Monday, June 27, 2011

I Dig Blogging Chicks And Two of the Funniest, Yet Gayest Heterosexuals in the World

Hello folks, and Happy Monday!

Oh who the fuck am I kidding. Mondays blow for everyone…regardless.

So what is on your agenda this fine day? Yeah, me too.

Hey, I forgot to mention something. Matt-Man. Are you ready for this? Has a new stalker! Hee!

That’s all I’m going to say about that. Hee!!

So if you’re like me, you are stuck in an office with bugs, crumbling, crippling front steps, bats, (yes I said bats) and asbestos flowing like rain.

Oh, you’re not like me? Well then my friends you have NO idea what you are missing! 

One good thing, my work cohort brings me the GRANDE cappuccino at least two times a week. Oh how I love the Speedway.

I’d like to give a shout out if I may, to several people. If I may. Bitches…please.

I’ve never done this, but since it is my blog, I’ve decided to acknowledge the talent, and funny shit of other blogs that I read all the time, but they do not know, because I never comment.

I only have something to say on my own blog, and of course on, I'm With Stupid

So on Mondays, I am and shall list three blogs that I read, and love. Check them out. Seriously, check them out, or I’ll cut ya.

Dooce is a given, morons. The bitch has a trademark for God’s sake! I love her, some do not. Jealous much? Yep.

Anyhoo, here is this week’s:

Trinity of Internets Talent…

Bye Bye Pie (June Gardens)

Mommy Wants Vodka (Aunt Becky)

I'm With Stupid
(I was forced…by Jay no less)

Next week, there will be three more. This is a public service announcement.

Kisses my Pretties, and until tomorrow, when the saga continues…


P.S. Listen to my boys Jay and Matt-Man on I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio Monday at 11:00 AM EDT. 

They will be talking about New York’s gay marriage bill, and I’m sure they will mention Michele Bachmann a time or two. God only knows why…

You can check out their radio page HERE, and their new companion IWS website by clicking HERE.


IWS Radio said...

Not even in my dreams could I "make" you do anything. hehe

Dooce? Dooce ... Dooce .. hmmm .. never heard of her. ;-)


IWS Radio said...

I can't believe that Jayman as he said, would force you to do anything either...Although if he did, I'd watch, and it would be HOT!!


Mike said...

"Mondays blow for everyone"

Uhhhhh Beth dear.... EVERYDAY is SATURDAY for some people.

Knight said...

This is the first day of my boss being on a three month vacation. BEST MONDAY EVER. Luckily most of my coworkers are big boozers like me so it's a party office.

MysteryChick said...

Bats would be cool, like an office pet. Your office sounds like much more fun than mine, all I've got are a bunch of engineers in mine.

Beth said...

Jay: All you have to say is Holla, and I'm there!

Matt: Video baby, video.

Mike: My most humble apologies oh retired one;)

Beth said...

Knight: That sounds great! My boss is taking a vacation this year. He'll call everyday day, many, many times.

Chick: Engineers! They are the new "bat".