Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm With Stupid: Tragedy in Tucson...The Lighter Side

President Obama has offered his poignant thoughts on the victims of the Tucson Tragedy and Gabby Giffords has opened her eyes, so…

It’s time to move on. And by moving on, I mean it is time to take every cheap shot…er…make every cheap joke about the Tragedy in Tucson.

And Jayman and I will be doing just that tonight at 11 PM EST on I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio.

Damn right Bitches. Tonight’s show may very well be our most explosive offering evah.

We will be discussing Gabby Giffords hotness.

Jay has a super and supernatural interview with God.

Kim Fragile will be broadcasting from my ego.

Marty Martstein will be on hand to give us an update on the post-tragedy mood and tone in Tucson.

Amsterdam native and IWS correspondent Guy Ahnyurdyck’s twin sister, Gal, will be covering the death of one of the lesser, non-noteworthy victims.

In case you’re wondering, Gal is filling in for Guy because unfortunately he is suffering from a life-threatening case of Dutch Elm Disease.

We will debut a new weekly segment called, “Matt-Man’s Moment of OCD”

On top of that, we will be giving tons of shot-outs…er…shout-outs to various and sundry people like you who rock our world.

See…Tragedy breeds hopefulness and laughter. The after effects of this tragedy have also accomplished something very important to me personally.

It has taught me how to correctly spell, “Tuscon”.


You can access our I’m With Stupid Radio page by clicking HERE.

We hope to see you tonight at 11 PM EST on the radio, and until then…



Jay said...

The IWS News Team is all over this story! We're live, local and late-breaking!

David said...

>>>“Matt-Man’s Moment of OCD”

For this I will miss Jon Stewart - and for me that is a big sacrifice.

Raquel's World said...

Should be interesting.

Knight said...

I might have to figure out how to get the widget on my Droid so I can hear the show tonight. I don't want to miss this.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Or more accurately...we're live, local and late. Very, very late. Cheers Jay!!

David: Oh it's not pretty but worth the listen. Cheers David!!

Raquel: It's gonna be a keeper hot stuff. Cheers Roc!!

Matt-Man said...

Knight: Knowing that you may be listening makes doing it all worthwhile. Cheers Knight!!

Desert Rat said...

Hmmm... I'm curious about just what this moment of OCD might be...

Matt-Man said...

Rat: Hell, we could do an entire show about my OCD antics. But, we'll just do one a week. Cheers Lovely One!!

Mike said...

I'm glad your reminding us. I can't wait for tomorrow night.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: I like to remind you guys of the date and time, especially you. For I do so enjoy our Friday mornings together on the radio. Chers Mike!!