chick!!

Raquel: Ha. I think you're right. Have a good one tomorrow. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

Beth said...

I believe this is becoming my most hated word of all...Cornelius.

Dana said...

As long as I can pack my cigarettes when I come to visit all is well in the world ;)~

Matt-Man said...

Schmoop: Ha!! I feel your pain..Er...I used to. Cheers and Zooooves!!

Dana: Ha!! Smoke em if ya got em. Cheers Dana!!

Anonymous said...

I'm having PSTD flashbacks of the O'Reilly/producer sex scandal.

Matt-Man said...

Steven: If you listen to our show Friday, you are going to OD on O'Reilly. Hey!? That's kinda catchy!! Cheers Steven!!