Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Friday, Here's To Solidarity!!

Happy Friiiiiiiday Chuckleheads!!

It’s still relatively warm here in Bagwine, Ohio and Schmoop is coming home early today, so it’s gonna be a good day.

And tonight? Schmoop and I will be gorging politely dining upon the goodness that is Taco Bell. Ole’!!

Good times. Good times. But with that being said, I have to say something…

The state governments of Ohio, and other states, particularly Wisconsin, are currently launching attacks against the Collective Bargaining rights of their public employees.

The attacks are bullshit and here’s why.

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) and Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) claim that stripping public employees of their current right to bargain collectively is all about balancing budgets.

It has nothing to do with balancing budgets. It all has to do with eliminating unions…period.

It is one thing to ask for concessions in tough economic times, but to null and void rights that have been in place for years is nothing more than an attempt to emasculate the political power of unionized public employees.

If Walker and Kasich want to take the hard earned bargaining rights away from public employees, they should publicly hoist up their balls and have the courage to say what the reason is.

The reason is not fiscal responsibility.

The reason is that they want no competition in raising campaign funds for their next election and blaming public employee unions for economic woes could help them to achieve their goal.

Walker and Kasich are, to be nice, disingenuous, to be realistic...

They are liars…and in way, pretty damn un-American, and more concerned with putting the fix in on their next election rather than fixing their respective economies.

With that being said, let’s get back to having some fun.

Jayman and I had one helluva good show on I’m With Stupid last night. Our President’s Day Extravaganza was thirty minutes plus of non-stop hilarity.

We had a sexy crowd in the chat room and offered all an entertaining and historical look back on our Presidents…or something.

When you get a chance, you can listen to the show using this handy-dandy BTR listening device:

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio

You’ll be glad you did. Lastly…

We had a guest in the chat room last night that I’d like to acknowledge. Her name is Shannon and her site is Shan’s Last Shred of Sanity.

If you get a chance, look her up…she’s uber-cool. You can go to her site by clicking HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend all, and as always…



Mike said...

So I assume you'll be sticking your tongue in the taco tonight. (I just made up a new saying!)

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Ha...That is indeed on the agenda. Cheers Mike!!

Jay said...

Unions and public sector employees are always republican's favorite whipping boys. Been that way forever and will never change. It's all about politics and turning people against each other.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Indeed...It's disgusting. Public employees making negotiated concessions when economically needed is one thing. Simply taking away their rights to bargain and organize is bullshit. Cheers Jay!!

David said...

Last night's show was indeed funny - I loved the "interviews".

And you are right - it is mandatory that republican politicians hate all unions - because they make campaign contributions to usually democrats PLUS the GOP corporate overlords don't want the unions interfering with abusing their employees.

Matt-Man said...

David: Yeah, we don't want to have workers having a say in the workplace now do we?

If you're free Monday, I'll pick you up and we'll have runch at Air Force Yum!! Cheers David!!

Dana said...

I keep going back and forth on this issue. As you well know, I am *NOT* a fan of unions (generally). I believe in this day and age, they do more harm than good - ESPECIALLY public employee unions.

Now, that said, I believe Wisconsin teachers (primarily) are being greedy, unreasonable and irresponsible in their actions, yet I cannot condone disallowing collective bargaining.

It's not right - even if public employees are being greedy, unreasonable and irresponsible.

I also don't believe - for a SINGLE minute - that WI public employees are only concerned with their collective bargaining rights. I think they are using that as an "excuse" to protest their distaste at having to meet the same standards/cutbacks that the private sector is having to deal with.

Both sides are wrong ...

Matt-Man said...

Dana: While I don't understand why you think Public Emplotee unions do more harm than good as opposed to private sector unions, I don't disagree with you on the big picture.

If a State is in finacial disarray, altough that is not really the case in Wisconsin, the State and the unions should go to the bargaining table and hammer out an agreement.

I am simply saying that in the aforementioned cases, that is not the case. The economic times that we live in are being used to call out some alleged monolithic boogeyman, that are unions and destroy Collective Bargaining rights. Fuck That.

Cheers Dana!!

bobbybegood1 said...

I have to concur with Jay. Leave the good hard-working Americans alone. I also agree with you, too, Matt. It's all a cover-up. Stop picking on the ordinary citizens of the country, who are they backbone of this country. Cheers Matt!!

And you have a GREAT day, weekend as well. This is Presidents weekend. Are you off on Monday?

Mike said...

Looks like the republican governor 'created' the budget deficit himself.

Matt-Man said...

Bobby: Cheers to you hot stuff, and yes I'm off on Monday. I'm off everyday until hopefully sometime in March. Cheers!!

Mike: Oh hell I know. He gave 140 mill in biz tax cuts. This is a manufactured crisis in Wisconsin. Cheers Mike!!

babyrocasmama said...

Thanks for the pimp-out, Matt!

I'll be posting an article tomorrow about why I hate Justin Bieber so much. Well, providing this cold doesn't kick my ass even more that is. LOL

You forgot to tell them how we achieved universal peace when you finally followed me on twitter. Oh and the jizz cookbook, You HAVE to tell them about that!

Matt-Man said...

Baby: Ha. I should make note of all we did to put the world back on it's axis and your disgusting penchant for cookbooks featuring schmegma. Sickie!!

Feel better soon, and I look forward to your hatred of JB in the written word. Cheers Shan!!