Thursday, January 27, 2011

The State of the Stupid...What?

It’s been a day plus since President Obama has given his State of the Union address, and it has finally all soaked in.

I spent Wednesday listening to politicos and cable news pundits dissect it, praise it, trash it.

As typical, the pundits and talking heads missed the mark. They missed the target of Obama’s message and more importantly, the targeted audience.

I heard the 24/7 political soothsayers state that Obama failed to deliver specifics, and that his speech was flat because there wasn’t any jumping up and down amongst our elected representatives.

Hell, even the Tea Party designate, Michele “You Can See Me, But I Can’t See You” Bachmann who delivered a rebuttal, missed the point of Obama’s address.

This country is in a funk…a malaise…a decrepitude.

When Obama gave his speech Tuesday night, he didn’t give a speech of specifics, instead he painted a canvas full of colors of history, hope, and reminders.

Our nation is in trouble. There is no other way around that fact, and yet…

The President reminded us how we as Americans have in the past, pulled ourselves, collectively, out of messes in the past.

He’s right.

We as a nation are a group of morons both loveable and unlovable…but, when we are met with a national struggle, we rise above our individual idiocy and come together as one.

President Obama was asking that of us on Tuesday, and we need to do so…before it is too late. For if we continue to live and act apart from one and other, we will certainly slide like river silt into the ocean of has beens collectively.

He wasn’t trying to speak to policy wonks on the right or left…He was giving this country a pep talk. We need that, and I’m glad that he did. I liked it.

So, well…that’s all I have to say about that.

And now…Don’t Forget!!!

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We will be talking about hot news babes, Black History Month, hot black chicks, the SOTU, and Keith Olbermann will be on board.

Our Dutch correspondent Guy Ahnyurdyck will be bitching, my OCD will be on display, and I’m sure Jay will toss something in that I don’t know about.

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Until the wonder and excitement that is Friday…


*I'd like to thank Curious Chris for the I'm With Stupid SOTU Cartoon!!


Jay said...

I spent much the speech searching #sotu on Twitter to see the general reaction of the speech. If Twitter is representative of the country, then I think I identified our biggest problem. We're very selfish.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Eh...I understand, but lately...I have actually met people online and in real life that are normal and quite nice. I think there is hope for humanity. Cheers Jay!!

Mike said...

"I liked it."

I think I know where you can apply for a job. I'll be a reference.

Matt-Man said...

MIke: I'm afraid to ask wht this job may be. Cheers Mike!!

Dana said...

There were a lot of broad, generalizations that irritated me because, like Jay commented, I'm selfish. My paycheck didn't go up, it went down, and my health care costs are skyrocketing. *shrugs*

I did, however, think the lack of finger pointing and the genuine (or so it seemed) effort to see government as a whole rather than piece-parts, was refreshing.

Joker_SATX said...

Matt...Good Post! This Joker disagrees with you on one point however.

The Joker thinks that there have been too many pep talks. Actually, the Joker thinks that there has been too much talking altogether...not enough action.

His stimulus plan was to inspire and create jobs. It hasn't.

His healthcare bill was inspired to provide affordable healthcare for all. It didn't.

The Joker saw in his speech that the tough talk is gone. He says he will veto any bill with special interest earmarks. This joker will believe it when he sees it.

Too many of the Joker's friends (like yourself) are un-employed.

The Joker says that the time to talk is over. Get it done!

Matt-Man said...

Dana: The SOTU is rarely more than broad generalizations. But he had plenty of specifics in there. Chucking the Health BIll 1099. Reducing corporate taxes. Doing away with earmarks among them. I thought his tone and tenor was excellent. Cheers Dana!!

Matt-Man said...

Joker: A couple of things...You keep saying HIS legislation. If you want to blame Obama for anything, blame him for allowing Reid and Pelosi to hijack the legislative initiatives that you have a problem with, and secondly?

Quit talking in the third person!! Oy!! Have a lovely day Joker. Cheers!!