Friday, April 15, 2011

Women Report, Men Decide

"A certain passive-aggressive blogger/tweeter recently called Matt-Man and Jayman "sexist."

As appalling as this vicious, baseless, and unprovoked attack was, Matt and Jay chose to use it for good rather than be hurt by it.

So, this week Matt-Man and Jayman will be discussing sexism and women's role in society. So ladies, get your chores done early, make your man a sandwich for lunch and then everyone join us for this deep and thoughtful discussion of this topic.

And, be sure to call in with your own opinions. Well, with the opinions you've been told you have by your husbands."

---Jayman in an interview with FOX News babe, Julie Banderas about tomorrow’s I’m With Stupid Show

I think Jayman’s comment to the uber-hot Ms. Banderas sums up tomorrow’s show really well. And…he managed to work in some annoying third person speak, which Matt-Man simply adores.


While I don’t think Jayman and I should have to defend ourselves from such slanderous (or since it was tweeted, libelous) claims of sexism, we shall do so on I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio Saturday at Noon EDT.

Ask any of the babes I have hosed after getting them drunk on my charm, sense of humor, and a fifth of Rose if I’m a sexist, and they will all say the same thing:

“Matt, who?”

See? If I was some kind of misogynistic Neanderthal as was claimed, those bitches would have remembered me.

So to all of you womb walkers out there who claim that Jayman or myself are sexists, we say...

“Hey women!? Shut up and know your role!!”

When I think about the accusations of sexism leveled against me on a more personal and introspective level I say to myself:

“Duh bitch is cwazy!!”

In fact, many women out there not only love and respect what Jay an I do, they look forward to spending their Saturday mornings with us as evidenced by this promo recorded by the hot chick with the huge fun bags down the hall from me:

As you can tell, it's all good, but in order to hash this out, we will devote tomorrow’s installment of I’m With Stupid to the subject of sexism.

Jay and I just want to help you ladies out of your angst, hyper internalization, and feelings of weakness and subordination.

So join us tomorrow on I’m With Stupid on BTR at Noon EDT with your ears perked and your phone calls.

You can access our radio page by clicking HERE.

Happy Friday Bitches, and as always…



Jay said...

I think it's adorable that someone like Julie Banderas, who is obviously on a major news channel just for decoration, was allowed to host a discussion about sexism. I think this week's show is gonna be very enlightening.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: I concur. It's nice to see the men in charge throw a bone to a scrappy little gal once in awhile. The show will be epic. Cheers Jay!!

Mike said...

The audio link won't come up. It just says "Loading... ". But even that sounds sexist.

Desert Rat said...

I'd listen and call in tomorrow, but my husband will be home and I'll likely be forced into performing some of my womanly duties - like fixing the leaking faucet in the shower and replacing a sprinkler head. I've already done the taxes and installed a new light fixture. Thank Gawd he'll be home to do the laundry!

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Yeah, I know. I don't know what the Hell is the problem with twaudio, those Bastards. Cheers Mike!!

Rat: Ha...Role Reversal sooooo HAWT!! Cheers Rat!!

Mike said...

Oh and BTW, tomorrow I'm helping on a tornado clean up project. Then the next two Saturdays is follow up tree planting. You know if you moved the show to 2am (any day) I'd be there. That's if I remembered.

Matt-Man said...

Mike: Ha. It wouldn't be a show if you were actually there. Here's to the clean up. Cheers Mike!!