Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Nugget of Good News Would Be Welcome!!

It’s a snowy and windy Sabbath here in Bagwine, Ohio and in my heart its raining.

How can that be, you ask?

I got a notice from unemployment that there is a problem with my claim. That’s just fucking great.

I didn’t get any unemployment last week because I reported what I made during the week ending December 5th.

I knew that I wouldn’t be getting any because of that, but this morning I see a message from the UE office that say there is a question about my claim in general because of that.

Kill me now and leave my rotting corpse in a snow drift where the stray kittens and curious children can feast upon my remains for three months as my body should be relatively well-preserved through the cold Ohio winter.

You see, my employment ended on November 30th. I filed my claim on December 1 AND reported what I made up to that point for the week ending December 5.

Unfuckingbelieveable…Who knew that reporting income would send them into such a tizzy?

In an email to them this morning, I explained the timelines of my filing and hopefully it will straighten things out and I will receive benefits this week in a timely manner. As I said…

I didn’t expect any last week, but I didn’t realize that reporting my fucking income as I should, would put a wrench into the overall claim.

Pray for me that common sense prevails.

On a happier note…

My son Ryno scored his first ever points as a varsity player for his High School basketball team last night.

While his team was thoroughly crushed by former State Champion, Dayton Christian, he managed to sink three 3-pointers for a total of 9 points.

I was all giddy because when he called me last night I could hear the happiness and excitement in his voice.

So, at least there’s that. Also…

In case you missed it, Thursday night/Friday morning Jayman and I had a rousing Radio-Thon for Ryno on I’m With Stupid.

The guest stars were at the top of their celebrity game; Google phone tried to screw us again, but the celebration and electricity could not be silenced.

Here’s to Dour Mike, Dianne, and Dianne’s new love interest Drive-By Mikey, for calling in and providing scintillating conversation.

You can listen below and re-live the excitement:

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Have a wonderful day…I’m going to spend mine fretting about unemployment.



Jay said...

It seems like there is ALWAYS a problem with everyone's initial claim for unemployment. I think it's because the system is set up that way. It automatically denies benefits to anyone who files a claim and forces people to appeal hoping a certain % of them won't.

Much like disability where everyone is rejected and forced to get a lawyer. Well, that's because lawyers wrote the disability laws and designed it that way.

Anyway, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, congrats to Ryno on his first HS points!

David said...

Congrats to Ryno. How does God decide who wins the game when one Christian school plays another? Or is every game a tie?

Matt-Man - keep in mind that the unemployment office is part of a vast bureaucracy and persistence and endurance wins the day.

Hope that is solved soon.

Dana said...

Well crap! Unemployment is just a bundle of joy to navigate through. Hopefully this is a minor glitch and will resolve itself quickly.


Matt-Man said...

Jay: You are a fucking brilliant mo-fo. Cheers Jay!!

David: Ha!! Good one, and thanks as long as it gets straightened out SOMETIME this week, I will be back to my calm self. Cheers David!!

Matt-Man said...

Dana: Thanks and may bueracracy fairies smile down upon me. Cheers Dana!!

Mike said...

"Pray for me that common sense prevails."

Yeah, right after I get done praying for world peace.

Go Ryno!

Matt-Man said...

Mike: I guess I am asking a bit much. Cheers Mike!!

Anonymous said...

I feel you man. My dad has been on unemployment for almost two years now. A few months ago they told him they accidentally overpaid him and need him to repay what they overpaid him. With what money, he's fucking unemployed?! said...

It's true, Jay is right, there always was and there always will be a great hassle to recieve the benefits from unemployment. Did that, got the t-shirt a couple of times.

There is nothing funny, not a fucking thing, about being out of work and dependent on others. Nothing!
You need to get a job, hit the streets, any job. You'll feel better.

Sorry Matt, it's easy for me to sit here and type it, but I can't sugar coat what you know and I know is the only cure.

Matt-Man said...

Steven: I just want it worked out quickly so I can hand over the majority of it to Ryno's mom. She gets cranky without her weekly check. Good luck to your dad. Cheers Steven!!

Micky: Look for a job? I hadn't thought of that option. I may do just that. Cheers Mick!!