Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day: My Patriotism Is On Display

It is going to be a bee-yoo-tee-ful Memorial Day weekend Sabbath in Bagwine, Ohio.  Sunny and 88 degrees today.

I do looooove da heat, especially on days like today when I will be manning the Beer Mine from 11-7, because as we all know... 

8 hours + 88 Degrees = 174 Sweaty Cleavage Shots.

I always knew that math would come in handy someday. it can get hot fulfilling the grain and barley based orders of patriotic Americans on a hot day like today, I shall show a little cleavage of my own as I work the mine wearing this:

I am one patritotic mo fo, my brothers and sisters.

Enjoy your Sunday all, and if you tired and emotionally drained from all of your reflecting on this Memorial Day weekend, you can always listen to I'm With Stupid.

Jayman and myself celebrated Memorial Day on I'm With Stupid last night and it went something like this:

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And don't forget...

Instead of attending some parade full of creepy clowns and pedophile shriners on scooters, you can catch another live installment of I'm With Stupid tomorrow at 11 AM EDT.

Why am I and Jayman doing a show on Memorial Day, you ask?

Because stupid never takes a holiday.

You can access our show page by clicking HERE.

As always, my friends...



Jay said...

Stupid never takes a holiday? Very true. Stupid never sleeps either. And "Stupid Never Sleeps" would be a good name for a blog. Or a book even.

Matt-Man said...

Jay: No, it doesn't and just think... we could have BOTH Bachmann AND Palin in the race for 2012. It's gold Jay, GOLD!! Cheers Funny Man!!