Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday night, I saw common sense.

I also saw the complete opposite of common sense.

President Obama delivered a great speech and tribute to the victims, survivors, and heroes laid in the wake of the Tragedy in Tuscon.

Things like this shouldn’t happen, but they did.

Obama, initially taken aback by the uncomfortable roar of the crowd, brought things into focus. He talked about the victims.

He talked about the survivors.

He talked about the heroes.

It was nice…I cried.

Tonight, Jay and I will be trying to make light of this situation, We have to; it’s what we do.

We all have to laugh, but I want to make certain that you all join us in having a semblance of common sense.

I am not one who blames Sarah Palin, right wing talk radio, or Republicans for this blotch on our country’s history, but seriously….

Some of ya, and you know who you are, take this shit too seriously, and it’s sad, ’cause you aren’t very smart, and man…

That’s a dangerous combination.

Anyhoo…Listen to Jay and I having a lighter hearted look at this incident tonight at 11 PM EST on I’m With Stupid.

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As Always my friends…



Jay said...

Tomorrow night, it will be time for America to laugh again.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Ha...That was simplistically funny. Cheers Jayman!!

Scott Oglesby said...

I don’t blame Palin specifically for this but she should have recognized the opportunity to take a step or two back from the edge. Because she didn’t, and she idiotically used a phrase with a long history of pain and prejudice to the Jews with ‘blood libel,’ she’s done.

It’s finally over for her, I think. Thank God!

Matt-Man said...

Scott: Yeah, as far as holding office, I think she's done politically, but she'll continue to be a money making machine. Cheers Scott!!

Michele said...

There is a whole lot of "not too smart" going around in politics and the media lately.

Matt-Man said...

Michele: I know. I have never seen the political playground as juvenile as it is today. Ick. Cheers Michele!!