Friday, March 18, 2011

Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived... A Book by Rob Bell

It’s Friiiiiiiiday Chuckleheads, so let’s get jiggy wif it by going staccato in thought.

Move over Joyce Meyer. Hey Rod Parsley, Suck It!! There’s a new pastor in town.

Rob Bell, the pastor of the 10,000 strong Mars Hill Church in Michigan has written a new book titled, Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

To a great extent this dude’s take on faith and religion is much like mine.

He realizes that faith is not comprised of static and strict, black and white theological doctrine; faith is a journey.

Here’s to ya Mr. Bell, and Cheers…you are an official Bagwine Head now, my brother!!

I made the most spectacular corned beef in the crockpot last night. It was ginormously delicious, and tonight’s menu?

Fish Sticks and Mac n Cheese. There’s something about the subtle comfort and goodness of eating breaded minced fish and tubules of cheesy carbs, that gets me all a-twitter.

I slept late today, and now I feel pretty good, especially since I’m smoking again. Yeah I know, but it just didn’t take.

With the warmer weather upon us we opened the windows for the first time in what seemed like 8,000 years.

I’d forgotten how busy the street is that we live on and that one in every three Bagwine denizens owns a fucking Harley!!

Oh the noise!! It’s a good thing that Schmoop gets loud when she drinks. It helps to mute the sound of all the traffic.

Jayman and I put another award winning installment of I’m With Stupid in the can last night.

Our St. Patty’s Day Extravaganza was stellar, as was Jay’s interview with his 200 year old great times ten Irish Nana Loy and Guy Ahnyurdyck’s report from County Cork’s fave watering hole: Suds ’n’ Spuds.

You know you want to listen and you can do so by utilizing this handy dandy BTR player:

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That’s all I have for now. Enjoy your weekend, and as always…



Raquel's World said...

Agggh How long did you last not smoking?

Matt-Man said...

Raquel: I was doing pretty good for the first few days and then this past Tuesday, I went back in full force. Eh, someday soon maybe. Cheers Hot Stuff!!

Beth said...

Suck it! I am NOT loud, I'm obnoxious, get it right ;)

Matt-Man said...

Schmoop: Uh-huh...Warm up your Merry Widow, Matty's comin' by tonight. Cheers and Zooooves!!

Dianne said...

it was a great show
Nana Mary was wonderful, she's so wise

I'm smokin a cig in your honor Matty

Matt-Man said...

Dianne: It was fun as always and thanks for calling in. My phone is still smokin' hot from your voice. Cheers Sexy!!

Jay said...

Faith is a journey. Some people get lost on the way and others get distracted by money and other temptations.

Also? The show rocked last night. We're such experts on Ireland. As long as nobody double checks our "facts." haha

Matt-Man said...

Jay: Damn right. Faith IS a journey and let me tell ya...Cleanng the apartment goes really quickly when listening to I'm With Stupid. So yet another reason for folks to give us a listen. Cheers Jay!!

Mike said...

Bummer. Well you probably added 57 seconds to your life by quitting as long as you did.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: That's what I figured. And let me tell ya, and Schmoop can tell you as well, 57 seconds is all I need. Cheers Mike!!

Lu' said...

Oh Buddy but Harley noise is good noise. Loves me a Harley rumble :) Harumph, ours is for sale though, trying to pay off the house.

Matt-Man said...

Lu; I dig the sound too, but not for six hours in a row. I love the roar, but never stops. Good luck paying off your house, that's great. Cheers Lu!!

MysteryChick said...

It always takes me a few weeks to get used to the traffic noise again once its time to leave the windows open. Pretty soon you won't be able to sleep without the Harley noise!

Too bad on the cigarettes, I really thought you'd kick their ass but they're tough to shake. They're literally killing my ex a little at a time and he just can't give 'em up either.

Anonymous said...

I totally love it when approximately 50% of all Harley owners decend on DC on Memorial Day Weekend for Rolling Thunder. Yeah, there are some non-Harley riders tagging along but do they really count? I think not. A Harley-Davidson is the epitome of an all-American bike.

There is abso-effing-lutely nothing like the throaty roar of a Harley....but hearing it everyday....well, maybe not so much.

David said...

To paraphrase Tricky-Dick Nixon "I'm not an Anonymous"

Matt-Man said...

Chick: Yeah, they're like heroin. And I have to say, I enjoy smoking. Can't help it. The noise will be gotten used to, we live across from a hospital so it's always noisy. Cheers Sexy!!

Matt-Man said...

David: Ha...That's just it. I like the roar of a bike too, but oh my God, in the summer it's constant on this road. Cheers Mr. Nixon!!