Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Our House

Living in a box.

I, for one, like apartment living. You might even say, I love it.

Many years ago, I had a house. Um…well it wasn’t mine, as I was told many, many times, but a house it was.

I took care of everything. From the lawn, trash, dog poop pickup, and the house maintenance. Oh, and I painted the inside, and the outside. Who’s stupid? This girl.

Anyhoodle, I got out of that situation many years later, in a most hasty fashion.

Since then, I’ve had an apartment in a “secure” building on the other side of town.

I love it here. If something breaks, I call the apartment manager. If I need service of any kind, I call the apartment manager. Hell, if I want to chat, I call the apartment manager! She is fantastic.

No lawn to take care of, no painting the outside of the building, not six cans of trash full of beer bottles at the curb every week. I used to hide from the trash man.

Now I drink cans;)

Personally, I don’t see any reason to own a home. I don’t have kids. I’m completely estranged from most of my family. What happens when I die? Who would take care of the estate? No one.

I certainly wouldn’t burden Matt-Man with something like that. Nor would he burden me. I do wish I had a lawn for him to putter in, as he loves it so, but I don’t.

I would really like to have a two bedroom place one day. I’d like to have a space for an office, or a studio if you will. A spot for all the equipment we’d one day like to have. 
Oh, and a futon. I’ve always wanted a futon. I think I just like to say futon.

It’s nice here (don’t look in the closets). It’s not completely scrubbed, but it’s clean, and neat. Matt-Man likes it here. We are comfortable, and happy.

It may be small, and not “ours”, but it’s home.

That is what matters. Home.



Jay said...

I agree totally. I have no real desire to buy a house. There would be some advantages, but apartment living is actually pretty sweet.

IWS Radio said...

There's no way we could move into a house or anywhere else for that matter...You know how Princess Corky hates change. Zoves!!


sybil law said...

I definitely get sick of house maintenance, that's for sure! But you're right - where you live, with the people you love, THAT is home. And it's all that matters.

Mike said...

We have some condos near here that are dropping in price because they aren't moving. They've dropped from 700K to 500K. 2000 to 3000 sq/ft. And the condo fee is only 350 to 500 a month. Do you want me to put your name on one?

Beth said...

Jay: It is sweet, especially that whole lawn mowing thing.

Matt: Ha! Ok I know. Even moving within the building will set her off. Poor Cork.

Sybil: You are correct my dear;)

Beth said...

Mike: Sure, sign us up, but only if you're paying for it;) Oh wait, nevermind, I'm afraid of arches!

Knight said...

I love my box. I'm talking about the one I live in not the one I rent. (I swear I'm not really a whore.)
Anyway, I'm betting your one bedroom is a flipping palace compared to my studio. You probably have closets bigger than my bathroom. But I love it. I have a futon that is only four feet from my bed. You could totally pull off futon ownership with some creative furniture placement.

Michele said...

We rent right now but have dreams of getting back to our small farmer roots. JR loves to putter in the garden and I like growing all our own veggies. The place we are in now has a small front and backyard that we plan to take all the shrubs out of and replace with herbs and veggies.

Beth said...

Knight: Ha! I know you aren't! A whore I mean;) I do have major closet space. I could probably fit your whole studio in one! Yes, I must have a futon.

Michele: See I'm lucky in that respect, I have a black thumb;)

MysteryChick said...

I miss having a house. I like to garden and I want the stability of not being at someone else's whim for my living arrangements. That being said, I sure do like being able to call someone else when something breaks!

Beth said...

Chick: I get ya! Luckily we have a really good apartment manager, and I hate soil;)

MysteryChick said...

Oh, I'm back because I'm a total doofus and COMPLETELY missed the point of your post...you're right, home is where there's love. (and tomato plants)

Beth said...

Chick: Ha! Note to self, send Chick tomato plants.