Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Morning Church Disservice: It's Party Time in America!!

This Sabbath, as we all know, marks a day of parties and celebrations that millions of Americans look forward to every year.

That’s right…

Put the sauce to your chicken wings. Fire up the chili. Ice down the beer. Flip on the 46 inch flat screen and settle in with your friends.

It’s Ronald Reagan’s Birthday, and tonight I’ll be honoring his memory during Gipperfest MMXI by getting so drunk that I don't remember anything.

It’s going to be a raucous time, of that you can be certain.

I’ll be drinking beer and noshing on Hot Right Wings…Hinckleys in a Blanket, and my favorite Gipperfest snack…Jelly Beans!!

Boy Howdy, it should be huge, and I hope your Reagan Birthday bash is equally as fun.

I guess there’s a football game on today as well.

The Packers and the Steelers will be squaring off in Super Bowl 45. (Take that, you boorish roman numeral users!! Roman numerals should only be used during Gipperfest!!)

My prediction?

Baron Rodgersberger will lead the Green Bay Steelers over the Pittsburgh Packers by sinking a three pointer at the buzzer to win 34-27.

Amen, and Amen.

And now…Things Overheard in the Bagwine Digs on a Saturday Night.

Schmoop: Cum on face baby, Cum on my face!!

Me: Oh yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Schmoop: Holy Shit you got it in my nose…Ewwwwww, it’s in my ear too.

Me: Hee Hee…want a towel?

Good times, good times.

Have a safe and fun-filled Super Bowl Sunday, and as always…



Average Chick said...

The wings will be on here! Go Pack Go! I don't want to know how many domestic incidences will occur tonight if they lose....

And nice shot!!! It's your birfday an you shot where you wanted to :)

Mike said...

Nice food layout. Where'd the icing on that cake come from?

Desert Rat said...

I've said it before: Schmoop is some kind of saint. No, seriously. If I see her likeness in my next bowl of Kashi, I'm totally setting up a shrine in my kitchen.

Matt-Man said...

Average Chick: Congrats to the 'Pack. It was nice to see them win. I'm shootin' again Monday night. I shall not miss. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

Mike: Ha...You don't want to know. Cheers Mike!!

Rat: Or you could put the bowl up for sale on eBay. Cheers Lovely One!!